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Part of the Tap it or Die ad campaign. CapcomEuro has been actually making weapons in real life with duct tape. Don't worry they have all of the trials AND errors on video. Check it out.

There's not much I'd like to say about Dead Rising 2 that FNJimmy didn't say in his review. These videos from CapcomEuro show some Jimmy in a lab coat and a duct taped mask, lookin like Dr. Doom. In these videos this guy duct tapes different things together based on weapons you can make in Dead Rising 2. The music is gonna drive you crazy as soon as it starts in the second video you watch. Some of these videos are hit and miss for sure, like the shovel thing. However the ChuckRAM seems to do major damage. How about a ServeBot? Oh yeah, a remote control ServBot.

Check out these videos for Dead Rising 2 part of the Tape it or Die ad campaign. 

Weapon of the Week : ChuckRAM

Weapon of the Week : ServBot

Weapon of the Week : GRAVEDIGGER

Check out CapcomEuro's youtube channel.

What do you think of these videos?

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