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prettymiwa Posted by: prettymiwa Mar 30, 2011 | 7 comments
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This is my second addiction game in my life!! cute cute cute!!!

When I was a child, I was addicted to Dragon Quest.  I like a role-playing game, so my boyfriend recommended to do FFXI.  It was 3 years ago, but I was not into the game… Because players are already have been doing years and their levels are way higher than my character.  This time, I was introduced to Wakfu beta test.  I thought this is really good to start, because everybody start at the same time and really cute pictures.  First, I chose my character, a girl mage.  She is cute and sexy!! Nice!! She is like me!!

Wakfu is not hard to understand.  It is simply and easy.  The more you level up you get more spells.  My favorite spell is spell that changing monsters to your side and it gives you some life points.  All of the characters are so cute.  I'm a Japanese so I like cute stuff. 

Each village has a leader.  You have to talk to leader first, so you can get idea what kind of job you can get in each city.  You have to read a book that the leaders give to you.  You have to read it and go back to the leader, and have to take a test.  If you pass the test, you get equipment for the job.  If you want to have career use the equipment, so your job level goes up. 

I am level 17 now and I have several jobs.  I have 3 favorite jobs, 1. farmer 2. baker.  You grow different kind of wheat, harvest them, bring to a mill and make flour (this is a farmer's job).  Then you bring flour to oven and bake it (this is a baker's job).  You can bake some different kind of breads.  The other 1 favorite is a miner.  You can mine several minerals.  The good thing about being miner is you can make money from the minerals.  I'm really into making money!! 

Also monsters are different in each city or village.   There are birds, cats, sheep, and some other stuff.  They are all cute.  You can see a map how big the world is!!!! 

I had so much fun to play.  I remember the feelings that I had while I was playing Dragon Quest.  My child Miwa came back in me!!  I am not playing Wakfu now, because I was distracted by disaster in my country, Japan…… sad face…  I watch JP TV on website more now… I feel strong connection with Wakfu, so I'll come back when Japan problem will be steady.  I really recommend this game to play if you like role-playing game, specially for girl (your girl friends).  I guess your girl play Wakfu sounds cute!! ^_^ 

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Release Date: Feb 28, 2012

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