BloodRayne Betrayal

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BloodRayne Betrayal

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Release Date: Aug 30, 2011

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The original video game femme fatale, BloodRayne, has returned to battle and feed in a brand new  hack  ‘n slash  adventure  developed by WayForward, the seasoned team behind some of gaming’s most critically acclaimed brand reinventions. BloodRayne delivers over-the-top stylish action with a healthy dose of bloodshed. You are Rayne, the sexy dhampir with superhuman strength, speed, and agility,  recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society for one last mission. The target is a lavish, yet sinister, ball in a secluded castle with plenty of dark surprises. With the help of a mysterious friend, and members of Brimstone, Rayne must infiltrate the manor, take out the fiendish horde, and stop an evil master plot once and for all.


  • Based on the best-selling BloodRayne videogame franchise that has extended into comics, merchandise, movies and apparel.
  • Developed by WayForward, the award-winning team known for bringing franchise favorites back to audiences in exciting new ways. Credits include: Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Contra 4, and A Boy and His Blob.
  • Rayne is a dhampir, born from the union of vampire and human, blessed with the powers of a vampire but cursed with a thirst for blood and weakness to sunlight.
  • Experience BloodRayne in HD with exciting 2D side-scrolling action and challenging obstacles designed specifically for mature audiences.
  • Kill evil vampire scum in 15 challenging levels across multiple unique acts, including: The Forest, The Attic, The Freaky Ballroom and more.
  • Meet new characters along the way including a mysterious shape shifter.
  • Feed on enemies and refuel your blood reserves in gruesome new ways, including the Blood Fountain.
  • Solve environmental puzzles, including:
    • Blood Seals: Places on the ground and in front of doors that need to be drenched in blood to unlock.
    • Grinder Switch: Toss enemies into a bone mashing grinder to activate.
    • Floodlights: Maneuver through a barrage of floodlights aimed to take the Dhampir out. Rayne can also trick vampires into the light to take the heat off of her.
    • Rising Blood Tower: Fill a pit with enemy blood to make the tower rise so Rayne can escape.  Punishing combat skills deliver Rayne’s intense brutal fatalities:
    • Infection: Enemy vampires bloat and explode when triggered.
    • Heel Stomp: Instant-kill enemies after laying them out.
    • Drain: Bite and drain your enemy’s blood to restore your health.
  • Full arsenal of lethal weapons:
    • Rayne’s signature arm blades return sharper than ever.
    • Handgun offers quick ranged knockdowns.
    • New weapons include a gun that prolongs damage over time via a constant beam of light. Also serves double duty as a sun reflector for puzzle solving.
  • Battle a variety of new enemies and deadly bosses:
    • Flying Parasites: This annoying bugger will swoop in and attack if you’re not careful, but can also be infected and exploded for some bloody good fun.
    • Wheeler: A freakish genetic experiment, with long sharp arms for long range attacks.
    • Blood Balloon: A big, hammer wielding brute that may be tough to beat, but when you finish him off he explodes like a balloon!
    • Wraith: These ninja-like enemies come at you without notice and can phase in and out before your eyes.
    • Elite Guard: The ultimate enemy, like a vampire Knight with a big sword, only he’s trying to kill the damsel.



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Exclusive: E3 2011 GoukiJones Video Podcast

By: goukijones Jul 6, 2011 | 4 Comments

The DSLR Video Camera, a voice recorder, and a full flask of Jack D. Here is my video podcast for E3 2011. Featuring exclusive off screen footage and never before seen footage from some of E3's hottest games. Don't be a Jimmy.

This video right here. Right here, right here ... is for the Jimmys out there. 

Please leave a comment or suggestion below. Don't be a Jimmy!

A quick visit to the Majesco booth at E3 2011. BloodRayne Betrayal is for XBLA and PSN.

While at E3 -now almost a month ago, I can't believe it- I stopped by the Majesco booth to see BloodRayne Betrayal. I met with Michael Herbster who also worked on last years Batman: The Brave and the Bold video games. Mike was cool and I was in a rush to another appointment and only had a few minutes with Majesco. Mike explained the game to me and showed me some of his moves in the game.

BloodRayne Betrayal is a hack and slash XBLA/PSN game. It's $15 and honestly that's a little steep. There's only a few levels and even less boss fights. The game tries to give you replay value with a scoring system for each map, but still $15? Check out the video, wait hold on, let me show you something more interesting.

E3 2011 Exclusive Video


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