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Epic Gamestop Break-in

By: iorilamia Jan 16, 2011 | 8 Comments


Jan 4th Thursday Steven Paul Archer 33 yrs olds broke into Gamestop and  took $288.55 in cash and $5,342 in merchandise from the store. But it wasn;t a simple break-in. Archer actually did not directly break into Gamestop, this is where it gets intresting. He broke into a Vacant building next-door and then tunneled into Gamestop through the wall! He was arrested Jan 13nth. To get the full story from the original source you have to $ubscribe, screw that, luckily the internets has had a little bonus info on it, strangely Gamestop workers arn't releasing much info on the situation. This along with the 2 armed gunmen robbing Gamestop last year and taking 100 copies of unreleased COD BlackOps gets me thinking....damn how far are people willing to go for gaming.  The thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods is what really interests me and how he transported this crap. What do you guys think about game-related robberies and this story in particular? And please add more info if you find any and leave a comment 


Original story link  from (has a pic of the dude)


Community News


Violent Video Game Law Gets Top U.S. Court Hearing

By: prettymiwa Apr 26, 2010 | 2 Comments

The governator thinks video games are too violent... His movies are ok though.


Violent Video Game Law Gets Top U.S. Court Hearing (Update2)

By Greg Stohr

April 26 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court will consider reviving a California law prohibiting sales of violent video games to minors, agreeing to review a ruling that the ban is an unconstitutional infringement on freedom of speech.The nation’s highest court today accepted an appeal by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown. They argue that violent games are akin to sexual materials, which the government can restrict to protect children.“This is an important issue with national implications, particularly in light of the growing evidence that these games harm minors and that industry self-regulation through the existing rating system has proven ineffective,” Schwarzenegger and Brown argued.Two industry trade groups, the Entertainment Mer...

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