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The Top 6 Most Powerful Characters In Street Fighter Canon

By: starlordtitus Jan 29, 2013 | 7 Comments

The most powerful Street Fighter characters made appearances throughout many games. Coming down to the Top 6 was down right close. But behold, the most prestige fighters in all of Street Fighter.

6. Ryu

12 sfxtekken20.jpg

Ryu is perhaps the most famous character in the Street Fighter series. His humble beginnings to his uprising in ability to topple the giant champions of the world made him the fighter we all wished to be. The hero of Street Fighter and overall legend, he is known for usually snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


Read full story... got a hands on demonstration of the new Limited Edition Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick at the $21,000 Tournament in Las Vegas. Based off the vintage arcade style, this fight stick is priced to sell and comes with 3 Mortal Kombat Games. was at the $21,000 Mortal Kombat tournament this weekend in Las Vegas and we got some hands on time with the new Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick. Developed by PDP and designed to take you back to the golden age of arcades, this fight stick looks like it was ripped right out of an arcade cabinet from the 90's. Original tweet.

Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick

This Fight Stick has a memory foam underside, how cool is that? It feels great, the buttons click away just like your Mad Catz FightSticks, but what I really like about this stick is the actual joystick. Old school arcade favorite for me. This is an exclusive fight stick and is limited to only 6000 units. You also get Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 DLC codes. Only 6000 made, $130, a fight stick and 3 Mortal Kombat games. If you're planning on being a tournament player or you just don't have a fight stick yet, this is Deals Jimmy! Pre-order now.

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

Sign up for the Elder Scrolls online beta. Make sure you register as Team Gouki for your guild. Don't be a Jimmy!

From Bethesda:

We’re pleased to announce that beta sign-ups for The Elder Scrolls Online are now open at!  The full announcement on the opening of beta sign-ups can be found in the attached press release.

We have also released ‘The Alliances Cinematic Trailer’ in celebration of this news. Tamriel is at war. Three alliances – the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact – square off for control of The Imperial City.

The Elder Scrolls Online is being developed for PC and Mac and is slated for release in 2013. For more information on The Elder Scrolls Online visit

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Ever had trouble doing a standing 720 ultra move? Do you even know what it is? Well Desk has a very good tutorial showing off how its done. Check it out!

Here is the description:

This is a new technique and entirely different from the method used by Vangief and other Zangief players. The existing method requires the player to hide or 'buffer' half of the motion in a normal or jump. This does not.

Its practicality is exactly parallel to how hardcore a player you are. So, if you're not hardcore, then it won't be practical.

Although technically, you only need 4 inputs after initiating your jump animation(up, right, down and left). You will most likely be going past diagonals. This will mean you have 7 frames to hit 7 inputs.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Source: Desk's Youtube Channel



Battle Arena Melbourne 2010 combo video by CMV

By: Cinderkin Oct 3, 2010 | 5 Comments

CMV made this combo video for Battle Arena Melbourne 2010, in conjunction with, which features many of the various Street Fighter games.


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All gamers know that controllers break down and stop working after hours upon hours of usage, but what if I told you that there was a controller out there that could handle all of that AND it was one of a kind, made just for you? Well, there is....


Gamers across all platforms have come across an ongoing problem within our hobby: CONTROLLERS BREAKING. If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a few dozen controllers throughout your gaming career and are SICK OF IT. That’s a lot of money that could’ve been put towards new games and even my Xbox Live subscription! However, I’ve gotten my hands on my very own Xbox Design Lab controller that I think is the solution to our problems. I know most of you are thinking that The Lab is purely for cosmetic customization, which is what it’s supposed to be, BUT I’ve found out that they can be much more than that.

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Borderlands 2 Pro-Tip: How to glitch and beat Pete the Invincible

By: Arthvader Jan 20, 2013 | 4 Comments | Updated: Jan 21, 2013

Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I take on Pete the Invincible using a glitch to our advantage.

On Wednesday, January 16, Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I went and took on the raid boss of Mr. Tourge's Campaign of Carnage, Pete the Invincible. During the course of this particular fight, though, we ended up getting Pete into a spot where he essentially got stuck, allowing us to defeat him without much issue.

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Shaun White Skateboarding Review!!!

By: Cinderkin Oct 25, 2010 | 9 Comments

Kickflip, Heelflip, Heelflip, Heelflip, and more Heelflips!

Shaun White, he snowboards and skateboards. He’s a pro in both and very fun to watch. How about his games? Well they both SUCK!



Shaun White Skateboarding is a new take on skateboarding games. Tony Hawk made skateboarding games fun and arcade like. EA’s Skate series brought realism to the players with its “Flick It” control scheme. Shaun White Skateboarding brings transforming and shaping into the world of skateboarding games. Taking plain streets and transforming them into skate parks and making interesting skate lines by shaping the world around you. Sound like fun? Well it’s not! Shaun White Skateboarding suffers from poor controls; bad music playlist, silly characters, and repetitive voice acting that will make you want to shut off the game. Find out why in the review below. 


The story of Shaun White Skateboarding has an interesting premise. The city has been taken over by the Ministry, an organization that controls the city and the people living there. The entire city is the color gray, which is the Ministry’s favorite color. All of the citizens are like mindless zombies all dressed the same, walk the same, and live life the same. Shaun White however is the Ministry’s top priority as he’s been transforming the city back to the way it was. By bringing color back to the city and freeing citizens from the Ministry. As the game starts Shaun White is captured by the ministry and it’s up to you to take over and free the city with White’s magical skateboard (I’m serious, that is what happens). You then get to create your skater, choosing gender, skin tones, hair, and clothes. The character creation is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of depth to it, which you may have grown accustom to over the years. Once you’ve created a character you are greeted by a man name Jonas or Jon or Jake or something with a J (He’s so annoying that I tend to tune him out), who teaches you how to play the game. Eventually you start changing the city, by bringing color to it and saving the citizens. How you do this is by building up you Flow Meter. To fill up your meter, you’re required to perform flip tricks, grabs, and grinds. The higher you meter the more things you can change, and the more citizens you can save.

The problem with this is that you’re constantly doing tricks. You spend less time looking for interesting line, and more time trying to bring color to the city. The shaping mechanic is pretty interesting, but most times it just takes you out of the game. It’s so unrealistic that it just comes off as silly, instead of fun. I spent about 5 hours playing through the story, meeting new characters that help you along the way, meeting Shaun White and skating with him, and building up my flow and earning experience to unlock more tricks.  After all of that I found myself hating the game more and more.  


This is where Shaun White Skateboarding fails to deliver. The control scheme is a hybrid of the Tony Hawk games and the EA Skate games. What you get because of that is just total confusion and frustration. You can either Ollie with the A/X button or use the right stick. You perform kickflips by pressing A/X and flicking the left stick to the left or by flicking the right left then right. It doesn’t work well either way you do it. I’ve been playing the Tony Hawk series since Pro Skater 1 and I’ve been playing the EA Skate series since the first game. I am really good at both games, but when I played Shaun White Skateboarding I felt like I was just doing heelflips over and over again. I felt like I had no real control over what I was doing and was just flicking the right stick in all different directions to build up Flow. I found this to be extremely boring and there wasn’t any challenge to the game at all.

The game itself feels really slow at some points in the game, while that makes it feel more realistic in the sense you’re not flying all over the place. The only problem is the game has you grinding rails that don’t exist, and tricking off ramps that appear out of nowhere. The game can’t seem to figure out which way they want to approach the situation, whether they want realistic or an arcade style game.  


The voice work in the game is done well, but it’s extremely cheesy! Some of the worst lines I’ve ever heard in a video game. The citizens are truly the most annoying part of this game. They constantly repeat what they say, and at times even repeat what someone else said 10 seconds prior. Hearing things like “You’ve got a good eye, I wonder what the other looks like” and “Fight the power!” will make you want to mute the game. The music in the game is your typical rock, punk, and metal. Not a bad selection of songs, but the major problem is that there is no way to create a playlist of the songs. Meaning that if there are songs you don’t like in the game you’re out of luck and either have to listen to them or play your own music using the PS3 and 360. If I hear “I never wanna lose, I never wanna lose your love” one more time I’m going to scream!


The game looks like an early release game of this current generation. Nothing too bad, but nothing great either. The gray ministry controlled city looks depressing. I’ve never seen so many sad looking people walking around. Once you build flow and transform the city though is when you’ll see vibrant colors and crazy graffiti filling the streets. The city looks really cool when it’s full of color. The tricks in the game look like the real life counter parts. Every trick is done well and it looks like the developers really worked hard to make each trick look authentic.  



I honestly can’t say much about the online modes as I never got around to actually playing it. The game left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn’t even bother with it. Sorry


Overall Shaun White Skateboarding took a huge risk with its transforming and shaping concept, and its control scheme. The risk didn’t pay off here and what we are left with is a poorly made skateboarding video game, which is unfortunate because the Tony Hawk series hasn’t been fun in years, and EA’s Skate series won’t get better without solid competition. So if you’re looking for fun skateboarding games look elsewhere because Shaun White Skateboarding fails on to many levels.




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Here's something completely unexpected from E3 2019.

This game was certainly a surprise.  Long have I waited and many have I tried, but none have compared to the classic Final Fantasy Tactics.  I’ve played so many tactics games looking for the same feel as the original FFT, but I never found it.  Final Fantasy Tactics on the Gameboy Advance are also good games, but not the exact same.  Then during E3 The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics was shown.

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M.bison leaked for MVC3?

By: blazemanx Jan 27, 2011 | 23 Comments

yet another pic showing a potential character for MVC3

I found this pic online and you can see his health bar on the right.

At this point I dont know what to think but it looks legit to me..........what do you guys think?

I REALLY hope this is real becuz M.bison OWNS.................PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like you'll be able to use Catwoman at least part of the time in this game. Co-op anyone? -UPDATED- official source for trailer.

Note: This video isn't up on the official youtube page yet, so here's some jimmy ass rip of the gamespot version. Enjoy it while it's up. I'll post the official if Rocksteady/Warner ever get around to updating their youtube page.

Get hyped!



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Xbox One Buyer's Guide How & Where to Pre-order

By: goukijones Jun 27, 2013 | 1 Comments

There's still plenty of time to lock down an Xbox One. Pre-order today. Check out these options. If you have another suggestion, please leave a comment.


Xbox One Console - Day One Edition

Amazon still has these available for pre-order. Remember you cancel all the way up until it ships.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

A lot of people are going to want a second controller. They may be harder to find closer to release.


Dead Rising 3 Bundle.

The only exclusive Xbox One game that I want to play.

Best Buy

Microsoft - Xbox One: Day One Edition

Best Buy says this is Day 1, but I don't have any details on when/how it ships.


You can read a full-on nubfarm FAQ about the Xbox one.

Or you can just pre-order the "Day One Edition." Release day shipping unconfirmed. 

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