Dark Souls

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Dark Souls

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Release Date: Oct 4, 2011

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Live Through A Million Deaths & Earn Your Legacy

Enter a dark world filled with despair and threaded by hope where your ability to creatively strategize, learn and
overcome unpredictable and unique challenges determines your fate. Dark Souls will demand your absolute concentration,
unflinchingly punish your mistakes, but reward your ability to learn from death. Each challenge is a mind game met with
endless combinations that will test your ability to creatively strategize a way to conquer unimaginable monsters and
progress deeper into this bleak and forbidding environment filled with the un-dead.

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  • Extremely Deep, Dark & Difficult – Unforgiving in its punishment, yet rewarding for the determined – learn to strategize freely and conquer
  • seemingly impossible challenges. You will organically design your own gameplay style by developing your character and continuously trying
  • different strategies to finally achieve successful progression.
  • Fully Seamless World – Explore a completely integrated world of dark fantasy where dungeons are seamlessly intertwined, with great height.
  • Mastery Earns Progression – Contains 60 hours of gameplay, with nearly 100 uniquely despair-inducing monsters & an incredibly nuanced
  • weaponry & magic spells system, the effectiveness of which is determined by combat situation, fighting style and character attributes. Player
  • success depends on their eventual mastery of how and when to use the magic spells, choice of armor, the number of weapons, the types of
  • weapons, and the moves attached to the weapons.
  • Network Play – Players may cross paths with one another, interacting with each other throughout the game even as each player plays their
  • own game. Networked play allows users to cross paths with one another to enhance the single-player gameplay experience without destroying it.
  • Flexible Character Development & Role Play – As the player progresses, they must carefully choose which of their character’s abilities to
  • enhance as this will determine their progression style. Players can choose to play as a sword master and a wizard, for example.
  • Community – See other real players and empathize with their journey, learn from seeing how others died, find and leave messages for your
  • fellow players; helping them or leading them into death.
  • Symbolic of Life & Hope – The Beacon Fire is an important feature of Dark Souls for many reasons. Though in gameplay it serves as a
  • recovery and re-spawn point for players whose health gets low, it is also where players can emotionally share experiences with other players,
  • and is the one place in the dark world where players can find a fleeting moment of warmth and calm.

Official Video - http://www.youtube.com/user/NamcoBandaiGames

Youtube VideoYouTube Video

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Collector's Edition

Retail $59.99 - Amazon

  • Standard Game
  • Metal Case -Limited Edition-
  • Art Book
  • Mini-Strategy Guide *Digital Download
  • Behind the Scenes Video *Digital Download
  • Original Soundtrack *Digital Download

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Demon's Souls was a huge success by From Software. Looking to capitalize on this new "Extreme Difficulty Genre" Dark Souls is a spiritual successor. Now you can hunt down other people online as the Black Knight with a new gameplay feature. E3 2011

Well I hated Demon's Souls Jimmy there's no denying that. Back then though I had no idea exactly what the game was. I played it, shit I reviewed it. (Demon’s Souls is Stupid’s Shits) Rei Puerto talks it up all the time, not sure if he ever beat it though. One guy I saw beat it, had that famous speed run on YouTube. I'm calling tool assisted, but it is unconfirmed. 

This video is from E3 2011, some nubfarm is playing the Dark Knight. The first parts are just to get you warmed up. The game looks and sounds amazing. Now that I know what Dark Souls is and how it's supposed to be played, I still don't want to play it. But for you Jimmys who are into this stuff, check out this Exclusive E3 2011 Dark Souls Black Kinight Gameplay Off Screen Video.

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Dark Souls (Playstation 3) Current low price: $14.98 at Amazon Save $45.01 (75.0 %)

52 Week High: $19.99 Oct 15, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $14.98 Jul 17, 2013
Release Date: Oct 4, 2011

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Dark Souls (Xbox 360) Current low price: $19.05 at Amazon Save $40.94 (68.2 %)

52 Week High: $19.99 Oct 15, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $15.99 Dec 10, 2012
Release Date: Oct 4, 2011

Dark Souls Box Art Dark Souls

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