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WWE All Stars Spectator Mode Review

By: goukijones Apr 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

FnJimmy brought over WWE All Stars the other night and I just watched. Here's my take on what I saw. I guess I should have known better than to let FnJimmy demo a game for me.

The graphics in WWE All Stars is the first this you are going to notice when ever you see this game. They are over the top and extreme. All of the wrestlers look crazy, especially Sheamus. There isn't that many wrestlers to choose from at the beginning, you have to unlock a lot. Jimmy of course hasn't unlocked any. There are no divas in the game sad face. Kofi Kingston?! Really, really? Really?

You can do 4-man tornado tag matches [All four guys in the ring at the same time.] Cage matches. Triple Threats are another option. But that was about it. I didn't get to see much of the actual strategy in the game, because well it was Jimmy. I'm sure there is though, you get rated at the end of every match like Street Fighter. There's gotta be some technique, there's a counter button. 

The titantrons are accurate, short and to the point. You don't have to watch the guy walk all the way down to the ring thank god. Howard Finkle is the announcer and that brings back some memories. WWE All Stars also has Create a Wrestler, but it's kept short. This works out fine in the game. I'm not to interested in spending hours creating a wrestler. Move sets are selected so you can pick a Rey Mysterio size guy and then attach Andre The Giant's moves. That's cool.

This CAW below we created in about 5 minutes. Choke is our stand by video game stunt man of course. Totally fucking with some of the settings we maximized the depth of his abdomen and wait until you see this pointy mess. That's what she said.

WWE All Stars Roddy Piper VS Choke [CAW]

Expect a full-on FnJimmy Golden Video Review.

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Spectator mode: The Last Guy

By: prettymiwa Dec 10, 2009 | 3 Comments

The Last Guy is the one of the best game ever!!

The Last Guy This is the game that I have addicted to watch.  I'm not a gamer thus, I don't play games.  However, if there are games that fun to watch, I sit next you and watch the games like watching TV shows or movies.  It's kind of strange to say that "addicted to watch", but this game, The Last Guy got me excited really good.  It's a simple game.  You become a hero to save people from monsters in big cities.  You go to building to building, and woods to woods.  People you saved are following you. In fact, you make a long line of people and bring them safely to "Escape Zone".  Then, huge bug shape like rescue aircraft comes and take people.  Before you start the game, there is a number that you have to save people. If you made the number, your mission is completed.  See!! it's simple right?  I was thinking why I'm so addicted to watch it.... and I found out there are some reasons... 

Official trailer

First of all,  "maps".  Creaters of this game took maps from "Google earth", so you are looking at the real map from the world.  You are in San Fransisco USA, Asakusa Japan, London England, Amsterdom Horland, and etc.  I love looking at maps as if I'm there traveling.  This maps are not fiction!! It's a real world, therefore you feel like you are there.  When monsters are approaching to people's line, they scream.  The screaming makes me feel fear as if I am in the line. You can make line as long as possible, but if monsters touched the line, it's broken and people around monsters evacuate building near them, so... you have to recollect people. There are so many ideas and strategy to collect people.  Also, when you bring a line of 1500 people to Escape Zone without any monster problems, you feel big accomplishment and relief.  The feeling is huge!! There are some kind of monsters.  Each map has different monsters (same monsters also in the maps).  The game shows what kind of monster is in there.  That make me think ..... huh.. how this monster approaching me... and they are cute.  Music is also the key.  There are only 3 different kind of music....you listen to them over and over, but you don't get tired of it.  You whistle while you are cooking, editing video, walking, peeing and etc without notice.  

Developer Interview. This video is hilarious! Watch this video Jimmys seriously!

Overall, The Last Guy is fun to play and fun to watch.  It is simple, make you happy, and even you approached monsters, you don't feel like cursing unlike Halo.  I think it's healthy game!! Family friendly.  It's nothing to loose!! Try it!!  The Last Guy!!

You need a HD view to really enjoy this game. This is one of the better gameplay videos I found on youtube.


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