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#FMIWT 12/16/2014 4 Main Event Matches. Omega, SSB, Ultra & UMvC3

By: goukijones Dec 18 (2 days ago) | 12 Views | 0 Comments

We featured 4 exhibition matches that night. Thanks for coming, thanks for playing.


Super Smash Bros. 

Read full story...


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#FMIWT USF4 Tournament Grand Finals MATCH 12/9/2014

By: goukijones Dec 10 (10 days ago) | 13 Views | 0 Comments | Updated: Dec 12 (8 days ago)

On December 9, 2014 we hosted a 16 man Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament. Here is the Grand Finals match ...

Shout out to DumaBalrog for winning the tournament.  Tuck with a big second place.  Also shout out to Tuck for streaming the entire tournament & wrecking fools on his way to second place.  Keep it classy.

The next Street Fighter tournament is on January 24th & is already worth $590! Register today!


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#FMIWT Main Event SSB 12/9/2014 Frozenflare VS Newlife 3/5

By: goukijones Dec 10 (10 days ago) | 15 Views | 0 Comments

Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV.

On Commentary TMech & Kyzon.  Thank you for watching.



Gouki.com is proud to announce a partnership with LVL UP EXPO

By: goukijones Dec 9 (11 days ago) | 31 Views | 0 Comments

May 30-31 in Las Vegas, NV at the Cashman Center

Gouki.com will be hosting all video game tournaments @ LVL UP EXPO in May. 

We'll be updating the list of games & rules in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime you can win LVL UP EXPO passes if you win any of the upcoming Gouki.com tournaments starting with Smash on December 13, 2014 @ GameWorks in Town Square.

Looks like it's time to LVL UP Las Vegas!  Let's go!


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#FMIWT Main Event USF4 12/2/2014 Tuck VS DumaBalrog FT5

By: goukijones Dec 3 (17 days ago) | 16 Views | 0 Comments

Recorded Live from GameWorks Las Vegas, NV. 5thDimension stream on Gouki.tv.

You got Kultic & Guano on the mic doing commentary.  Thanks for chatting it up guys!

There is a Street Fighter tournament at the NEXT #FMIWT December 9, 2014.  PLUS a $500 Street Fighter pot bonus tournament on January 24, 2015.  You can register now on our tournaments page.  Very few spots left!  Hurry up & join! ^^

Follow @GoukiNews on Twitter for more info & live updates.

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