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Get your fight stick ready for Xbox One

By: vicko Jan 10, 2014 | 2 Comments

If you have a current fight stick that you want to add Xbox One capability to, Vicko is your man!

With the release of the xbox one came limited options for playing your favorite fighting games on the new console. You could A) Play on pad or B) play on Madcatz' newest fight stick. If you've already got a nice stick that's well broken in and don't want additional hardware, look no further than

This service will run $120 and is completely tournament legal by disabling the on board wireless functionality of the pad inside. If you're behind on the times on mod technology and compete in several fighting games across different consoles, I also provide mods for PS3/PC as well as legacy consoles.

Vicko VS TheZeroFaReal FT 15 representing Las Vegas FGC. From the Gouki invitational December 15, 2012.

Vicko VS TheZeroFaReal FT 15 UMvC3 Pride & Joy Match

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October 27, 2012. FnJimmy Super C Challenge. Super Street Fighter IV AE Top 8. Marvel VS Capcom 3 Exhibition Match Halloween Havoc 2012.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Slimer [Vicko] VS Everything is Purple Grimace [Cinderkin] in a Halloween Havoc FT25 Nothing but Pride Match.

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Vicko lives in Las Vegas and mods fight sticks.

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This past Friday night Vicko (A Las Vegas pro & stick modder) stopped by to level FnJimmy & myself up. Well I don't know how much I improved after this night, but I'm pretty sure the answer for FnJimmy is 0. Watch the stream replay for some serious action.

Watch live video from Show on TwitchTV

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