Video: Borderlands 2 showing off what 11 skill points in one skill can do

BatRastered Posted by: BatRastered Mar 1, 2013 | 0 comments
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Two videos that show how useful a level 50 BLUE class mod can be if it has +6 in a certain skill. I'm starting to feel bad for Terramorphous.

Here's what Maya can do to Terramorphous with 11/5 in immolate and fire rocket launcher (and a +30% fire damage relic). Absurd:

He doesn't even use all his skill points. There's 19 left to spend...

Now if you want super-fast super-fragile surper-fun, check out this build which uses 11/5 in Maya's Fleet skill giving her super speed when her shields are down. This video also uses the slow (200 second recharge delay) roid shield "Love Thumper" and a +200% mele damage assault rifle for a super speed run through the Thousand Cuts area.

Skill tree:

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