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Tom Clancy's The Division - Snowdrop Next-Gen Engine

By: BatRastered Dec 10, 2013 | 31 Views | 2 Comments

Powered by the next gen Snowdrop engine, Tom Clancy's The Division sets a new bar in video game realism and open-world rendering. Experience a chaotic and devastated New York City like you have never seen before.

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Titanfall: Official Ogre Titan Reveal Trailer

By: BatRastered Dec 9, 2013 | 13 Views | 0 Comments

Get a detailed look at the newest Titan, the Ogre. Engineered to be the ultimate battle tank, the Ogre is capable of taking massive amounts of damage at the expense of agility.

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Bungie and Activision set to release Destiny in September

By: BatRastered Dec 6, 2013 | 15 Views | 0 Comments

Looks like we will be seeing this at one more E3...

Bungie today announced that, in partnership with their publisher Activision, they will be bringing Destiny to the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox one on September 9, 2014 worldwide.

Still no word on a PC release.

Today, in partnership with Activision, we are proud to announce that the worldwide launch of Destiny will happen on September 9th. Accordingly, the Destiny Beta will kick off in the summer of 2014, available first on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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Story Image Podcast #108 preview

By: BatRastered Dec 6, 2013 | 18 Views | 0 Comments | Updated: Dec 7, 2013

A preview of what we'll be talking about tonight on the live podcast.

Catch the podcast at around 10pm pacific. Follow @goukinews on twitter for specific timing.

Podcast #108 Dec 6, 2013

  • Intro
  • USF4 cutting it close, no disks until August?
  • VGX tomorrow, new trailers inbound. Online only!
  • FFXIV new 2.1 trailer
  • FnJimmy?
  • GoukiJones WiiU report?
  • Choke?
  • That's it! No, we need to do the outro first, Jimmy.
  • Outro

The audio only podcast will be posted here tomorrow morning if you miss the live version, or look for us on iTunes!

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A weird split in release dates is about to complicate the tournament scene. What is this shit, Capcom?

EVO 2014 will be played July 11-13 in Las Vegas. Allegedly to feature Ultra Street Fighter IV as one of the top games... well Capcom is cutting it close saying now that USF4 will be available as a DLC upgrade to AE2012 only in early June and if you want the full-on disk version you're gonna have to wait until August. (Also, if you're on PC, you have to wait too).

"Right now, we are hard at work to bring the game to all of our fans as soon as possible, and want to ensure there is enough time that players can practice to compete at Evolution 2014. As such, the digital upgrade will be available in early June for $14.99 (€14.99) on PS3 and Xbox 360. Following shortly after in August, is the digital upgrade for PC at $14.99 (€14.99), as well as the PS3 and Xbox360 full digital bundle and retail versions, which include all previously-released costumes for $39.99 (€39.99). Since our PC fans have to wait longer for the content, we have a special deal where they can get the full digital bundle including all of the previously-released costumes for only $29.99 (€29.99), also in August."

Well this is some bullshit. Now we need the DLC on each of our stations or just tell everybody "Sorry, wait until August when the disk version comes out".  Putting the DLC on every station is a pain in the ass and was the reason the full retail version featuring all the costumes on a disk got such big applause when announced. Now MR Wizard is going to have to install DLC on every box before EVO, not to mention the game not releasing until only a few weeks before EVO? Is this shit going to fly? Why can't they just print the disks? What's the hold up? Get Ono-san off of that stupid "Deep Down" PS4 bullshit and get him back over here to fix this mess!

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