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CEO had some great matchups in both MvC3 and AE, but this one Phoenix comeback had my jaw on the floor.

Fillipino Champ takes it 3-0, but jump to the match starting around 6:15... Fanatiq gets a Happy Birthday on Magneto and Dr. Doom, killing both of them in the first 10 seconds and leaving FC with only Phoenix at level 3... unwinnnable? Not so fast Jimmy!

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 The Last Hurrah Volumes 1, 2 and 3

By: Caj814 Nov 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

Ever since Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was announced I decided it would be a fitting tribute to put together all the ideas I had from playing and try to push barriers within the combo system as far as I could before November 15.

and with that. . .to Ultimate.

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What Fighting Games Have Done for Me

By: ThatOlSkrull Nov 11, 2011 | 7 Comments

How fighting games have, and still are really affecting my life.

When I saw the contest for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I was immediately interested. At first I went with the easiest option of just retweeting the Gouki message. 

-I didn't feel like making an account to leave a comment on the story. I also thought nothing I posted would be interesting/funny.

-The same went for the facebook option.

-As for the youtube option, as odd as it is, I'm not a huge fan of subscribing to youtube accounts.

-And for the story option, I really didn't think I had anything interesting to write about.


As I was driving to the gym today I was stuck at a ridiculously long stoplight and had a chance to check my twitter feed. I saw an update from Gouki reminding of the upcoming Ultimate Marvel contest. I thought about it and realized that I actually did have a, what I consider interesting, story to write that is quite relevant to Marvel 3.

Leading up to the main points, I have to explain a little bit about my history. When I was about six years old I was diagnosed with severe ADD and ADHD as well as some reading and writing disorders. I know a lot of people write those first two off as just being an excuse for being a little hyperactive I can attest to the fact that they really are life changing things. That year was the first year that I was put on medication to try to help level out my "disorders." I'm twenty one now, and it's only been about a year since I have decided to stop taking the medication. Putting this on top of therapists and psychologists and my life was basically an experiment. 

Because of these disabilities, I have always had an incredibly difficult time with school. I've always had trouble focusing, learning things as quickly as others, working in groups, and generally paying attention long enough in class to actually absorb the information presented. The worst part of it all was that I had a very difficult time being social due to anxiety about what others thought of me due to my differences.

Now, I don't quite remember how old I was, but during one Chanukah my grandmother got me a Sega Genesis. Thus began my instant, life changing interest in video games. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Bubsy, Paper Boy, Vectorman, and Dynamite Headdy (this game rocks, seriously) became my comfort zone during my anxiety attacks and frustrations with school. Now, as much as I loved doing all of this, it only worked to worsen my social situations, it became a sort of endless cycle. I was upset so I played games, and playing all the time only increased my anti-social nature...You can see how this continued.


Fast forward quite a few years to my sophomore year of high school. During that period I was going through a really awkward depression. School was boring and difficult; I hated being at home due to frustrations with my parents which stemmed from my difficulty in school, and what social life I had seemed to be crumbling. Simply put, I was miserable. About halfway during the school year my grandmother passed away. She was the first family member whose death I was alive to experience. It was a really shocking event. 

After her death, I came to a grim realization; almost every family gathering I would sit down, eat my dinner, then run back upstairs to my comfort zone and continue to play video games. This lead to almost no interaction with my family. When my grandmother passed away I realized that I hadn't spent near the amount of time with her that I wanted to. I didn't really know her that well and now she was gone. It was a heartbreaking realization. At that time I decided that I would make an effort to not let my massive interest in my video games get in the way of my family and friends. 

Shortly thereafter I switched to a different high school and I began to flourish. It was a new environment, new teaching style, and the most important thing, new friends. School of the Woods could not have happened to me at a better time. My stress levels dropped through the floor and I began to actually form into an interesting, social, less anxious person. Simply put those last two years were absolutely fantastic. 

Then came college, a new place, a new city, and the chance for new friends. I had enrolled in a Digital Media Management degree, something right up my alley! I had to do well, right? There was nothing in my way. I made a lot of friends that year as well which helped me exponentially. 

My first semester of college went amazing. I couldn't believe that I made an A in Japanese, as well as two other classes landing me a 3.8 GPA. Probably the best I had done in an educational setting in years. It was great. Unfortunately it didn't last. The next semester things seemed to pile up incredibly quickly and my grades began to drop. Like a seesaw, as my grades dropped my stress rose. As my stress rose, my social life fell. Things were still intact though, so maybe there was hope. I came out of that year okay, ending with a below 3.0 GPA. Not terrible, not great.

My second year was a little bit different. I was in a new dorm and many of my friends were in other places. Because of the non-socialite I was this made keeping up a social lifestyle fairly difficult for me. Classes went in the same direction. As expected the work ramped up, the demands and work load grew and I began to get increasingly stressed. By the end of the school year I was so stressed that I was considering dropping out, going overseas, or some other option to just get me away from the stress of school.

However, this was the year that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out.  Back in the day I had a Dreamcast and played Marvel 2 for hours on end, though I never quite learned how the fighting system worked. Regardless, I loved it. The months leading up to Marvel were the most hype I've been for a game in years. I watched every video, read every article, lurked SRK, never heard of Gouki, and pre-ordered the game on the Capcom Store so I could have it release day. Course, I ended up being one of the several people who didn't get their game for almost two weeks, but that's neither here nor there. 

Now, mind you, Marvel came out in the middle of the school year. As soon as I popped Marvel 3 into my PS3, I was hooked. So free-form, so much going on, and so much to leaIt was amazing and I wanted as much of it as I could get. After a while it got difficult to be able to play as school started to ramp up and only a few months after the games release, it wasn't booted up half as much as I would have liked it to have been. The year ended and I ended up getting a house with some of my friends here in Austin for the summer. I ended up playing a whole lot of Marvel over the summer. Watched tutorials, fell in love with Desk and Trag, and truly began my dive into the world of fighting games. I couldn't have been happier. 

During this time I was taking two summer courses; Accounting 1 and Microeconomics, both very difficult and I had previously failed Accounting 1. These two classes took up a good deal of my time between the classes themselves, (3 hour classes five days a week on alternating days) tutoring, and studying . In between these times I always found a way to slip in some Marvel play. I was hooked and wasn't going to stop playing. Not to mention I had to get good enough to beat my little brother, though to this day he's still better than me. 

Eventually these classes too began to get more stressful than I could handle. In Accounting, I knew all the material. I could spit it out with my mouth closed but when it came time to take a test, I wound up with low sixties average with my lowest grade being a forty something. Economics just began to confuse me which hiked my stress levels to epic proportions. What was going to do if I failed both classes? Eventually I stopped going to Economics once I saw that my grade was in the twenties four weeks into the seven week course. The icing on the cake was that I failed Accounting by about two points. Thank goodness my professor was a godsend and let me redo some work to pass. A little bit of stress had been alleviated. 

After this whole situation my parents and I became increasingly concerned with the rest of my college career. If I couldn't pass two classes, how would I take another full semester? Eventually we decided that taking some time off to get a job work on dealing with my stress and learning disabilities would be the best course option.

So when this school semester began I was the odd man out. I wasn't taking classes and I hadn't yet found a job. Still haven't actually...But with all of the free time in between not having a job and not having class, I had more than enough time to play Marvel. My days began to consist of looking for a job, playing Marvel, and in a big success for me, finally going to the gym regularly for the first time in years. Right around September I joined Shoryuken to ask some questions and get some help with my Marvel game. The community was amazing. Everyone was so helpful, so ready to play games and tell you exactly what you did wrong, it was fantastic. 

Marvel quickly became one of the first things in years that I have committed to doing and not dropped shortly after. I became so interested in Marvel. I wanted to know everything and I wanted to get better. I began going to the local arcade at least once a week and even though I got destroyed every time, it was a blast. 

And then one of the best things in a long time happened to me. A few users on Shoryuken informed me that they were having a gathering to play some casuals very close to my house. I hadn't previously had a chance to play many live people other than at the arcade so I jumped at this chance. This was amazingly outside of my comfort zone however. To someone like me who has trouble even speaking around people I don't know, this was frightening for me. But this was Marvel, and within a few short months, it had become to almost define me so I took the leap and went to play with this group. 

It ended up being one of the most fun things I've done in years and I go play with this group at the very least, once a week. More recently, I have entered the Ranbats hosted by Arcade UFO here in town, something that I never thought I would do in a million years. Me, the most socially awkward person I know going to an arcade packed with people knowing full well that I would probably look like a fool playing and getting perfected. I'm still quite the scrub. But I went, and I had the time of my life. Being on stream was amazing; talking to people about Marvel was amazing, and just generally being around these people made me excited. 

More recently I have become interested in modding and then building my own fightstick. Mere months ago I wouldn't have dreamed of trying any sort of craft project. Instead, I decided that this was something I absolutely must do. I was so excited. Unfortunately I knew nothing of how to do any of the steps required to build one. After driving past a neighboring house I noticed that one of my neighbor's had a massive woodshop in my garage. As uncomfortable as it may have been I sucked it up and asked the man if he could teach me how to woodcut so that I could make a case for an arcade stick. He ended up being a master craftsman of over forty years. I've even made arrangements to go play Marvel with people from Shoryuken when I go back to Houston for Thanksgiving. 

These may seem like small, unimportant things to most people, but to me, all of these tiny little things; going to casuals, going to the Ranbats, taking up a project, asking a stranger for help, and going to the gym are all amazingly big steps for me. These events are not only slowly helping me come out of my antisocial shell that has plagued me for years, but is upping my faith in myself and my abilities to do things that I set my mind to. This is the first time that I've done something like this and written down all of my frustrating history, and while it was inspirited by this competition, it ended up being an amazingly refreshing task to lay this all out on the table.

These small victories are ALL due to my love of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even my trips to the gym as I watch Marvel videos while I work out so I can learn while I work! 

Lately, my stress level has been dropping significantly, I have a little more confidence, goals to work toward, and have become much more social. 

These reasons and hopefully many more to come in the next several years are how I truly feel that Marvel has saved my life. 

So to Capcom, Shoryuken, and really the entire Marvel community, thank you for the help. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with and from you all. Thanks for everything! 

TL;DR: Marvel is a godsend and forty dollars is way to cheap to be able to kick ass as Iron Fist. 


Also I don't know what a "Jimmy" is. Maybe a noob? 


Another battle for the title. Will FnJimmy finally pull his head from his ass? Has GoukiJones finally mastered a Hulk/Zero defense? Will FnJimmy use a level 3 X-facter Ryu? The latest episode of GoukiJones Vs FnJimmy MvC3 Championship series.

I'm gonna make it a point to blog everyday about what happened to me and how it invlovled, or didn't involve video games that day. Sometimes it'll make sense, but most of the time it won't. Don't be a Jimmy.

I started the day off with my usual two cups of coffee, dropped a Tashards in the toilet and had a jerk. Not in that order. Watched some Kathy Lee and Hoda -Seth Rogen was guest hosting for Kathy Lee, sad face- while I sorted my dirty clothes. I hate laundry. The entire time I'm doing this all I'm thinking about his Halo Wars builds. That's right even during the Jerk, I multitask Jimmy.

When I finally got out of the house I had to stop by the UPS store AND the USPS. WTF? When I pulled into the UPS parking lot this chick right in front of parks sideways in two spaces. Larry David style. Now I realize that if pull in just a little sideways myself I would fit perfectly and she wouldn't even be able to open her door. So I did and we sat there for a moment. Now I wasn't driving my car and this was a chick, so the gentleman in me finally backed up and she just got out. She didn't straighten out her car ... what a bitch. So I squeeze back in at this point, good luck getting out hooka! I got my big ass box out of the trunk and took it inside. She was in there and apologized as she walked past out the front door. When I finished and came out the front door she was waiting for me to move my car. That's right!

I hit the post office and got a bunch of boxes to send stuff out. Like to Phresh Ghost who won one of our auctions. The package is on the way. 

Now it's time. Halo Wars, yea boi! I had a pretty good run, lost 1 outta the 5 I had before MNF started. How about them Cowboys, fuckin' Cowboys. In Halo Wars I was Cutter guy for the longest time and recently I've been using Forge. Forge has a slow start but 10 mins in with 2 bases and he is off to the races with the supplies. General rank and almost 3 years later and I still don't know what I'm doing in Halo Wars, but it is one of my favorite games of all time.

After the Redskins debacle FnJimmy and I filmed 4 matches for our WWE AI Prediction matches series for Hell in a Cell this weekend. That was quick and easy. Then ... finally ... FnJimmy got what he deserved. A Marvel VS Capcom 3 railing like he hasn't seen in months. Now he barely squeezes out a chip block victory during the first match, I was using Phoenix. I use Phoenix 2 more times and won both those matches. To keep in interesting and also to see if FnJimmy was paying attention, I switched my team to Tron, Morrigan & Dormammu. Morrigan with the Y assist PLUS Tron and Dormammu = FnJimmy railed best of 7. FnJimmy 1 GoukiJones 4. Don't be a Jimmy!

Its bed time soon. Can you believe Seth Rogen is now on Letterman. I'm starting and ending my day with the Green Hornet. Nnnnnnnnnuab!

Thanks for reading. Vote, Comment, Share! Write a blog yourself. How do you deal with your video game habits? Me? I just play Halo Wars until I can see the screen with my eyes closed and while I sleep. Out!

Guest starring one of the cheesiest half Asian Jimmys ever, Choke! Choke's eyes are only barely squinty eyes, but has been PWNn us at fighting games all my life. MvC3 is the closest our skills have ever been IMHO. Don't be a Jimmy!

Winners finals Choke VS FnJimmy

FnJimmy with another stellar performance, once thought as our great Puerto Rican hope for EVO 2012, FnJimmy has completely fallen off his game. Spoiler Alert!

Losers finals GoukiJones VS FnJimmy

FnJimmy was awarded the bye into the winner finals. GoukiJones[Meself] was well confident that giving FnJimmy the bye was irrelevant.

Grand finals Choke VS GoukiJones

Let the official cheesefest begin. The second round where I throw the super the wrong way 3 times is unbearable for me to watch. Spoiler Alert!

Read full story...

FnJimmy crumbles in the face of the BWO. GoukiJones Blue World Order, Hsien-ko, Tron & Dormammu run wild on FnJimmy's nubfarm squad of nuab Jimmys!

GoukiJones VS FnJimmy from 9-12-11, this best 2 outta cheese is for the World Championship. FnJimmy is the current title holder and you can watch the last match here. GoukiJones VS FnJimmy MvC3 World Championship 8302011

MvC3 World Championship GoukiJones VS FnJimmy 9-12-11

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UMvC3 TGS Trailer, Iron Fist & Vergil & PS Vita News

By: goukijones Sep 14, 2011 | 6 Comments | Updated: Sep 14, 2011

Tons of news out today about Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. New trailer(worthless) - New characters revealed(irrelevant) - PS Vita announcement(2012)

The new trailer goes on for a about a minute and a half before anything worth actually watching happens. You get to see Iron Fist and Vergil gameplay, but you might as well just watch the specific character trailers. At the end of the TGS UMvC3 trailer there a clip of the game "running" on the PS Vita. The PS Vita is coming out sometime in 2012, long after UMvC3 will have been released. 

TGS Trailer

Iron Fist - He looks cool and his supers look like fun. I've already heard comparisons to Fei Long, well guess what. They both use karate stuff. Fisty looks cool -btw "fisty" official nick name, y'know like "The Mayor."- I will try to use this guy.

Vergil - This baffles me, he looks and fights just like Dante. No, no, I understand that he actually does have a different move set or he's not the same as Dante and has a different background and shit. Fuck you. Look at this video and tell me that Capcom couldn't have put another MegaMan character in the game. And I don't even care for the MegaMan stuff, but this instead of MegaMan is Reh-tard!

Read full story...

Another battle to the "Depths!!" Best 2 outta cheese right Jimmy?

I thought it was bad before. Some how I am always distracted and FnJimmy takes advantage of me. This video below is nothing I am proud of. Don't be a Jimmy!

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Game Warz SSF 4 AE & Marvel VS Cap 3 ALLDAY event!!!!! Miami, FL

By: GameWarz Aug 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

Game Warz is celebrating our last day before we move into the new venue!!!!!! We are hosting an allday event in S.S.F. 4 A.E. and Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Game Warz is located at Southland Mall 20505 S Dixie Hwy, Cutler Ridge, FL 33189.Our main events being S.s.F. 4 ae 1v1 and Marvel vs Capcom 1v1's at 7:00 pm Aug 31, 2011. We will open up starting at 3:00 pm with S.S.F. 4 A.E. 1v1 RANDOMS!!! Marvel Vs Capcom 3 RANDOMS will start around 5:00 pm! Our event will end with a S.S.F. 4 A.E. 2v2 battle starting at 9:00pm!! Game Warz plans on ending the allday evenet around 12:00 am! We also will be trying to host a 3rd Strike 1v1 and other multiple tournies as well if time allows!! See you all there!

Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2:45pm Aug. 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot, Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT- 7:00pm 1v1 are just $5.00 to enter, Best out of 3, Double round elimination, awarding total pot to winner only!
Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2v2's 9:00pm Aug. 31st, $15.00 per TEAM to enter, 2v2 double round elimination, character change between matches allowed!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 5:00 pm Aug 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot. Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT - 7:00pm $5.00 to enter. Best out of 3, double round elimination!

3rd Strike - We will try our best to squeeze this $4.00 RANDOM tourney in before our main events if possible. If not the after our S.S.F 4 A.E. 2v2's! Double elimination only.

Game Warz will be taking $8.00 out of total pot (T.O. fee) for any RANDOM tournies that we host leaving the rest to winner, We will be taking $5.00 for every 3 contestants from our s.s.f.4 a.e. and marvel vs capcom 3 main event tournies(T.O. fee) and will be taking $5.00 per team for the s.s.f. 4 a.e. 2v2's!

For any questions call Mike
(305) 801-9296

Game Warz
Southland Mall 20505 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Ridge FL 33189

Will we finally crown a new champion or will FnJimmy's cheese shine through and he'll retain his title of Super Cheese Nub!

Not much to say here Jimmys. We tried to talk more this time for you. It's hard to PWN the shit out of FnJimmy and commentate and the ass whoppin' at the same time. Don't be an ArthVader.


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WTF @FnJimmy needs to learn about #MvC3

By: goukijones Aug 6, 2011 | 12 Comments

EVO changed my life. FnJimmy, not so much. He pretty much missed the entire event. I've been trying to explain to him, what I want to see from his team, Zero, Hulk, and Ryu. I put together this guide in hope, that FnJimmy will learn something.

Consider this the start of FnJimmy's EVO 2012 training. Don't get me wrong this is more for me, so that I can have a better challenge from the man. During EVO something happened to me, I've always loved fighting games. Hello, The frickin' site is named after a Street Fighter. Maybe it's just my age, but I've felt like I can see through the game and understand what is happening. A lot better than I did 10 years ago. I switched to Phoenix recently, but if I played a serious match against you I wouldn't use her. She's so fast and really hard to get under control, especially Dark X-Factor Phoenix. Viscant was amazing at EVO and just after using Phoenix for a few days now, I realize Viscant has some amazing talent. I'd love to see how many total hours Viscant has played with Phoenix.

Sorry, this isn't about me, it's about FnJimmy. FnJimmy's MvC3 team is Zero, Hulk and Ryu. Everybody knows about Hulk's heavy punch, it goes through almost anything and the Hulk has armor, it's a real pain in the ass if you're not expecting it.

Here is a ridiculous video from YouTube user Fr6nk3nst31n.

MVC3: Mind that hitbox!

This video doesn't even show that the Hulk can still hit you with the H punch even if you hit him. This seems to happen in the air and on the ground. I have the easiest time getting through FnJimmy's Hulk with Hsien-Ko, her jumping H seems to go through the Hulk(When he's in the air only.) Also the standing H, FnJimmy doesn't seem to be able to block.

FnJimmy doesn't use some of the other moves in the Hulk repertoire, like the Gamma Wave and Gamma Tsunami. Check this out from YouTube user trag13.

MvC3: Hulk - Combo 01 - No Meter Bread & Butter!

MvC3: Hulk - Combo 02 - Hulk Crush!

Look at the fucking damage here.

MvC3: Hulk - Combo 05 - Full Metal Gamma Double!

BTW FnJimmy if you haven't seen Noah Raip, this is your competition.

Lets talk about Zero, I know Zero can destroy. Arthvader whipped the floor with me, in my one and only online match. I was so embarrassed. FnJimmy's problem here is that he has the Hulk H punch syndrome going. Everytime FnJimmy gets a clever throw on you, it's not clever first of all. He was just holding forward and smashing H.

So this Jimmy in this video below mentions MLG. I don't fully understand the difference between MLG and EVO type circuit, but isn't the FGC all the same. If MLG is offering huge prize money and competition on MvC3, then I think the pros will show up. I'm ready to go off here, because I don't care if it's EVO or MLG, but more of these events should be televised. EVO 2011 had incredible rating online and was on the air for 3 days straight almost 24 hours a day and people didn't log off until Monday morning. WTF?! That sounds like an advertisers dream. If had cash pouring out of my ass, I would first get my ass fixed and then buy a channel just to make sure EVO was live on TV. WTF G4? No show at all this year. I know it was ridiculous to have the Sessler there on commentary last year, but you still could have shown up and supported the event. What were we talking about? Zero? Fuckin' Jimmy!

MVC3 - Using Zero Like A Hero (Zero Guide)

Moves that FnJimmy never does: Lighting, Dragon Punch, Buster Shot, Command Dash, Overhead, Level 3 Super, WTF? Don't go and bitch on SRK.

So I've been telling FnJimmy you have got to use that Level 3 super, it causes ridiculous damage and it could be chained with other supers and it can be X-Factored also. Oh that's too much for you to take in? How about this, it's just a simple a loop. Marvel has it's strategies, but the longer and more consistent combos you have memorized well help you PWN.

MvC3: Zero - Combo 04 - The D-Loop!

MvC3: Zero - Combo 01 - Nuts and Bolts!

As far as Ryu goes, FnJimmy you've been using Ryu since forever. Simple combos with him should be obvious and easy. Now WTF? This is my new best friend again trag13 keeping it real with his Ryu's videos.

MvC3: Ryu - Final Showdown! (100%* - No Assist, No X-Factor)

More raip, you can chain the Hurricane kick and super so easy with Ryu. Well not FnJimmy exactly.
MvC3: Ryu - Combo 02 - Simple Bread & Butter Variation

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Ryu Combo Video

Read full story...

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