Space Hulk: Tactics

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Space Hulk: Tactics

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Release Date: 2018

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• A faithful adaptation of the Warhammer 40,000 board game Space Hulk, with a fresh twist on the classic rules

• Engage in bloody tactical battles aboard a gigantic Space Hulk

• Play through two campaigns from the point of view of the Blood Angels, and for the first time in a Space Hulk game, the deadly Genestealers!

• Customize your units of Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and even Genestealers with hundreds of cosmetic items, cards, and equipment.

• Challenge players online, playing either Genestealers or one of four Space Marine Chapters

• Create and share your own missions with an intuitive in-game map creation tool


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The Greatest Vids From GamesCom 2018

By: goukijones Aug 25 (24 days ago) | 2 Comments

A list of my favorite videos from Gamescom 2018.

World War Z

The mechanics in this game look like a lot of fun.  Can’t wait to play this.  Easily my favorite video from the past week.

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Space Hulk Tactics

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