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Uh oh look at that skill, giving Fifa 2010 a go

By: goukijones Apr 28, 2010 | 3 Comments

Lil bit last night a lil bit today. I just need a lil bit more control. BTW playing with the Spanish announcers is awesome when they say the German names.

Last night I played I got right into a Friendly match Germany(me) VS Japan (cpu.) Japan beat the shit out of me 3-0. The game looks absolutely incredible, the world map inside the game showing all the countries is some Mass Effect 2 type shit and I love it. A gazillion teams, different languages, tons of stadiums. There's a lot to do here. So I started to see what else the game had to offer.

There's a free play area where it's just you, a goalie and a ball. It resets itself after the ball goes out of bounds or the goalie will pitch it back out to you if he makes a stop. I spent an hour and a half last night just fucking around with the goalie. Little chip shots over his head while he's getting up after a heater I just sent toward his dome. That made me laugh. But I was really trying to get the basic controls of shooting and moving around.

So today, 30 mins ago I booted up an online ranked match. Germany(me)[see where I'm going with this] VS Brazil(random Jimmy.) This guy beat this shit out of me. Just ran and passed all over me, I didn't know what to do. The controls auto-switch toward the closest defender and that was screwing me up a lot. I gotta figure out how to turn that off. Anyway another 3-0 defeat. Sad face.

I'm gonna be on some Fifa Jimmy. I loved this game growing up and haven't played it the last couple of year, but I think it's time to bring my Fifa skills out of retirement. Germany(me) VS nubfarm(you) send me a message!

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