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Behind the scenes of LA Noire's motionscan technology

By: BatRastered Dec 16, 2010 | 351 Views | 6 Comments

Games are getting better and better at making realistic faces...

It's getting to the point now that you can tell if someone is lying by watching their face.

We'll be grading games on more than just voice acting soon.


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Drake's Deception is fooling you into thinking it's GOTY worthy

By: BatRastered Nov 8, 2011 | 523 Views | 11 Comments

Overall, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a good game with some minor flaws and gameplay that feels a bit dated. Its biggest problem is that it just doesn’t feel like an improvement over its predecessor.

Poor Nathan Drake, first he lost the GOTY to Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009, this year he’s up against Arkham City. Challenges of timing aside, Drake has another problem. While I can definitely state that Arkham City is an improvement over the already excellent Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 3 just isn’t any better than Uncharted 2. At least not in the story mode. The biggest campaign improvement over UC2 is the lack of weird, blue Sasquatch things as enemies.

The game has a good multiplayer mode with lots of variations in how to play. There’s your standard team death match (5v5), a free for all, and a cool 2v2v2 three team match. Plunder makes its return from the UC2 multiplayer. What’s new is the team objective mode where you do a best of 5 in random objective matches including king of the hill, turf war (like territories) and Marked man (similar to VIP in some other games).

Naughty Dog has again created a visual masterpiece, their level design always creates these really large, unique, and often stunning arenas for Nate’s story to take place. The cruise ship level from UC3 is an example of what great level design should be.

As pretty as the game is, Uncharted 3 lacks the control and choice that are the hallmarks of today’s best games. The game is very linear, never giving you the chance to solve something your own way, but it likes to give you an illusion of control avoiding many cut scenes by having the characters interact in real-time is great, but often in these areas the game doesn’t allow all your moves (you can’t even pull your gun out for instance) which kind of kills the drama of whether or not a bad guy is around the corner. On the other hand, if you see some waist high walls in the area, you know you’re going to see a gunfight soon.

There are certain types of enemies that require specific actions to take down. One is a “brute” who you can take down in hand to hand combat by countering his attacks. For some reason he shows up in many different places, even in the middle of a gunfight at the top of a castle. This lead me to try pulling my gun and shooting him mid-fight. To my surprise, the game engine allowed me to pull my gun out, but to my even further surprise, several gunshots to the face did nothing to this guy and I ended up KO-ing him with another fist fight counter. This, of course, made the fist fighting feel forced and tacked-on. It's still fun to fight, shoot, and climb in UC3, but you don't have as much freedom as you think and when you try to move out of the box you will be disappointed.

Overall, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a good game with some minor flaws and gameplay that feels a bit dated. Its biggest problem is that it just doesn’t feel like an improvement over its predecessor. I’d suggest giving the multiplayer a try before dropping your hard-earned cash on this as the campaign probably wont pull you back in after you finish.


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EA and Insomniac reveal Overstrike at E3 2011

By: BatRastered Jun 11, 2011 | 905 Views | 2 Comments

During EA's E3 2011 press conference, Ted Price announced that Insomniac games was working on a multiplatform co-op shooter.

Insomniac Games, most known for their PS3 exclusives, the Resistance and Rachet & Clank series are now working with EA to release a multiplatform co-op shooter. I'll let Ted Price take it from here:

Here's the full press release:


Award-Wining Developer Makes its Worldwide Multiplatform Debut with an Explosive Spy-Fi Adventure

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 6, 2011 – A shadowy organization has threatened to take over the world and there’s only one team that can stop it: Overstrike 9. This afternoon during the Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), EA and independent developer Insomniac Games (creator of the Ratchet & Clank™ and Resistance™ franchises) announced the first details of the highly-anticipated game, Overstrike. Combining Insomniac’s knack for imaginative weaponry with immersive and witty storytelling, Overstrike is a four-player cooperative action game featuring a team of elite agents called Overstrike 9. Comprised of an ex-mercenary, a lifelong thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective, the members of Overstrike 9 are considered outcasts within their own organization, but are the best team suited to stop a global terrorist group from attempting to wipe out humankind. Overstrike 9 uses lethal teamwork and an arsenal of fringe-tech gadgets to infiltrate and destroy enemy strongholds. Overstrike marks Insomniac’s first multiplatform release and will be available on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

“Overstrike presents a unique blend of features that have long been a part of the Insomniac DNA: high powered gadgets, action-heavy gameplay, memorable characters in a deep and mysterious universe and of course a touch of humor,” said Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac Games. “And since this is our first multiplatform game, we’re especially excited to introduce ourselves to a new audience – one which may not have experienced our previous games.”

Overstrike will launch on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. 




E3 2012 Booth design rants and raves

By: BatRastered Jun 25, 2012 | 166 Views | 4 Comments

Have you been to E3 or another convention and just gaped in awe at how BAD some of the booths look or function? Like, what kind of human being thought THIS would be a good idea?

There are good booths and bad booths every year at E3, some are cramped and crowded, others just one big screen with nothing else to look at or play. Sometimes the booth design makes you stand back and say "WTF were they thinking?"

Check out this year's Capcom booth for example:

Capcom: Yeah, it's a big black box of nothingness. There's a Lost Planet 3 demo on one small corner and inside there are small rooms to play demos of DMC and RE6. For some reason, there was a pole dancer in the DMC room. I'm still not sure what that was about. What's worse, you had to wait in line to get a ticket to one of those rooms, then you stood in line with your ticket at the appropriate time. Uhhh... This is a trade convention, not Disneyland... right?

Contrast Capcom with Square, who gets it right every year. Square's booth has a big screen running their trailers with a large clear area in front of it with some benches. On either side of that, they have many open stations to play the games that they are showing to everyone and a few small rooms with non-playable demos running every 30 minutes (schedules clearly posted, I might add). Behind the counter, the press-only area has plenty of room where we saw a Tomb Raider demo. Well done. Our press stickers they gave us, even let us cut in line for the playable demos on the floor.

Then there's the good booths that have some weird or ridiculous feature... case in point, the giant red LED wall of the 2K booth. This could have just been a wall painted red, but no, they had to have a million LED lights and whatever ungodly sum of money that costs in both construction and electricity. The effect was to make me sick every time I had to walk by it, and to make the WB booth next door move a banner over to block the light from entering their booth. Look at this thing... the picture doesn't do it justice to how bright it was... trust me, it was uncomfortable to look at.

E3 2012 2K Booth

Someone thought this was a good idea... and paid for this!

What about that Transformers alcove in the Activision booth? Why do people feel the need to put roofs over this stuff and make it hot as balls in there since it blocks off the hall's AC from that room? Seriously, just put some kiosks out on the floor and a nice big screen to show your trailers and such. Why is that such an issue?


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Mario Kart 8 New Courses and Items Trailer

By: BatRastered Apr 3, 2014 | 53 Views | 1 Comments

A quick look at some of the new items and courses in the upcoming Mario Kart 8 for the Wii-U.

Dat Rainbow Road, Jimmy! Also, the piranha plant weapon looks cool. I'd really like to see some actual gameplay footage though, you know from the player perspective with HUD, etc. Who am I kidding, we'll still probably just play MK64.

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