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More updates from the Japanese Blog with changes for the roster of Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition. Check it out!


• Stun damage reduced on Crouching Hard Kick. Damage reduced on Standing Medium Punch. Both moves have the same hit properties.

• Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit. Assumption on what this means: Chun-Li would step back when she started her Focus Attack animation, some moves would miss her because of this. It sounds like this will no longer be the case in Arcade Edition.

• Down-Toward + Light Kick comes out slower, more vulnerability. Can still combo after it if it hits an airborne opponent.

• No changes to her Special Moves.

El Fuerte

• Far Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch now have a 4 frame start up (these moves had a 5 frame start up in SSFIV), but also have additional active frames, making them easier to connect.

• Crouching Light Punch can now be Chain Canceled.

• More recovery on Quacamole Slew (Air Grab) on landing, which includes the EX version, making this easier to punish.

• Tortilla Propeller (Run away, press Hard Punch) lost invincibility, can be countered more easily.

• More startup frames on El Fuerte's Ultra 2 and the damage was also reduced. The size of the hitbox changes with movement (?), making it harder to hit overall.


• Close Medium Punch has less recovery.

• Crouching Medium Punch and Kick can combo from a hit confirm.

• Far Standing Medium Punch can be Canceled, just like Ryu.

• Vulnerable hitbox on far Standing Medium Kick reduced, making it harder to hit her out of it.

• Air Arcing Hurricane Kick can get more airborne hits.

• Recovery time on her Fireball reduced.

• Other various adjustments on making hitboxes bigger, damage, and recovery done to make her stronger.


• Crouching Light Kick now has a 3 frame start up, it was 4 frames in SSFIV. Frame advantage on hit is still the same. Should be a better low poke, with reach, now.

• Toward + Hard Kick has more ability to juggle after connecting it. Until now, on a grounded opponent, the first hits of EX Criminal Upper didn't connect, but now they will.

• The range at which Cody can pick up the knife has been increased.


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0ShinAkuma0 put together a highlight reel of Uryo, one of Japan's most powerful players. You rarely get to see good Sakura players. Check it out!


Tell us what you think in the comments., Don't be a Jimmy!

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