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Have you thought about game in your real life?

By: prettymiwa Jan 13, 2011 | 11 Comments

Tucson, Arizona shooter Jared Loughner made comments to his web gaming site

Tucson Arizona shooting incident was one of the saddest tragedy in this country. The shooter Jared Loughner has made several aggressive comments on his gaming website. Do you think video games affect peoples mind to be aggressive? Do you think that game messes up gamers mind? I used to live in Japan and I saw some problems about gamers... A gamer was obsessed about pilot similation game. He wanted to try real airplane. This Japanese boy hijacked airplane and kill a pilot and he flew it. I don't remember, he clashed or he made it or not, but he killed a pilot, because he wanted game dream became true.  This is the article that talking about game about Jared Loughner.  Please read it and give me some comments... thank you.



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