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How to kill Destiny bosses with 1 grenade.

By: goukijones Oct 3 (21 days ago) | 19 Views | 0 Comments

Captured during a live stream.

This was my first time playing this level.

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FMIWT Ultra Street Fighter IV rankings are up.

By: BatRastered Sep 28 (26 days ago) | 41 Views | 0 Comments

Here are the initial standings after the LVFGC tournament.

The LVFGC USF4 tournament was held last Saturday. After the bracket finsished, here are our initial standings.

  2. SilverCharge
  3. Suhpreme

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We will be having ranked matches and some micro tournaments coming up on FMIWT soon, so stay tuned.

Congrats to the current champion, PRO7OTYPE!

Watch the finals if you haven't already.

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EvilMrWizard Tweets: What games do you want at EVO? No Smash 4?!

By: goukijones Sep 28 (26 days ago) | 24 Views | 0 Comments

Follow the EVO Overlord on Twitter. @EvilMrWizard





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Official Xbox One Destiny Clan

By: goukijones Sep 26 (28 days ago) | 54 Views | 0 Comments

Join up thru the Bungie website.

Join the official Destiny clan.

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Top 3 GameWorks LV FGC Tournament 9/20/2014

By: goukijones Sep 25, 2014 | 10 Views | 0 Comments

Brought to you by Anime Revolution.

Thank you to our sponsor Anime Revolution. Please stop by their shop inside Town Square.

We are live from GameWorks every Tuesday for Street Fighter locals. 6-11PM Live Stream. It's free to come & play!

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