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Nintendo DSi XL release report from Japan

By: prettymiwa Nov 24, 2009 | 5 Comments

This is news from Japan about NintendoDSi XL.

       Nintendo DSi XL was released on 11/21 in Japan.  It was sold 103,524 for two days.  In this connection, Nintendo DS (include Lite and DSi's) total sales figure in Japan is 28,191,716 (12/2/04~11/15/09).  

       At a one of popular electronic shop in Tokyo on 11/21 in the morning, there was already 50-60 people waiting for DSi XL in clude cosplay.  A man first on the line arrived at the shop at 11pm the day before (looks like Hiro from Heros).  By the time of the open, there was more than 100 people on the line waiting for it.  




Most of them bought only the XL itself (some of them bought software with it).  The people bought Xl are various types of people of course men, group of young business women, couples, married couples, parents and children.  A reason why they bought was that it has a bigger screen.  A lot of people didn't like small screen, because it's not eyes friendly.  One old lady was struggling doing internet with PC and gave up using it, but her granddaughter told her that XL has bigger screen and is internet useable, so she came to shop and bought it.  Old lady said "I can use my brain again!!" 



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