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Look ma no hands. Wait, I was using my hands to PWN. I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the same time I have the camera resting up against my chest on a monopod. Nobody can stop me.

About C-S:GO, the game definitely felt like it was old. We got to jump the line, sorry fellow PAX goers. They told us we could stay if we wanted to. I declined, I had had enough. I didn't know how to switch guys right away. I was buying guns and then dying in one shot. No fucking clue. At the very end, it looks like I pick up the bomb, but I don't know if I actually had it. Then after I managed to sneak all the way to the opposing teams base, I just got shot. 

So this might be better for the nostalgia head Jimmys. As of right now, I'm not feeling the hype. I would say I need to sit down and have a good few rounds with this game figure out what is going on. Maybe if I had some friends online to play it as well. Don't be a Jimmy. Try to enjoy the video.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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