Video: Las Vegas FGC at AZ Barfights 3 Hitbox representing DAT MAHVEL scene

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This event took place November 18, 2013 in Arizona. The Hibox crew was there, Sora, Dustin, Buttons, Trophy Club & Shawn? I can't ever see Shawn. He's like John Cena

Here are links to videos of all the action that took place. Shout out to Hitbox for getting a crew together & rolling down to AZ. 

SSE | hAZ | RJC Tubazo vs Hit Box Creator

Team AZ vs Team Hit Box UMvC3

Sora also doesn't want you to miss his match against FWD|Forawrd, but you have to jump over to the Spiral Series Entertainment Twitch channel.

Thanks for watching.

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