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League of Legends World Finals Viewing at Las Vegas Theater - TBA

By: vicko Sep 4, 2013 | 1 Comments

Can't go to the LCS World Finals but still want to enjoy the games with some fellow fans? Hope has arrived!

A local Vegas LoL fanatic is in the planning stages of renting out a theater and making it possible for fans such as myself to go and watch the LCS Finals amongst friends. There are currently a few ideas floating around including:

  • Renting a ballroom and viewing on a projector.
  • Renting out a theater at a movie theater
  • Viewing at UNLV Campus

There are no concrete plans yet and there are only about 4 weeks before Worlds. This story is to gain visibility and awareness for the idea and to show your support to your local movie theater and to be engaged in the planning process.

How can you help?

  1. Upvote this thread:
  2. Join the event:
  3. Join the Vegas LoL Group:

Thanks for reading!



PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version

By: BatRastered Feb 23, 2013 | 2 Comments

If you don't have time to watch the whole 2 hour presentation, check out the 3 minute version and have some LOLs.


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Deus Ex 3rd Boss One Punch Knockout!

By: cinderkin Sep 9, 2011 | 7 Comments | Updated: Sep 18, 2011

In honor of goukijones showing us how to pwn those Jimmy Ass bosses, I decided to show you a video of how I beat the 3rd boss in the game. Check it out!

This was the easiest boss in the game and not to mention funniest moments. I did this on the hardest difficulty last night. I couldn't stop laughing.

Note: I did not make this video, just found it right before I got to the boss.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is ridiculous. LOL. Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

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From Scrub > Competence > Confidence > Authority

By: InfestedOreo Dec 6, 2010 | 6 Comments

How to become great at street fighter 4 or anything else for that matter.

For any gamers out there who want to improve their skill level, just take a listen to what I have to say will ya? Don't be ignorant. Just listen.

If you want to become better, you have to PRACTICE. I mean REALLY practice. Practice until you've perfected your art, your skill, your combo, your moves. Find every situation where you can utilize your character better, your strategy more effectively and your tactics delivered more efficiently.

I know. I know. You say "I can never beat Daigo or "Insert Pro Gamer Here"? Do you need some CONFIDENCE? Well confidence, my friend, is derived from COMPETENCE!

I repeat:


Become proficient with your game. Develop a clear strategy. Practice every day to utilize your combos better and better. Learn shortcuts. Learn new moves. Associate yourself with like minded players AND experts in the field. Don't forget the experts. They have a wealth of information. If you can't associate with them. Watch their replays, their videos, commentaries, interviews, etc. They're expertise is invaluable. And most of all commit yourself to go the distance and to consistent execution. GO ALL THE WAY. 

As in to COMPETE! 



Some brief history about me:

Street Fighter 4:

When I started off in Street Fighter 4 Vanilla, looking back from today, I was worse than scrub. I was plain bad. I knew NOTHING about frames, OS, Plink, FADC, etc. I only knew how to throw fireballs, dragon punches and hurricane kicks with proficiency and general fundamentals of the game. That got me only so far.

StarCraft 2 Beta:

When I played it in Beta, I lost. ALOT. In fact I lost to almost all of my friends. Yeah i was horrible. When SC2 finally released, i picked up the game, did my initial placement matches. I RANKED BRONZE. OMG what a noob! Of course the game was new but damn! I considered myself to be a great player IN GENERAL. Sorry that doesn't work.


Super Street Fighter 4:

Although I don't compete in professional events, I've played enough games and practice enough to KNOW that i possess an above average skill level in the game I would be deemed a worthy opponent. My friends that used to play the game religiously and already had serious problems beating me. I prevailed from a small time ranked noob to Rank A (at least in Vanilla) until i ran out of time in Super. With a few exceptions, I still have my days and I'm always learning and watching replays... but trust me.. I'm quite good.

Starcraft 2:

Today, I'm ranked Diamond. At one point I was ranked 2 in my division, however after not playing enough games, my points went down and I suffered on the leaderboards. However, the point goes to show that I started from the bottom and rose pretty high to the top with commitment and dedication. Today, I beat ALL of my friends. I rarely lose from any of my friends. I'm considered a top gamer by all my colleagues and coworkers.

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