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Classic Gaming Expo returns to Las Vegas September 12-14

By: goukijones Jul 3, 2014 | 34 Views | 0 Comments

When is BatRastered gonna fix this summary thing?

For old dudes this is great. Yeah, 36 feels old if you're a gamer. It's so awesome that Las Vegas does have it's few moments where we get really cool events, like the Classic Gaming Expo, Evo, the Gamestop Con(is that coming this year?) & we're getting the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival too! C'mon! 

In 2014 the Classic Gaming Expo will be at the Riviera Hotel & Casino convention center, the new hot spot for all nerd related conventions. WTG Riviera! 

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This is the BS we have to deal with these days

By: BatRastered Jun 17, 2014 | 40 Views | 0 Comments

E3 has some cool announcements, but most of the video you see is bullshit.

First watch this "gameplay" trailer of NHL15 for next gen (PS4)... I'll wait.

I've ranted before (often) about these videos not showing actual gameplay, you know with the HUD and any active character graphics like the little circle you know is under your player in sports games like this. Whatever.

Later I saw Sony had posted a video titled: "PlayStation E3 2014 | NHL 15 | Live Coverage (PS4, PS3)" and it was 9 whole minutes! This will surely show me something, I thought. Nope. Take a look below and see if you see anything familiar.

Oh, the guy talked about some cool features: puck physics, player equipment, ice degredation, fully modeled arenas with 18000 fans... but if you noticed all they showed were clips from that first non-gameplay trailer on a loop while he talked over it. Dafuq?

Some games even seem to go backwards showing less than last year or not showing up at all. Destiny had a demo at last year's Sony conference, this year just a trailer. Granted, they had an alpha that PS4 owners could check out at home, but nothing at E3. I remember when E3 was about being able to check out the new games coming out on the show floor... now it's about watching 8 hours of press conferences on the internet and downloading some betas at home. WTF?

Console bonuses usually aren't something you will ever need for endgame.



Couple of guns, couple of skins, couple of ships. I don't know what the ships really do in the game just yet, but I can imagine with all of these items right here, there's something equal to or greater than in the game that you can get. So no worries. You also get a bonus co-op mission & a bonus multiplayer map. That's great for early adopters, but I don't understand that as more people get the game later on, why lock them out of multiplayer levels? Sounds dumb to me. Isn't that game type more about The More The Merrier.



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Red Focus Techniques from GoukiJones in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By: goukijones Jun 17, 2014 | 22 Views | 0 Comments

Stylin' on fools ...

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Top 5 Games of E3 2014 that are actually coming out in 2014

By: goukijones Jun 12, 2014 | 42 Views | 1 Comments

In other words ... REAL GAMES.


GTAV - 2014

Well of course I cant wait to see what the modders do after they get a hold of this. I actually played the XBOX version last year. I didn't like it too much. But hopefully when GTA comes out on PC more friends will actually want to play it. Some of the multiplayer stuff looks good. I guess the more I think about it tho, I don't know how long the fun would last. Plus the timing of the next few games may have me skipping GTA all over again. 


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