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Release Date: Jun 1, 2010

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Your heart pounds as you stand tensed and ready at the line of scrimmage. The ball is snapped, the familiar feel of leather hits your hands, as you drop back and scan the field for the open man. Your eyes flit from player to player looking for the perfect opportunity, but find nothing. Out of the corner of your eye you see your right guard go down, opening a direct path for a hefty linebacker to charge you. The pressure is on, you have a fraction of a second to make the play and sweat rolls down your brow stinging your eyes. Will you run, pass, or be sacked? Make the right choice and lead your team to victory.

Backbreaker puts you in the center of intense football action as you play intense 11-on-11 player games. Play with up to four friends to prove who has the best skills or play against others in online multi-player mode. With split-screen imaging you and a friend will have the perfect perspective to make game-changing decisions. The Euphoria Engine adds advanced AI to your opponents providing unpredictable moves and a more challenging opponent. Pick-up-and-play action allows even new players to get into the game as they easily enjoy the immersive gameplay. With extensive team customization you can put together an all-star lineup that is sure to come out victorious. Full exhibition and training modes allow you to follow your team every step of the way and increase skills for more cooperative play. Feel the heart-thumping action as your adrenaline races, just watch out every hit could be your last.


  • Experience 11-on-11 football like never before with unique hits, stunning graphics and unpredictable opponents thanks to Euphoria Engine advanced AI

  • Challenge a friend with split-screen views or play against others in online multiplayer mode

  • Pick-up-and-play design allows users of all levels to enjoy the game

  • Customize your team extensively for the best players and a winning combination

  • Full exhibition and training modes let you enhance your skills while building the next championship team


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