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Wakfu patch 0303 is almost here

By: DragonKiss83 Apr 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

Wakfu is going to hit us with a character wipe, give us a patch, and new classes.

Thanks to Gouki.com I was able to get a Beta key for Wakfu (a beta that has been going on for 2+ years).  Less than a week of playing and my first character is about to get wiped, not a big deal I'm not that far, and you need to do it to get the other classes tested.

But so far there is plenty of fun to be had in the game.  I started off with a Plant Summoner, and at a level 8 already have the class spells learned as well as most of the elemental.  What's cool about this is your spells level up as you use them.  So unlike other rpgs the vine attack you start with is not useless.  Durring your intro to the game you earn some armor that is made of the creatures you are killing.  You can later craft your own items from materials you collect.  Right now all the jobs are open to any character type, so you can take on all the jobs if you choose.  The jobs split in two groups crafters, and harvesters.  As a crafter you can be a chef, a baker, a handyman, jewler, a weaponsmith, an armourer, a leather trader, and a tailor.  As a harvester you can collect the materials needed for crafting.  The options are miner, fisherman, lumberjack, trapper, farmer, and herbalist.  And right now you can mint your own money, but I guess before this patch the creatures dropped money.  This matters because NPcs do not buy or sell, the economy is entirely player driven. Needles to say there is a lot to be done.

They list 14 character types you can play as http://www.wakfu.com/na/mmorpg/game-guide/classes, 4 of them are available right now.  The Plant summoner that I chose,  you also have the archer, the healer, and the warrior.  

On the 21st they are bringing in the cat people/ gamblers, and the treasure hunters, as well as a political system.  They still have plenty of things waiting to be tested before the open beta this summer.  And I intend to keep making new classes as we get them to see what the game has to offer, but so far it's looking pretty good.


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Wakfu Gameplay Video Series

By: goukijones Apr 14, 2011 | 7 Comments

Check out this funny AND awesome Wakfu -Rockstar Gameplay Video Series style- video.

Wakfu is an online MMO with turn base strategy combat and a full on living world. I played the beta and it has a lot of potentiel. If I told you Square Enix was publishing it, I understand if you would turn away. But they are only publishing it, some French Jimmys made the game. This is not Final Fantasy in any way. Check out this beta review.

WAKFU Game Overview Trailer

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Wakfu Review

By: prettymiwa Mar 30, 2011 | 7 Comments

This is my second addiction game in my life!! cute cute cute!!!

When I was a child, I was addicted to Dragon Quest.  I like a role-playing game, so my boyfriend recommended to do FFXI.  It was 3 years ago, but I was not into the game… Because players are already have been doing years and their levels are way higher than my character.  This time, I was introduced to Wakfu beta test.  I thought this is really good to start, because everybody start at the same time and really cute pictures.  First, I chose my character, a girl mage.  She is cute and sexy!! Nice!! She is like me!!

Wakfu is not hard to understand.  It is simply and easy.  The more you level up you get more spells.  My favorite spell is spell that changing monsters to your side and it gives you some life points.  All of the characters are so cute.  I'm a Japanese so I like cute stuff. 

Each village has a leader.  You have to talk to leader first, so you can get idea what kind of job you can get in each city.  You have to read a book that the leaders give to you.  You have to read it and go back to the leader, and have to take a test.  If you pass the test, you get equipment for the job.  If you want to have career use the equipment, so your job level goes up. 

I am level 17 now and I have several jobs.  I have 3 favorite jobs, 1. farmer 2. baker.  You grow different kind of wheat, harvest them, bring to a mill and make flour (this is a farmer's job).  Then you bring flour to oven and bake it (this is a baker's job).  You can bake some different kind of breads.  The other 1 favorite is a miner.  You can mine several minerals.  The good thing about being miner is you can make money from the minerals.  I'm really into making money!! 

Also monsters are different in each city or village.   There are birds, cats, sheep, and some other stuff.  They are all cute.  You can see a map how big the world is!!!! 

I had so much fun to play.  I remember the feelings that I had while I was playing Dragon Quest.  My child Miwa came back in me!!  I am not playing Wakfu now, because I was distracted by disaster in my country, Japan…… sad face…  I watch JP TV on website more now… I feel strong connection with Wakfu, so I'll come back when Japan problem will be steady.  I really recommend this game to play if you like role-playing game, specially for girl (your girl friends).  I guess your girl play Wakfu sounds cute!! ^_^ 

Buy it!

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Wakfu beta open!

By: SonicZero Feb 2, 2011 | 11 Comments

For everyone who signed up for the closed beta

The Wakfu beta is now open for all to try if you signed up for it, hope to see you guys on and we can invade with everyone on gouki, leave your username for the game in  the comments and hope to see you guys on.

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Islands of Wakfu: An Xboxlive arcade game

By: Phresh Feb 2, 2011 | 8 Comments

Islands of Wakfu is an action adventure game based on the Wakfu universe coming to the Xboxlive arcade.

I've been playing the Wakfu beta and upon checking the site, I found out that they have an Xboxlive arcade game currently in development.

Developed by Ankama Play, the game has been in the works for a while but the release date is still to be announced.

Here is the gameplay trailer. It appears you control a Girl named Nora and are assisted by her dragon brother Efrim.



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