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Grand Theft Auto V

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Release Date: Sep 17, 2013

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A new entry in the GTA series from Rockstar.





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It's been a long wait for the PC version, but hold outs will get some cool new features

Presenting the Rockstar Editor – a special feature in Grand Theft Auto V for PC that allows players to record, edit, and share videos created from footage in both Story Mode and GTA Online.

Watch today’s video “Introducing the Rockstar Editor” for an overview of just some of the features of this powerful video creation tool including special camera modes, filters, depth of field and audio customization options - as well as the unique Director Mode feature that allows you to stage creative movie-making sequences from a cast of characters ranging from familiar faces from Story Mode, to pedestrians and even animals. You’ll be able to upload your finished masterpiece to YouTube and to the Rockstar Games Social Club to share with friends.

The Rockstar Editor will be available for use in GTAV PC when the game is released tomorrow April 14th.

In other words ... REAL GAMES.


GTAV - 2014

Well of course I cant wait to see what the modders do after they get a hold of this. I actually played the XBOX version last year. I didn't like it too much. But hopefully when GTA comes out on PC more friends will actually want to play it. Some of the multiplayer stuff looks good. I guess the more I think about it tho, I don't know how long the fun would last. Plus the timing of the next few games may have me skipping GTA all over again. 


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Dat GTA Online Mutliplayer PWNfest

By: goukijones Aug 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Rockstar always seems to get me excited for the new GTA's. Well I guess IV was the only 1 I didn't like. Hopefully V doesn't even have cell phones. This new gameplay video looks dope. Flying! Submarines. What else do you need?

Did you see that sub? Well it looked like it came up from underwater. You gotta watch quick. There's a content creator too. Man Rockstar is not fooling around. Maybe now I can forget about what was GTAIV. GTAIV did have a sweet ass collector's edition tho. 

Thanks for watching. 

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