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Halo 2 the end has come

By: goukijones Apr 15, 2010 | 368 Views | 4 Comments

Halo 2 was the first game I really played online and made friends all around the world.

Halo 2 was the first game I ever played online with Xbox Live and I've made friends all around the world. I've met people like Kdigga, Gorilla Warbear, Geordski and Crimson Relic. 

You can check my lifetime Halo 2 stats Click Here.

Playing last night I realized/remembered how great of a game Halo 2 is. The multiplayer in and out of the lobbies and grouping up with your friends set the standard for partying up online. The "Moving couch" I believe it was called at one point. I only wish all the online multiplayer games used this simple formula more often. 

The maps in Halo 2 multiplayer definitely steal the show. All the way to the very end with the last DLC being a remake of my favorite Halo CE map Hang 'em High, Tombstone was an excellent rendition. Playing on Zanzibar freaked me out, I tried to run down the stairs at Froman and go into the room, but it wasn't there. Head Long is one of the best Halo multiplayer maps across the entire series and I really wish had got remade for Halo 3. 

It took me a few games to get used to the speed and button configuration, but it wasn't too long after that I was pwnn again and it felt like I never lost a touch. Even though my last game on Halo 2 was over a year ago. Rockets locking on was not good for the Jimmy that liked to drive around in Warthogs and Ghosts. I ate a few rockets last night, but certainly splattered some Jimmys along the way.

Halo 2 will go down in history with out a doubt; personally, critically and with other gamers all around the world as one of the best of all time. This my goodbye. Thank you very much and remember this is where "Jimmy" started. Don't be a Jimmy!


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