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Gouki cosplay E3-2010 Exclusive Video!!

By: goukijones Jul 17, 2010 | 7 Comments

FNJimmy as Gouki and ReiPuerto as Yun. Two proper Jimmys dressed up for cosplay @ E3 2010. Exclusive video.

FNJimmy returns to E3 2010 as Gouki once again - Akuma for you nuabs. Don't be a Jimmy, watch this video and leave comments. Thanks!

Song by: Gang Gang Dance - First Communion off the album Saint Dymphna

FNJimmy as Gouki E3 2010 photobooth

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Mafia II hands on

By: BatRastered Jul 2, 2010 | 6 Comments

Mafia II, a sandbox set in the 1940's.

You've played this game before. It's a thrid person sandbox with good voice acting and story and just good enough controls. The only difference is this one is set in the 1940's gangster run town of "Empire Bay". You can get your sandbox on in any one of many different flavors now, Old West, 40's gangster, 50's FBI vs Aliens, 80's Miami, 90's California, modern day New York, the futuristic "Pacific City" of Crackdown, whatever.

It's the same shit. Pick your favorite style and get that one.

Yes. I know something about the dame 4th Spider-Man in Shattered Dimensions.

I type for your mom. I make videos for


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E3 2010 best of crap and stuff

By: goukijones Jul 1, 2010 | 6 Comments

Not your normal best of list, but who really gives a sh....

E3 2010 best of crap and stuff

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Vlog #14 E3 2010 press conference review

By: goukijones Jul 1, 2010 | 10 Comments

Introducing BatRastered, with special guests FNJimmy and Choke. Also special appearances by Major Nelson, StarSlay3r, Geoff Keighley, and gaming legend Adam Sessler.

Filmed just one week removed from E3 2010 the staff looks back at the E3 2010 press conferences. Introducing BatRastered, with special guests FNJimmy and Choke. Also special appearances by Major Nelson, StarSlay3r, Geoff Keighley, and gaming legend Adam Sessler. This non-stop romp the E3 press conferences is a brutal realization that these major corporations barely know how to entertain. EA's press conference had the most potential entertainment wise just hoping that Joel Mchale might just say something crazy. Which almost happened, but he seemed reserved most of the time and had to read very specific lines at some point. Sony lost points because Jack Tretton straight up says he didn't want Kevin Butler hosting because of his own EGO. WTF? So bore us to death.

Then there's the games which is mostly what this is about. Don't be a Jimmy! Enjoy Vlog #14 E3 2010 press conference review.

Leave some comments Jimmy and like this story!! Thanks.



E3 Preview 2010 Hard Corps: Uprising

By: reipuerto Jul 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Everyone loves shirtless men and people want Contra backā€¦

Hey big Jimmies! Rei here with a first look on Contra spiritual successor, Hard Corps: Uprising! Developed by Arc System, which is the studio behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, they bring their artistic style into mix. With high solution characters and 3D environment, this will be one of the years. The game goes back to a classic 2.5D perspective that was used be for this new 2.5D, which now the characters and background are in 3D and the playing field is in 2D. This game brings nostalgic memories to the hard cord veterans but allows causal players to jump in and beat the game too!

All you really need to know is that the game is a fast pace, action shoot’em up, with nostalgic gameplay and tight controls. Easily accessible to everyone and your neighbors!

Special briefing and hands on gameplay experience at E3 2010. Behind closed doors with the developers. Tons of gameplay footage.

LucasArts invited us inside they're private room on the third floor of the Los Angeles convention center to see Star Wars The Old Republic. Oh boy I could barely contain myself, I frequenting my pocket libation while waiting in line. We packed into a small room with like 30 other Jimmys. They showed the new Hope trailer, that just premiered at E3. I hope you've seen this by now. It's totally bad ass, but the game does not look like that.  

The game looks just like I remember Knights of the Old Republic. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best RPG's ever made. I played through the game three times. Classic Star Wars good and evil decisions made the game one of the most memorable experiences ever. I expect the same from The Old Republic. Check out this press release video given to us at E3 from LucasArts. This is the combat of Star Wars The Old Republic.  

Back to the developer chat. After we watched the Hope trailer and the guy re-caped on the personal spaceships and customization options, he moved onto level progression. This is exactly what an MMO is all about. Having a bad ass dude, decked out with all this hardcore gear. The clip starts off with some lonely Jimmy barely dressed to go outside. All he has is a blaster for a weapon. The next clip, a few levels up, shows him with obvious suit upgrades and he can now shoot a little missile out of his hand. Then skip to a higher level and he has tons of armor, there's a "get over here" Scorpion style hook he shoots out and drags enemies closer. Then finally maxed out, the Jimmy is flying around, shutting down Jedi, shooting rockets from his back. Totally frickin' awesome. I only hope this game does come out before FFXIV. I still can't make up my mind.

Then we were taken to another room where BatRastered, FNJimmy and myself got some hands on time with the game. As soon I figured out how to skip the cutscenes ... oh and move, I was outside looking for a fight. Didn't take long for Jimmys to start shooting at me. I shot back. I win. I have a rocket up my sleeve. I found BatRastered out in the field, surprise FNJimmy still hasn't made it out of the town yet. I didn't know what to do, so I just followed BatRastered around shooting at people. I did get bored of it while standing there. I know that no matter what I did, it was just a taste. I didn't know what I was doing anyway. It was my first time playing Star Wars The Old Republic.  

Irrelevant. This game is on the top of my Most Wanted list.

The games looks cool and ask the guy that sat next to me about how scary it is.

This is survival horror game. I don't want to make an ass out of myself, but I assume every person sitting in the room watching the Dead Space 2 E3 2010 gameplay demo is aware that this is a survival horror game. The game starts out in space, a huge desolate space station or something. Anyway the space station has church and that's where the demo starts out. The guy walks around a couple of creepy corners, a few small things jump out and of course -- he destroys them. God mode heard. He can fire out some stasis blast that freezes the enemies where ever they are on screen. Only one enemy at a time though, because later on the developer freezes one enemy while another runs around him at full speed. While the enemy is frozen, he shoots off one of the spiky elbow blades from the enemy, grabs it in mid air with the stasis thingy and shoots it back at the enemy. This is a cool idea and it's a way to save ammo. Another gun that was shown was the javelin gun, same thing as the rail gun in Bioshock 2. The javelin gun will carry the enemies into a wall and pin them there. Cool again, but I've seen that before.

The developer slowly walks into the main room of the church, it's very quiet, it's very dark, he looks around cautiously and then a FRICKIN' HUGE MONSTER comes crashing throw the glass ceiling and ... The guy next to me in a suit and tie jumps out of seat and almost falls to the floor. I thought the man was going to shit his pants. I didn't move. I wanted to laugh at him, but I didn't. This Jimmy must never before been hads seen a survival horror game, because the entire time I was ready for the scare.

You can see a lot of what I describe in this video from EA.

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E3 2010 Preview Deus EX Human Evolution

By: reipuerto Jun 28, 2010 | 1 Comments

An under appreciated game from back in the day is making its come back!

What up Jimmys!? Let's get right to it.

What is Deus Ex? It's a cyber-punk style, role playing hybrid, first person shooter set in the future. This is the third game in the in the series but it is a prequel to the original Deus Ex.

The build that I was shown was six hours into the game. The developer also stated that this build had unlimited ammo and infinite health. Cheater.. It shows a living, breathing world, and just whipping out a weapon, not to shoot, will alarm the civilians around you. The main character wasn’t looking too presentable. He had a trench coat. Color light brown. The developer starts walking and heads to a bar. The streets are lively and serve a purpose. People were walking some were saying important dialog to assist you on your story.  Once inside the bar, he initiated a conversation with the bar tender. His face seemed half burned but the detail was real nice. There was a moral choice that made him want details extracted from him. One was aggressive and the other passive but with no answer. He choose to be passive and leave with nothing. He explored the bar more to overhear a conversation of two NPCs. They mentioned about the guy that he was looking for had lost his PDA. He searched around to find it on the bathroom floor. He hacked it and got a code to enter in the back door. Once inside, he proceeded to sneak inside. On cover, the camera goes into third person a la Gears/RainbowSix style. One guard was there so he waited till his back was turned and knocked him out. Upon knocking him out, the action goes to third person view for the stun/kill. Then he dragged the body in first person view, to the corner.  Then around another corridor, two guards were dumb enough to stand with their back side to him, so they were put to sleep. The demo ended shortly after saying this part was only the stealth part. The next section would be more action oriented.

The next section started out with the main character getting out of the sewer. This time, he was in full body armor. He looks around with happens to look like a bay in New York, around Manhattan. There were a bay of bad guys securing the place and he quickly took cover and started to make his way to the far right. The developer started to say that you can beat the whole game without killing anyone but this was not the case here. His body suit was powered up so he picked up a crate and pulled it out if its fence placement to reveal a hole. He went in. Now there was a small room in front of him. He then activated his x-ray vision to see a good radius of the bad guys. He snuck inside via the window and killed the dude dumb enough to be sleeping on the job. He deactivated the alarm system and proceeded to head out to the opposed side. He takes cover behind some crates and spots a dude. The bad guy is on top of the crate. He takes out his silencer and head shots the back of his head. He then super jumps on top to spot two more Jimmies talking about getting paid and what not. Again, he jumps down to execute both of them. He makes his way to the back of the bay and avoids a good amount of guards. He then climbs a later and heads to the right to view a glass top with two guards exchanging Pokemon cards. Kidding, they’re just talking. He jumps down to break the glass and kills them. That room was filled with bad guys and he took them out. Cheater… Then a big boss (?) mechanical creature broke through the wall like the Kool-aid man. He ran behind some wooden boxes and the thing’s heavy machine guns destroyed them all. He saw a conveniently placed rocket launcher around a suit case. The weapons were customizable because, not only did he say so but, the rocket launcher had a heat seeker feature that made the fight rather quick. It then goes into a cinematic cutscene of him jumping out of a wall. He lands alright and then being confronted with an even taller guy than himself. He force pushed the crap out of him and changed his hand into a Gatling gun and was about to shoot when the scene goes black. Wooooo!!!

I honestly had mixed feelings about the game. It seems to borrow elements from other genres, even though the game series is longer than the others. But Square Enix’s hand is definitely in this. The cutscenes are AMAZING! Insane detail to it. I could even count the hair on the dude’s chin! Something to look forward to!

Crysis 2 looks amazing... on the PC anyway.

We got to see a demo of Crysis 2 in the EA booth at this year's E3.


I'll tell you what, it looked VERY pretty. You've never seen a game that looked this good. Unfortunately this was running on a PC. I'm not sure of the specs they had, but given the 80 inch plasma in front of the room, and the fact that they wanted to show off this game, I'll assume it's better equipped than mine. Even given that, there were a few points in the demo where the frame rate dropped noticeably. I worry about how this game will turn out on the PS3 and XBOX 360.

It looked to me as the whole city was rendered in real time with lots of pieces, as a whole building comes down and it's not a cinematic cut scene. If you could buy two XBOXes with the money you spent on your video card, you need this game to justify your purchase. Otherwise, I'd wait and see how the console versions turn out.

It also looked to me as if the jimmy running this demo was in god mode, because he was getting pwnd but not dying. Hmmm... conspiracy!



Final Fantasy XIV Drunken hands on

By: goukijones Jun 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

FNJimmy and I got a little private time with Final Fantasy XIV in 3D, with my best friend Jack Daniels.

FNJimmy and I got into the private hands on room of Final Fantasy XIV. I played it in 3D and let me just say it looks absolutely amazing. The problem with 3D gaming of course (and this isn’t the only time you’re going to hear me say this) I don’t want to have a $5000 dollar set up to play it. The glasses and 3D on screen were not abrasive at all. Although I don’t know how I would feel after playing Final Fantasy for XIV umpteen hours.

As far as the actual gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV it was just like Final Fantasy XI, I’m afraid that this game may just be a graphical update. I ran through the town and saw the shops and few NPC’s all very familiar to anyone that has played FFXI. When I got out into the field with a group to fight some enemies, again felt just like FFXI.

Final Fantasy XIV or Star Wars The Old Republic? The variables here would be release dates, friends online, monthly pricing, and system. I don’t know when either game is coming out for sure, but I’ll be giving both a try when they are released. I think my friends online are gonna be split. Whoever has the cheaper service is just gonna receive bonus points.  As far as systems go, I know I’ll be starting either one on the PC so I guess that does matter. Here’s a short clip of FNJimmy and myself hands on with Jack Daniels errrrrrrr Final Fantasy XIV.

This is a video that has been circulating the net about the difference between the alpha and beta versions of Final Fantasy XIV. Hello?! WTF? When the game is actually released,  we won’t be playing either version, so who cares? The graphics are nice though.

This is the North American E3 2010 Trailer. Makes my nipples hard Jimmy.

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