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Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Town Square. Las Vegas, NV. January 24, 2015

Thank you to all the players & the support from the locals.  Thank you frq filipinoman for driving the Cali boys out.  Thanks to Driftwood for bringing the AZ crew.  Shout outs to the Utah boys.  Thank you all for coming.

Shout out to the 5thDimension for the excellent stream!

Bracket Link.

Grand Finals & interview with frq filipinoman.

Thank you to all of our sponsors.  Thank you to GameWorks for allowing us to set up such a dope stage in your restaruant. 

Check out Anime Revolution.

Check out Eightarc.

Check out Back It Here!

Check out DropTheBelt.com.

Check out A Gamer's Paradise.

Special thanks to Capcom.

Check us out every Tuesday @GameWorks for #FMIWT free FGC casuals & friendlies.


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Gouki Street Fighter Tournament Grand Finals & Interview w/ frq filipinoman

By: goukijones Jan 26 (6 days ago) | 133 Views | 0 Comments

Jan24, 2015. Recorded live from GameWorks Las Vegas, NV.

Thank you to all the players that traveled from out of state to join us on Saturday.  Here's a replay of the Grand Finals match.  Gustavo VS frq filipinoman.  We'll be adding more matches to our YouTube channel this week.

Interview w/ USF4 Gustavo VS frq filipinoman

Thank you to KulticLV for all the commentary & excellent interview work.  https://twitter.com/KulticLV

Here's a tweet from frq filipinoman stylin' on Vegas.



We have no scheduled tournaments coming up.  We have no venue for Saturdays.  If you know a business or a restaurant that is interested in letting us host a Street Fighter tournament please contact me. 

You can still catch us every Tuesday @ GameWorks in Town Square Las Vegas, NV. #FMIWT 6-11 in the GameWorks restaurant.

Thank you all for coming out to the tournament.  Check out our next major in May.  LVL UP EXPO over $10k in cash & prizes!

LVL UP EXPO is in Las Vegas, NV - May 30-31. Buy your tickets now http://lvlupexpo.org/ Over $10,000 in cash & prizes!

Ultra Street Fighter IV 1v1

  • $1000 Pot bonus.  Grand prize Playstation 4.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Xbox 360

Super Smash Bros. 1v1

  • $1000 Pot bonus.  Grand prize WiiU Bundle.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Nintendo WiiU

Super Smash Bros. World War Amiibo

  • Grand prize TBA.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 buy-in.
  • System: Nintendo WiiU
  • 2 Mins. 2 Stock. Items on high.  Random stage selection.  1v1 Double Elimination.
  • Cash prize is based off of entries. 100% of the buy-in = 1st Place 80% 2nd Place 20%

Mario Kart 8 Ride or Die #4

  • $500 Pot bonus.  Grand prize TBA.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • 4 racers per station. 150cc. VS Race. Frantic Mode. Custom Karts. *Not all characters, karts & accessories available on all systems.
  • Single elimination.  Top 2 racers from each group will advance. The final four will compete for cash & prizes.
  • Course selections will be released the day of the tournament.  DLC tracks included.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 1v1

  • $250 Pot Bonus.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Xbox 360

Guilty Gear Xrd 1v1

  • Grand prize Playstation 4.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Playstation 4
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Gouki & Eightarc partner up for a Street Fighter tournament Jan24 2015

By: goukijones Jan 21 (10 days ago) | 27 Views | 0 Comments

Use this coupon code to save $10 or $15 on orders more than $50/$100! Shout outs to Eightarc.

We're going to be giving away some Eightarc fightsticks during our Vegas Violence 2 tournament this Saturday.  1 raffle ticket per paid entry.  http://tournaments.gouki.com/


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#FMIWT USF4 Main Event Tabasco Sawce VS Burst Jan20 2015

By: goukijones Jan 21 (10 days ago) | 24 Views | 0 Comments

Every Tuesday LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV Gouki.com presents For Me It Was Tuesdays. Free FGC Casuals from 6-11PM. Live stream on Gouki.tv via the @5thdimension

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