Left 4 Dead 2

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Left 4 Dead 2

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Release Date: Nov 17, 2009

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Left 4 Dead 2 introduces four new survivors, whose backstory is provided through dialogue. Unlike the first game which had no significant story development, Left 4 Dead 2 features a story arc set in the Southern United States which starts in Savannah, Georgia and ends in New Orleans, Louisiana. The four survivors have to fight their way through the hordes of infected, using safehouses along the way to rest and recuperate, in order to reach extraction points.
The amusement park in the campaign "Dark Carnival."
After climbing to the roof of a hotel in Savannah to be rescued, the survivors find themselves abandoned by helicopters, and so make their way to the local mall, after hearing word of a second evacuation point there ("Dead Center"). After a brief encounter with a gun store owner, Whitaker (voiced by Dayton Callie), the survivors discover that the mall is overrun, and use a stock car to bust out of the mall and travel towards New Orleans. On their way there they encounter the survivors featured in Left 4 Dead at the portside town of Rayford ("The Passing"), before finding the highway completely blocked by wrecked vehicles. The survivors are then forced to travel through a still-operating (but abandoned) amusement park, and start a huge fireworks-and-lights show used by the rock band, The Midnight Riders, in order to attract the attention of a helicopter pilot ("Dark Carnival"). After being rescued, they realize their pilot has been infected. Nick is forced to kill him, which causes the helicopter to crash into a bayou ("Swamp Fever"). They find brief shelter in a plantation mansion and make radio contact with a boat captain named Virgil who can get them to rescue, but he needs additional diesel fuel to make it to New Orleans. Amid a torrential downpour, the survivors go ashore, make their way through an abandoned sugar mill to a gas station to get fuel supplies, and return to the boat ("Hard Rain"). Virgil takes them to New Orleans where the military appears to be evacuating civilians. The group head to the extraction point, but discover that the military is actually bombing bridges to cover their retreat ("The Parish"). The survivors then make their way across a lift bridge amid a mass of infected and board the last military helicopter leaving the city before the bridge is destroyed.
Although the survivors' fate after evacuation is left unexplained, Chet Faliszek, the game's writer has said that the military is taking survivors to cruise ships in an attempt to escape the worldwide infection

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