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Grand Finals tG|DTB DuMa Balrog VS Pro7otype LV FGC GameWorks Sep 2014

By: goukijones Sep 22 (9 days ago) | 33 Views | 0 Comments

Brought to you by Anime Revolution in Town Square Las Vegas, NV.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: An Introduction by Sir Hammerlock AND TORGUE!

By: BatRastered Sep 21 (10 days ago) | 7 Views | 0 Comments

Join Sir Hammerlock and TORGUE on an EXPLOSIVE tour of Pandora’s moon, Elpis, in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. MOON MONSTERS, deadly new foes, LASER WEAPONS, cryogenic elementals, LOW GRAVITY, erm, butt slams, AND MORE AWAIT YOU ON ELPIS!

The game is not intresting me right now since it's basically Borderlands 2 engine with different story/characters, amounting to a giant DLC and I didn't like the endgame of BL2 very much. I felt they went backwards from the first game a bit and now this game is made by a third party. Outscourcing! However, The humor of Borderlands has always been spot on and this trailer is no different. If you enjoyed Mr Torgue shouting at you in the DLC before, you'll enjoy this video at least.



Over 18 minutes of Randy Pitchford's new game BATTLEBORN

By: goukijones Sep 20 (12 days ago) | 8 Views | 1 Comments

You mean actually gameplay footage?! YES JIMMY!

Would you get mad if I said I didn't like the colors. Gearbox always gotta do something crazy with the graphics. It doesn't work out all the time. This looks like a Team Fortress kinda clone. I'll try it out tho ... in a couple of years or whatever. Whenever it comes out. 


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Ultra Street Fighter IV RAINBOW EDITION? errrrr OMEGA!

By: goukijones Sep 20 (12 days ago) | 9 Views | 0 Comments

Ultra Street Fighter IV going old school! Rainbow Edition circa 1995


November 22, 2014 Las Vegas, NV GameWorks - Mario Kart 8 Ride or Die 2

Mario Kart 8 returns to GameWorks on November 22, 2014. Hosted by


$580 Cash Prize Value

Live Stream brought to you by

Early Bird online registration. Signup now on

Online registration ends 11AM race day.

Entry is $20 at the door. 

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