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Borderlands 2 Pro-Tip: How to glitch and beat Pete the Invincible

By: Arthvader Jan 20, 2013 | 4 Comments | Updated: Jan 21, 2013

Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I take on Pete the Invincible using a glitch to our advantage.

On Wednesday, January 16, Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I went and took on the raid boss of Mr. Tourge's Campaign of Carnage, Pete the Invincible. During the course of this particular fight, though, we ended up getting Pete into a spot where he essentially got stuck, allowing us to defeat him without much issue.

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The Top 6 Most Powerful Characters In Street Fighter Canon

By: starlordtitus Jan 29, 2013 | 6 Comments

The most powerful Street Fighter characters made appearances throughout many games. Coming down to the Top 6 was down right close. But behold, the most prestige fighters in all of Street Fighter.

6. Ryu

12 sfxtekken20.jpg

Ryu is perhaps the most famous character in the Street Fighter series. His humble beginnings to his uprising in ability to topple the giant champions of the world made him the fighter we all wished to be. The hero of Street Fighter and overall legend, he is known for usually snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


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Oni and Akuma-My Mains In Arcade Edition

By: starlordtitus Jun 8, 2011 | 5 Comments

Arcade Edition is out and everyone has chosen their character. This explains why I decided to stick with Akuma but make Oni my main.

We all waited anxiously for Arcade Edition only just yesterday night. I myself caught the wind late about the east coast getting the download until 5am and was expecting to just come out until 12am xD I basically just went to sleep. But some hours later I woke up at 8am (mainly because I was too excited to sleep) and made the download. My brother who mainly plays with me was up, took his shower, and was ready to play and test out Evil Ryu. We went to VS mode and then Training. We immediately noticed the incredible fun of playing with Oni and Evil Ryu. My brother who was used to playing Ryu suddenly felt more like he was more powerful because he pull out 3 hit red fireball without having to Ex it. He was able to narrowly dodge a devastating Ultra when he teleported out of the way.THIS was the Ryu he was hoping for, a powerfully epic looking Ryu that could do things like Akuma, his dreaded adversary that I kept using haha



But soon my brother disovered he would need a defense that would rival his offense Evil Ryu clearly had far less health than Ryu. It was at that point that I was beginning to the enjoy the extra health that Oni had as compared to Akuma. Having played Akuma for so long, mastering the Vortex and agressively chasing down opponents while watching my health all the time was sometimes stressful. I wanted to play smart but I also wanted to just get in and wreak havoc and to a degree, Oni's extra health allows me to do it. Along the fact that both Oni and Evil sound and look like epic gods, their unique move sets  make them fun as hell! I was immeditely in tuned to Oni from that point on. Now, it's true that Yun and Yang  are respectively powerful characters themselves, as there will most like likely be a lot of Fei Longs and Yuns at tournaments, but I what I want to do is not be another player that uses a hight tier character for the sake of winning, I did that once a long time ago with Sagat in vanilla (was fun by the way xD). No, I want to the player known as the Oni player! I've always had a high affinity for suggested powerfully characters in games and animes, but with video games and their balances those characters are not always represented to be as strong as the story suggests. Therefore, I'm taking Oni to the top. That is my goal as tourny player, no matter the hardship, it is my achievement to unlock.

As such, to really be an Oni player, I've decided to mack out in the fashion. Fight stick, t-shirt with Oni's Raging Demon symbol on the back, etc. Here is the theme song of Oni.

Here is a video of a decent Oni player, one I plan to surpass. While the end of the video is not to my liking, the first 85% of the video shows just how EPIC Oni can be. And when I go to CEO and EVO in the upcoming years, I want to hear in the crowd "GAAAAADAAAMN ONI IS GODLIKE" That would make my dream come true :)

How to score the "Tribute to a Vault Hunter" achievement and get some cool loot in the process.

Michael Mamaril was a huge Borderlands fan who passed away before BL2 was released. The guys at Gearbox have immortalized him in game, you can get an achievement for finding him, and better yet, he'll give you a free gun of blue (or better) quality every time you see him.

On the consoles, he shows up 100% of the time before the story mission "Rising Action" and only about 10% of the time after that mission starts. On PC it is apparently 10% all the time.

Here's video of us finding him after "Rising Action" at Scooter's (this contains a small story spoiler if you haven't played that mission yet):

And again, this time at Moxxi's:

When he does spawn, he will randomly be in one of a handful of locations, here's where you can find him.

  • Near the newsstand in the center of town
  • In an alley down the street from the front entrance to Moxxi's
  • Inside Moxxi's, near the bar
  • Inside Moxxi's, near the piano
  • In Marcus' weapons shop
  • Near Claptrap's locker up some steps
  • Inside Scooter's garage, under the stairs
  • Inside Crimson Raider headquarters next to the stairs
  • Inside Zed's clinic
  • To the left of the door to Crazy Earl's Black Market

He's easily identifiable from both the guns strapped to his back and the fact that his name shows over his head instead of "sanctuary citizen".

Once you've got an item from him, he won't give you another until you either save and reload or leave town and come back. It's a great way to get some mid-level gear before the "Rising Action" mission, where the action really picks up and those guns will come in handy.

This is probably a limited time only. Now is the time! Hadoken!

So it's Black Friday and the deals have been crazy. I just found this awesome deal if you're a Street Fighter fan or want to get ready for Super Street Fighter IV next year. The original Tournament Edition Street Fighter IV Fightstick for $99.99! AND free shipping! Stolen!

Street Fighter IV FightStick
Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition

You can always check out the Mad Catz Store.

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