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Grand Finals DJT VS MIT Mortal Kombat X Toasty Tuesday Tournament Apr28, 2015

By: goukijones Apr 29 (7 days ago) | 870 Views | 0 Comments | Updated: May 4 (2 days ago)

April 28, 2015 recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV. Stream by 5thDimension. Hosted by -- Watch live at

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Anime Revolution Smash 4 Local Sponsorship Tournament July 4, 2015 NOON

By: goukijones May 1 (5 days ago) | 42 Views | 0 Comments

First place prize is sponsored entry to EVO 2015. All of your EVO fees will be covered to enter Smash 4 at EVO in July.

July 4, 2015
Anime Revolution Smash 4 Sponsorship Tournament
Town Square
6539 Las Vegas Blvd. S Suite 114 Las Vegas Nevada 89119 US

First place prize is sponsored entry to EVO 2015.  All of your EVO fees will be covered to enter Smash 4 at EVO in July.

Live Stream on  Brought to you by 5thDimension on twitter: @5thdimensionlv

Guaranteed payout @ 32 players.  (32 player max.)
1st Place: $400 & the EVO sponsorship.
2nd Place: $120
3rd Place: $60
4th Place: $30
That’s a $130 pot bonus from

If the cap is not met the pay will be 70/30/10 of the buy-in.  You can follow along with the buy-ins on

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Playing Diablo 3 with an Xbox 360 Controller

By: goukijones May 17, 2012 | 10418 Views | 7 Comments

Nothing a little determination won't over come. After trying multiple programs and testing out tons of configurations. GoukiJones finally achieved greatness, by killing the skeleton king with an Xbox 360 Controller. Here's how:

Everybody has seen the story about the Xpadder. That Jimmy has posted that same story all over the internet. Well the Xpadder is $10. I'm cheap. Plus I just paid full price for Diablo 3 that has been in development for years and should have come with a simple feature, such as controller support. Never mind all that, Xpadder is $10 and I wasn't having that. I did find a free version of Xpadder, but it wouldn't even install and giving me pc safety warnings. I searched the internets and came across a few different FREE options. Free options are always scary, but I was willing to risk it.

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DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling Leagues now have Match Making

By: goukijones Aug 3, 2012 | 1524 Views | 1 Comments sister site is designed and developed by GoukiJones & BatRastered. DropTheBelt is a fantasy wrestling game. You can now join match made leagues and play with other wrestling fans from around the world.

It's pretty simple, go to and click on fantasy leagues. (You gotta sign up if you haven't yet. wtf?) Scroll down and click Join a Match-made league. The next person who does will be in a league with me. Don't be a Jimmy!

You can read more detail on how to play here: Matchmaking is now live! Join a league of 6, no friends needed.

If you don't know what DropTheBelt is to even begin with ...  it's a fantasy wrestling game based on WWE TV & PPV's. Just like fantasy football, but for the WWE. You can create your own league OR join matchmaking now. :) You can also set up your own draft and select how many wrestlers per team. You decide. We keep score. Seasons are twice a year, there is a Summerslam season and a Wrestlemania season. Join today!

If you know anybody who watches the WWE, please tell them to check out Thank you for your support. 

Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

*The Final Xbox 360 Tournament May 19, 2015

Guaranteed payout when the 16 player cap is met.
1st Place: $160
2nd Place: $50
That’s a $50 pot bonus from

If the cap is not met the payout will be 80/20 of the buy-in.  You can follow along with the buy-ins on

4 Xbox 360 Systems will be provided on ASUS monitors.
Rules will be set to EVO rules.
This will be a ranked/high-stakes tournament.
Bring your own controller.  Please desync properly after every match.

Casuals will be open at 6PM on May 19, 2015 until 7PM.
At 7PM the tournament will begin.
Tournament hours will be 7PM-11PM.

$10 Online Registration.
$10 Pot Buy-in.
$30 @ the door, the day of the tournament.  ($20 entry & $10 Buy-in)

Next Street Fighter tournament: July 7 - Street Fighter IV #FMIWT Championship Series #5

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