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Jimmy of the Month March 2012

By: goukijones Mar 28, 2012 | 6 Comments

Jimmy of the Month 2012 has been announced!

Welcome back to MilkyPink showing some love for Ninja Gaiden & Dead or Alive

Of course shout out to Arthvader, the man just dropped a Skullgirls story today. Arth is everywhere and in the lead for Jimmy of the decade.

DragonKiss83 delivered a Gears of War 3 review.

PrettyMiwa in the house delivering the news straight up no bullshit Press Release style.

Genxsis83 reporting on deals and spreading rumors about Halo Wars.

Jimmy of the Month for March 2012.

Hoho23. The only Jimmy to ever write about the PS Vita on Gouki.com. Way to go Jimmy.

Read his review of the PSVita.

So select something from the Gouki Shop. OR you can get any t-shirt you want from the GoukiGear store. Don't be a Jimmy! Follow the rules and leave a comment below on what you would like us to send you.

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