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Kario Mart NSFW 11-29-2013 Part 1&2 the death of FnJimmy

By: goukijones Dec 4, 2013 | 13 Views | 0 Comments

FnJimmy is about to lose his shit. He can't play DK, he lost all right to Toad & he just can't keep up. Honestly tho ... this was 1 of the closest nights overall in a long time.

Part 1

Part 2

So we had some lag issues Friday night & we had to break the race into 2 videos. Don't be a Jimmy!


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#USF4 Alex Valle [Rolento] VS Combofiend [Hugo] Location Test

By: goukijones Dec 4, 2013 | 20 Views | 0 Comments

Is dat super star Gootecks on the mic? It certainly is.

Look at Hugo, bigger than the life bars. I love how fast he is. Of course this video is to show of Hugo as a viable character. What do you guys think? Hugo was my #2 in 3s. 


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FFXIV get a haircut you filthy swine -The Barber Shop promo

By: goukijones Dec 3, 2013 | 188 Views | 0 Comments

This is just Japanese madness ...

I don't know what to say about this video. Is adding a barbershop that big of deal? I mean, I'm glad I can change my hairstyle in game, but this is something that should have just been there from the start without question. Right?

December 3, 2013 LIVE on For Me It Was Tuesday. Money Match edition. FnJimmy puts his sponsorship on the line. Plus dem Gams will be in the house to calibrate your grill!

Look at that fuckin' drink! Say goodbye to all the beautiful ladies & fruity ass drinks if you lose FnJimmy! You're sponsorship is on the line against The PeoplesChamp #1 player. (Mystery)


Dem Gams will return & he'll be calibrating game screens all night. 

Looking for challengers to battle IC Ruin in a FT500 in Marvel. 

Under card

FT5 FnJimmy VS Guano for a Sponsorship Bonus Travel Package.

FT5 FnJimmy VS The PeoplesChamp #1 player for FnJimmy's Sponsorship.

Push up contest with MNO. How many can he do? FTBicepticon

Main Event

FT7 DumaBalrog vs The PeoplesChamp #1 player. For da Guap.

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FnJimmy recollects a Black Friday he wasn't even at. Plus other video game news & random FnJimmy nonsense.

Wait this happened before the podcast ...

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