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2015 Feb 21-22 at the Stratosphere Las Vegas


2015 Feb 21-22 at the Stratosphere Las Vegas



8 Places Paid

Separate PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tournaments - enter one or both!

4man round robin qualifiers, top 2 advance, single elimination playoffs

EACH tournament pays 1st Place - $3,000, 2nd Place - $1,500, 3rd & 4th Place - $750


Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower
Sierra Room 24th Floor
2000 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV 89104


Saturday February 21
10:00 AM - Live Qualifiers Pools 1&2
2:00 PM - Live Qualifiers Pools 3&4
6:00 PM - Live Qualifiers Pools 5&6

Sunday February 22
8:00 AM - Live Qualifiers Pools 7&8 (Rebuys)
11:00 AM - Playoffs
7:00 PM - PlayStation 4 Championship
8:00 PM - Xbox One Championship

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The Top 5 Most PWNinest clips of the Halo 5 Beta from GoukiJones

By: goukijones Feb 9, 2015 | 15 Views | 0 Comments

Well it’s been a few weeks now since they removed the Halo 5 beta & I miss it EVERYDAY.

 It was super fun to play.  I’m just talking about the regular shooting too.  There were no flag or bomb game types during the beta.  1 of the game types featured was like a GoW type where you only had 1 life per round.  Believe it or not, for a Halo game type like that, it worked out pretty well.

Here is the top 5(7) clips I managed to save from my time playing the beta.

The movement in Halo 5 was easily my favorite part.  You can sprint at will, but it had a couple of side effect, like if your shield was down, it would not come back while running.  The Dash in any direction is great, although it makes it impossible to hit people sometime.  You could hover/float in the air while aiming.  There was a similar feature in Destiny.

The guns have got to be the second best part of Halo 5 so far.  EVERY GUN is fun to shoot.  Instead of thinking - Oh man, I gotta get rid of this gun & find something I can actually get a kill with… The thought process was more like - Okay, I got this gun, how CAN I get a kill with it.  New guns like the Hydra is super fun to shoot.

Other praises are the sound effects.  It sounded like you were moving fast or slamming down to the ground really hard.  The guns all had great effects & echoes throughout the map. 

I didn’t care too much for the maps though.  They did some weird thing where the had almost 2 of the same map, just 1 was bigger than the other.  It was weird & confusing at sometimes.  Especially on the dark maps.  I could do without that in the future.

I’m definitely wanted to play more Halo 5, but it’s so far away right now that I’m just gonna put it out of my head.  Maybe I’ll come back & watch these videos once in a while.  Thanks watching & reading my nonsense.  Don’t be a Jimmy!


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#FMIWT Main Event SSB Steelsburg VS Douglas 3/5

By: goukijones Feb 9, 2015 | 38 Views | 0 Comments

Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV. Via @5thDimensionLV

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Halo 5 Data

By: IBachI Feb 9, 2015 | 16 Views | 0 Comments

Kills, shots, and 1 Killpocalypse


@goukijones @Halo5_ Impressive #s for 3 weeks! Make matchmaking more stable/consistent, scores could have tripled.

— Michael Bachtel (@llBachll) February 6, 2015



Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV. Via @5thDimensionLV

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