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#FMIWT Main Event 11/11 PRO7OTYPE VS SilverCharge First to Five USF4

By: goukijones Nov 12 (10 days ago) | 19 Views | 0 Comments

Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV. 11/11/2014 - Ultra Street Fighter IV

Special thanks to the 5thDimension for the excellent stream that night.  Shout out to Kultic & YourMomsRad for the commentary.

We'll be looking to do another Main Event match next Tuesday.  If you're interested in being featured on, leave a comment below.  

Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament 12/9 @GameWorks


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Girl Fight Ghost chick and her Bridge Arena battlezone teasing

By: goukijones Mar 31, 2012 | 139 Views | 3 Comments

Girl Fight showing off some new cleavage with Ghost. Also unveiled a new place to get all hot and sweaty. Chicks beating up chicks. Latest update for the new fighter from Kung Fu Factory and Microprose.

From Reverb:

Learn a bit about Ghost, Girl Fight’s de facto speed class – delivering lightning quick strikes and evasive maneuvers.

Ghost was a government agent who specialized in wetwork and black ops. For over a decade, she was sent around the world on missions that only a handful of people were authorized to know about. Sometimes she was called upon to be a thief, other times she was a spy, and when the mission required it, she would be an assassin.

As the years passed, her grim occupation began to take its toll on her mind. She was haunted by her crimes, consumed with remorse for the lives she had taken. After ten long years of staining her hands with blood and carrying secrets that could topple nations, she fled from her life of murder and tried to start fresh with a new identity.

Months passed without incident. She began to feel safe. She thought that she had successfully escaped her employers. She was wrong.

As with each character in Girl Fight, Ghost has her own home arena. Set amid an apocalyptic battlezone, the Bridge Arena takes place on a massive yet crumbling commuter bridge. Fighters duke it out on the unstable bridge while utter chaos unfolds around them.

An arcade-style 3D fighting game in which players battle physically and metaphysically, Girl Fight allows players to choose from an array of sexy fighters to battle their way out of THE FOUNDATION, a shadowy, scientific organization looking to weaponize the psionic fighting abilities of the cast of gorgeous, all-female fighters. With a wide range of fighters and styles to choose from, arenas from across the world to fight in and tons of unlockables and customization options, Girl Fight offers retail-level bang for digital download bucks.

Come check out Girl Fight at Reverb Games' booth at PAX East 2012, 808. Developed by Kung Fu Factory and produced by Microprose, Girl Fight for PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB and will be at the upcoming PAX East (April 6-8) at Reverb Games' booth (808). For additional information about Girl Fight, please visit

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How lag works in Mario Kart 8 online. I've never seen anything like this ...

By: goukijones Nov 11 (11 days ago) | 23 Views | 0 Comments

What came first? The STAR or the fall? Jimmy?

I've seen the fall off the side or come to a complete stop & then still get put down in front of me at full speed stuff before.  But to have the STAR?  WTF happened there?  Let's think about his screen for a second.  The only logical thing in my mind is that he turned the STAR on after he fell off the side.  Wait.  IDK man.  Believe it or not tho, this happened to me again just yesterday.  Probably gonna see whacky shit like this the longer I play it.  

Mario Kart tournament Las Vegas, NV.  11/22

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The Top 6 Most Powerful Characters In Street Fighter Canon

By: starlordtitus Jan 29, 2013 | 17495 Views | 6 Comments

The most powerful Street Fighter characters made appearances throughout many games. Coming down to the Top 6 was down right close. But behold, the most prestige fighters in all of Street Fighter.

6. Ryu

12 sfxtekken20.jpg

Ryu is perhaps the most famous character in the Street Fighter series. His humble beginnings to his uprising in ability to topple the giant champions of the world made him the fighter we all wished to be. The hero of Street Fighter and overall legend, he is known for usually snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


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Basketball celebs flail their arms wildly while playing NBA JAM

By: goukijones Oct 5, 2010 | 209 Views | 6 Comments

Don't worry about playing it on the Wii, it's coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 eventually. This is what it looks like when "cool" people play the Wii. I'm over the Wii Jimmy.

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