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Las Vegas FGC Tournament Brought to you by Anime Revolution

By: goukijones Aug 19, 2014 | 73 Views | 0 Comments

Anime Revolution is the Official Sponsor for the Las Vegas Fighting Game Champions Tournament at GameWorks on Sep 20, 2014.

Anime Revolution
6605 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Find & follow them:

To revolutionize the world of Anime in the Las Vegas area by providing exceptional customer service, superior product knowledge, and the ability to give the Anime, Zombie and Gamer fan base an unforgettable retail experience.

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Invisible, Inc. is from the same creators of Mark of the Ninja

By: goukijones Aug 15, 2014 | 10 Views | 0 Comments

We pre-ordered this game last year at PAX. DEALZ!

I love Mark of the Ninja. These guys make really great games. I think I'll have a live stream up of this sometime soon. Espionage bitch!

Who drops confetti before the match?

idk wtf is going on here. Ok the goalie does not it out of bounds, but the penalty was called at like mid field. The ref thot is was important enough to yellow card Muller, but then lets them have the corner kick? I just watched a months worth of soccer recently. I never saw anything like this play. 

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FFXIV Hokuten just quits when there's a first timer.

By: goukijones Aug 12, 2014 | 12 Views | 0 Comments

This guy is 1 of the biggest Jimmys on Malboro.


Here's the deal. When I started Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 back in the beta, this Jimmy & I were in the same FC. I knew this guy was a hardcore crafter. I was too, but nobody really knew. The night I got all my crafts to 50, this nuab Hokuten was just a few hours behind me. When he had found out I beat him to 50, he never really spoke to me again since. He's just been a huge douche. Now I got some of his doucheyness on tape. You suck Hokuten. I'm the Master Crafter. Jimmy!


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Las Vegas Fighting Game Champions Tournament September 20, 2014 GameWorks LV, NV

By: goukijones Aug 1, 2014 | 707 Views | 1 Comments | Updated: Sep 14, 2014

Presented by GameWorks &

GameWorks Town Square Las Vegas, NV

Facebook event page.

Brought to you by Anime Revolution.

This is an all ages event!
Registration is on There, you can also see the pot value & bonus prizes. More bonus prize details will be added to this story.

Pot bonus. DOUBLED 9/14/2014
16 entries $150
32 entries $300
64 entries $500

Cash Prizes =  1st Prize 70% of the pot -  2nd Prize 20% -  3rd Prize 10%

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