The 3rd Birthday

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The 3rd Birthday

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Release Date: Mar 29, 2011

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The game is an action role-playing game described by Square Enix as a "cinematic action RPG". Director Hajime Tabata noted that the gameplay and plot are intertwined due to an ability called "Overdive," which is an ability that lets you switch bodies with one of your team members. Using the skill, you can freely control other people. Overdive also allows Aya to dive into the mind of the Twisted causing lethal damage. You can change your currently controlled character in real-time, intermixed with your combat actions. The game will also have limited third person shooter elements. Shown at a trailer at Tokyo Game Show, camera will be over the shoulder. Other abilities such as liberation will also be available which provides Aya with a powerful surge of energy and supernatural speed in battle. Aya can also provide orders to her fellow soldiers to target specific enemies or to defend themselves. An array of different costumes will be available to Aya including an exclusive Lightning costume.


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Parasite Eve returns in The 3rd Birthday

By: goukijones Feb 24, 2011 | 9 Comments

Here's a look at the new game - somewhat in the Parasite Eve world - I have no idea about this series. Looking mad Japanese though.

I saw this trailer today and thought some of you may have mentioned this game before on It looks like a reipuerto ass game, but still looking kinda fun. I'm not much for handheld gaming, but if I do buy a PSP to play "Taxes Ogra" as FnJimmy would say. Then maybe I would try this The 3rd Birthday out, if somebody sent it to me for free. WTF.


From YouTube:

The 3rd Birthday is an engrossing new chapter for Aya Brea, the main character in the hugely popular PARASITE EVE® series. Set in New York in 2012, Aya is mankind's last hope for survival against the powerful Twisted.

Combining all-action third-person shooter gameplay with rich character development, weapon customization, awesome missions and a gripping suspense-filled story, The 3rd Birthday delivers incredible visuals unmatched among portable games.

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The 3rd Birthday (Sony PSP) Current low price: $15.23 at Amazon Save $14.76 (49.2 %)

52 Week High: $19.99 Jun 30, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $15.23 Jan 30, 2013
Release Date: Mar 29, 2011

The 3rd Birthday

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