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The Top 6 Most Powerful Characters In Street Fighter Canon

By: starlordtitus Jan 29, 2013 | 7 Comments

The most powerful Street Fighter characters made appearances throughout many games. Coming down to the Top 6 was down right close. But behold, the most prestige fighters in all of Street Fighter.

6. Ryu

12 sfxtekken20.jpg

Ryu is perhaps the most famous character in the Street Fighter series. His humble beginnings to his uprising in ability to topple the giant champions of the world made him the fighter we all wished to be. The hero of Street Fighter and overall legend, he is known for usually snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


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My Halo Story

By: akskiller Aug 7, 2010 | 12 Comments

The story is about how I was introduce into the science fiction first person shooter video game franchise, halo.

My story on halo started when I was in the 5th I was sitting in the school cafeteria talking with my friend on some of our favorite video games. One of my friends then mentioned their favorite game and it was non other than Halo Combat evolved for the Xbox. I didn't have a Xbox back then so I just listened to my friends talk about how awesome it was for its time and that it was revolutionary. First they talked about the main protagonist , Master Chief and how different he was from any other video game character. They talked about the alien creatures known as the covenant and the awesome weapons. They talked about the ending on an epic race to the finish in a warthog trying to escape before the pillar of autumn blew up. I was so excited to ear all the great stuff about the game. But unfortunately I couldn't get a Xbox back then. I was really disappointed. So time went on without Halo in my life. The time finally came when my parents decided to buy a computer. I was really excited to have a PC. I kind of forgot about halo at that time. I spent most of my time on the cartoon network Website and playing their flash games. Then one day I went to Walmart and was looking at the video game section and I stumbled upon the PC games. I was looking at the games and to my surprise I saw Halo Combat Evolved on the shelf. I immediately grabbed it and read everything on the cover. I was excited to read they were bonus weapons and maps fro the PC version that were not in the Xbox one. So I got my mom to buy me the game for my birthday and couldn't wait to play it. I went home and put the DVD in the tray. They installation took a while since I didn't have that of a powerful PC. While the game was installing I was reading the game manual just looking at the pictures and reading about the weapons. I was really excited to see the colors of the game on my monitor. So once the game finished installing I went straight tot the campaign. It starts of with a cutscene and my heart is pounding because I was really excited to play this for the first time after hearing it from my friends. The game starts with master chief in a pod being awoken from a fellow soldier. The first this I noticed was that I did not see any colors I saw on the game cover. I was kind of surprised and didn't know what was happening. But that didn't stop me from playing the game. I played through the campaign and loved ever moment of it, Everything my friends told me were right, it was a amazing game. Once I finished the campaign I went to the multiplayer and had no idea what to suspect because my friend did not talk about multiplayer for the Xbox one because it had no online multiplayer. So I went to the multiplayer menu and saw a Red and Blue Spartan and hoping I would see those colors in  game. I browsed the game browser looking at a bunch of dedicated servers hosted by gamespy. I joined my first multiplayer game with the name akskiller. I don't know how that name came to be by the way. Anyway I was playing online and noticed that everyone was the color grey, no red or blue. I was kind of mad thinking its the game. I then asked the people in the game with me and they told me it was my PC and that I needed a video card. I was not good with computer terms back then .I then continued to play online with the graphics I had. I had a blast. It was so fun using the exclusive flamethrower and Fuel Rod Gun on the PC version. I made some friends online and we made a small clan that didn't really last long. We used to love to play in the exclusive Halo PC maps Danger Canyon and not just team death match and CTF but we would do some halo stunts by launching warthogs with tank shots. It was really a fun time. The time came when I finally got some sort of video card and finally could see some color and my frames per second rose. The game looked and played better. My favorite weapon without a doubt is the pistol it was a beast. I am happy they are brining it back in halo reach. After playing a bunch of halo combat evolved on PC, I surfed the web and saw that there is another version of halo called Halo Custom Edition. That version was released by gearbox to allow user created maps to be made by the community. I then become very interested in that. I joined the gearbox forums under my username akskiller. I acted like a total noob when I first joined but matured through the years. Time came when a guy named Musty wanted to revive a Clan called KOD-Kings of Destruction. He asked who wanted to join the clan and I responded that I would help him revive it. From that point I was know as [KOD]KiLLeR. That is where my Xbox gamertag KODKiLLerv2 came from. Anyway, KOD was revived with some of the awesome people I have ever met and played with. We had our own dedicated server playing on classic halo custom edition map NMC(New Mombasa Classic), Wartorn Cove, Cliffhanger, Fissure Falls etc. We had wonderful members, to name a few, Rams, Steve, Iceman, Beavis and Legend. Life in Halo CE was good. Then we as a community had a Halo CE League, which was a tournament of some of the top clans who played halo. Obviously we entered the league and played some of the greatest clans out there. Some of the clans included HIV, FBI, CAF,and r0x. I don't remember how it all went about on who we all played but one of the best matched was with team r0x. Those were some of the best and fun games I have ever played. We ended up on top for that game and went to the finals to play CAF if my memory serves me right. Those games and some controversy but were fixed in the end and we, Team KOD came to the top , we have won the first ever Halo CE league. It were some of the most competitive games I ever played and I enjoyed every minute of it. You can download the video of KOD vs r0x  here .Scroll down and select KOD vs r0x, you will not be disappointed. The film was edited and filmed by an awesome member called [email protected] We had a couple of other Leagues after the first one but wasn't as successful. I had xfire running most of the time when I was playing Halo and it clocks your total time played. I have clocked about 1636 hours of halo. Look up my xfire profile for proof, its kodkiller. My halo CE career was ending when most of the people I played with went on to do other things. The gearbox forums were slowly dying and it was time for a new home for a new game that was being announced for PC as well.

While I played Halo CE on PC, I also played Halo 2 at my cousins house. He got an Xbox before me so I went to his house to play that until I got it my self I think 2 years later. i still played Halo CE until I got my Xbox and played Halo 2 online mostly but that ended rather quickly because I still liked Halo CE more. I missed my Halo pistol, it was really the most beast weapon ever. The new home for Halo CE and an upcoming Halo 2 Vista was Modacity. Modacity was founded when Halo CE was being forgotten on gearbox. It was also founded for Halo 2 vista. Everyone who played  Halo CE was kind of getting excited to play Halo 2 PC and enjoy making custom maps for that game because it was coming with a map editor. With man delays to the game and Vista had to be mandatory to play most people were expecting the worst. I wasn't. I was getting pupped up because I got vista just for the game. So then when the game was released on May 8th of 2007. I was one of the first people to get the game. I first went to multiplayer because I have played the campaign with my cousin on the Xbox version. At first it was fun and dandy. It felt like a good game. But man it went down hill from there. The game turned out to be a total flop. The team that ported the game, Hired Gun, was released by Microsoft and the game had many issued. Some of the issues were jerky mouse movements and most of the time the server browser did not work. Also Halo 2 vista had Games for windows LIVE with fully working achievement. Most PC gamers hated it because at the time had to pay just like Xbox LIVE. So most of the people who played Halo CE did not play Halo 2 Vista. Microsoft later realized that making  PC users pay for online pay wasn't the right thing and made it free. Halo 2 Vista died the moment it was released. I stopped playing it when I got Gears of War for PC. I was mostly a PC gamer at the time. I went back to Halo CE occasionally when some old member held game nights and those were usually fun and nostalgic.

Then came Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. I immediately wanted it the moment it was announced. But I didn't have a Xbox 360 and wouldn't get one until 2008. I was invited into the Halo 3 beta. But I did not have a Xbox 360. I was mad and disappointed but excited as well because my cousin did get and Xbox 360 before me just like the original Xbox. I gave him the beta code and I would come over his place and play the beta. The beta was fun while it lasted and made me want Halo 3 even more. When Halo 3 was released I didn't get it because I lacked a 360. I went to my cousins house and played the campaign and we beat it on legendary. We played online and I was disappointed with the pistol in Halo 3 and Halo 2 for that matter. I wondered why Bungie made it a useless weapon.  never got hooked on the multiplayer in halo 2 and 3. Eventually though I did get a 360 and bought Halo 3 with it. I mostly played rumble pit and leveled up to 41. I did not buy all the map packs only up to the legendary map pack. I stopped playing Halo 3 when most of the game modes required all the DLC. I then spent most of my time on Custom gams with my friends and just screwed around. My halo 3 adventure would end when Gears of War 2 came out. I did play on the last day of Halo 2 on Xbox live, I spent most of my time on Gears 2 and even to this day until I played the Halo Reach Beta. The moment I got a Halo Reach Beta code I jumped right on to downloading. Once it finished I went to play and went straight to test if the halo CE pistol was back. And my god it was! I was so happy that this game was the long lost brother of halo CE. I know that Reach takes place before Halo 1 but I was really happy to find out the Halo 1 pistol was back. The pistol was not the only thing that excites me about halo reach. While playing the reach beta the load outs were also a great addition to a halo game. It makes halo feel revolutionary again like it was in the past. I had a blast with the Halo Reach beta. I maxed my rank in the beta and got most of the armor permutations. I was sad that the beta ended, I wanted more of reach! I went to the Bungie forums and read about what people are saying on reach and how it changes halo a bit. I like the new changes and makes halo feel halo like a new refreshed game. Then I read that you can get some flair in Halo Reach if you played Halo 2 on the last day it was on Xbox Live and if you played Halo Combat Evolved for the PC before May of this year. You get to use your Halo PC CD key to unlock something special is Halo Reach which I am really stoked about. Well that is it. Halo Reach falls next month and I am getting it if I do or don't win this contest because this is the halo game I have waited for since Halo 1. From spending hours on Halo Combat evolved to playing the Halo Reach beta, I am true to say that I am a true halo fan and cannot wait to get my hands on the new and final halo game by Bungie. Thanks for reading.

EDIT:  I finally decided to upload the Halo CE League video. So here it is:

It was too long for YouTube so I used Vimeo instead. Enjoy.

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Evil Ryu vs Gouken

By: starlordtitus Jun 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

The Satsui No Hado has taken full form. Ryu's life was spared in the battle with Akuma and as a result, has fully engulfed Ryu with it's dark influence. Now all thirsts for is blood and a fight to the death worthy of his new found power.

Reader's Note: The following story can be played with Evil Ryu's Theme video and Gouken vs Ryu Theme video when prompted to.

After the battle with Oni, Gouken has taken some peace in the immediate area and has decided to go into the closest town to observe fighters of today's generation. As we he walks through, he notices the town is mostly empty at first glance. He see's posters plastered everywhere of a wanted man. Upon closer inspection, Gouken is surprised to see Ryu on the posters! Taken over by the dark hado, Gouken decides to stop Ryu from ravaging the town and re-seal the Satsui No Hado. He hears some yelling and screaming in the distance as he approaches the middle of the town. Behind him, he hears a voice, "Master?? Hey! Wait up!" (Gouken) "Ken? What brings you to this town?". Ken catches his breath and explains. (Ken) "Master, it's Ryu! He's in trouble! He fought against Akuma and was struck with the Shun Goku Satsu[Raging Demon]! The finishing blow nearly killed Ryu but in that moment the Satsui No Hado was released and Ryu embraced it's power!" (Gouken) "Hmm...I see." Gouken took a few seconds for thought. Akuma had already given him too much trouble as it was for him to have turned Ryu into a killer, it must have been before his battle with the villian Gouken thought, for Ken seemed to possess no knowledge that Akuma had become Oni. For now however, Gouken needed to focus on bringing Ryu's humanity back. (Gouken) "Ken, listen closely, go to Ryu  and tell him a powerful warrior awaits him for a fight to the death." (Ken) "Master?". (Gouken) "He will not be able to GO!" (Ken) I'm on it!!" Ken takes off to find Ryu, a look of determination is left on Gouken's face. What if he had killed Akuma all those years ago, would he have thwarted all this chaos.....but now was not the time, Gouken took off for the forest.

[Activate Evil Ryu's Theme]



Ken finds Ryu with a civilian being choked and  risen off the ground. (Ken) "PUT HIM DOWN RYU!!" The dark warrior slowly looks upon Ken, a devious smile on his face. (Ken) "You a real fight?? There's a more powerful warrior than you waiting in the forest for a fight to the death!!" Evil Ryu looks upon Ken, he's caught his attention. He drops the man, discarding him like common trash. (Evil Ryu) "More powerful you say......heh heh heh ah ha ha ha! I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT! I will kill him as well as you!!!" Evil Ryu fires a dark Hadouken at Ken, but Ken dodges out of the way. Ken takes off through the town, Evil Ryu following closely behind. As Ken is running through the town, destruction is left behind in Evil Ryu's wake as he fires dark fireballs towards Ken. The chase brings them to the entrance edge of the forest. Ken quickly hides in the tress. (Evil Ryu) "WHERE ARE YOU!!?". Ken waits for his master in anticipation. Gouken prepares to step forward. A voice speaks to Evil Ryu, "You disappoint me Ryu." The dark warrior looks towards the shadowy trees, a tall fighter steps from the shadows. (Sagat) "I expected more integrity from you". To Gouken's and Ken's surprise, Sagat has surfaced and is apparently challenging Evil Ryu!!!

(Evil Ryu) "HA HA HA! THIS IS THE POWERFUL WARRIOR!? Tell me Sagat....does it still hurt? DOES THE SCAR I GAVE YOU STILL THRIVE WITH AGONY??". (Sagat) "My scar only reminds me of how far I've come as a warrior. I would think of all would be the one to understand a fighter's spirit is greater than any pain a punch can inflict. You've given in to the Satsui No Hado, your integrity is lost, your fists will have no honor......BUT I, RYU, WILL HELP YOU TO RECOVER THAT HONOR!" (Evil Ryu) "I CRAVE TO YOU SEE YOU TRY!!". Sagat runs forward to Evil Ryu and attacks with a Tiger Knee! Evil Ryu blocks it and counters with a Hurricane Kick! Sagat blocks the barrages of kicks then grabs the dark warrior to throw him but Evil Ryu counters by headbutting Sagat in the face! Sagat staggers but quickly regains composure! Evil Ryu dashes in and attacks with a right and left hook, Sagat blocks left to right then counters with a thrusting kick to Evil Ryu's chest! Evil Ryu blocks with both arms and the two warriors disband.

(Sagat) "Your fighting prowess has increased, Ryu. But you communicate with anger and hatred. Such lust for power will only be your ultimate downfall." (Evil Ryu) "I COULD NOT EXPECT A WEAKLING LIKE YOU TO UNDERSTAND OR BEGIN TO EVEN COMPREHEND THE POWER I NOW WEILD!.....BUT I WILL KILL YOU AND SHOW YOU FIRST HAND WHAT I CAN DO!" Evil Ryu begins to rush in. Sagat stays focused. He stands and closes his eye. Sagat thinks to himself "Ryu, were it not for you, I would have found myself an immature and selfish fighter, fueled by only the will to win. Now, I see the greatness of becoming a a true fighter, one not only with the goal to surpass his limitations, but with the goal to find an inner peace and joy through the art of communicating with one's fist. Ryu.....I WILL BRING YOU BACK FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!" Sagat opens his eye right as Evil Ryu descends upon him and Sagat then unleashes his Tiget Cannon! A powerfully focused energy blast!! He fires it point blank on Evil Ryu and a huge explosion erupts from the impact! Clouds of dust and debree cover the area, Sagat seperates himslef from the area and observes the cloud of smoke. Gouken and Ken watch from a distance. An serious look on both of their faces. Ken's eyes show concern for his friend Ryu. The clouds of smoke and debree begin to disappear and a shadowy figure is positioned at it's center. Immense energy begins to be drawn into it's center, dark energy accumilating into sphere begins to glow brightly. Evil Ryu has survived and is ready to counter with his Metsu Hadouken!!! (Sagat) "Damn, not even a scratch..." (Evil Ryu) "AH HA HA HA HA! YOU ARE NOTHING! NOW, HAAA DIEEEE!!!" The powerful energy sphere speeds over to Sagat , Sagat stands as if to face his fate, closes his eye.

[Activate Gouken vs Ryu Theme]


Out from the distance and blinding speed, Gouken appears before Sagat! (Gouken) "Not today!" Gouken uses the Power Of Nothingness to manipulate and transfer it's power to his own, a technique he discoverd in the fight with Oni. (Evil Ryu) "What?" (Gouken) "Ryu."...(Evil Ryu) "Old man....errrr.....ugh.....YOU WILL NOT STAND IN MY WAY!" (Gouken) Ryu, it is not too late to turn your back on this madness. I know you are still in there and I will help you see it." (Evil Ryu) "NO! This hadou......IT GRANTS ME POWER, INCREDIBLE POWER! AND I WILL KILL ANY AND ALL WHO STAND IN MY WAY!!!" Gouken's face displays intent determination to silence the dark hado from his former student. (Gouken) "Sagat, allow me to fight in your stead, I must teach my student one final lesson" Sagat looks at Gouken with a sudden stare of awe....(Sagat) ".....I understand". Gouken knods as Sagat joins Ken on the battlefield's side. (Evil Ryu) " I AM TIRED OF WAITING!" Evil Ryu fires a dark hadouken at Gouken, but Gouken uses his Dashing Palm to bypass and dodge the fireball, striking Evil Ryu in his stomach with great speed! (Evil Ryu) "Ugh! OLD MAN YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS FIGHT ALIVE!" Evil Ryu rushes in and begins barrage Gouken with punches and kicks. Gouken blocks and dodges the blows hit per hit. Evil Ryu fakes a right kick and 360's into a lunging right punch! Gouken blocks the blow but the fist spirals throught his arms barely touching his chest! The light touch feels like a bee sting to Gouken. Evil Ryu has developed a fighting style that incorporates a burining sensation upon each hit to maximize pain inflicted on his opponents! Gouken looks at Evil Ryu. A malicious grin on his face. (Evil Ryu) "WHAT'S THE MATTER OLD MAN!!?"  Evil Ryu lunges forward again with his left fist but Gouken catches his wrist and directs Evil Ryu's body to his Gouken's left elbow, landing a blow to Evil Ryu's side! (Evil Ryu) "RRRRGGHH I WILL KILL YOU!" Evil Ryu's red aura blazes and the Satsui No Hado begins pouring out of the hole in his chest! Gouken see's the source of it's power and sees the opening to end the fight!

Evil Ryu rushes towards Gouken at blinding speed and Gouken readies himself. Evil Ryu undleashes his Messatsu Goshoryu!!! But Gouken applies an EX Kongoshin, a counter to disable and attack Evil Ryu, stopping his attack full force! Evil Ryu is knocked away spinning in the air. Gouken, with inhuman speed, rushes in to the spinning Evil Ryu. While in Evil Ryu is spinning in mid air, Gouken quickly uses The Power Of Nothingness to seal in the Satsui No Hado, applying multiple key points to act as seals. The act displays almost a dance in magnificence. In the next moment, Evil Ryu crashes to the ground. The red aura disappears. Ken and Sagat walk over to Gouken. (Ken) "Is he...going to be okay?" (Gouken) "Attend to him, he will be fine" Ken rushes over to Ryu, his appearance now back to normal. A scar on his chest of the former gaping whole is visible. Gouken begins to take leave. (Sagat) "Gouken!". Gouken stops but doesn't turn around. (Sagat) "Thank You." Gouken then begins to move forward disappears into distance, a setting sun obscuring his figure. Sagat turns to Ken. (Sagat) "Ken, I will take my leave, but Ryu wakes up, tell him I wish to challenge him when he's at full stregnth." Ken pauses, and then smiles. (Ken) "You got it!" Sagat then leaves. Ryu's eyes begin to open. (Ken) "Ryu!" (Ryu) "What happened..." (Ken) "Ryu.....hahaha! You've been given a second chance man, you've been given a second chance..."



Story Image

DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Story Trailer #1

By: BatRastered Nov 3, 2017 | 1 Comments

Coming in January!

from the description:

What obstacles will our heroes face within the 3 story arcs? Will Android 21 find out how tasty the FighterZ will be? All this and more will be revealed when DRAGON BALL FighterZ launches January 26th, 2018!

So there it is, the release date is January 26! Pre-order now!

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Arthvader's Import Corner: Super Famicon Yu Yu Hakusho Games

By: Arthvader Aug 13, 2012 | 1 Comments

I'm back with another entry about Import games. This time, I'll be talking about the Yu Yu Hakusho Games that were on the Super Famicon.

I've personally have been a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho for years now, and I figured it's time for me to talk about the four Yu Yu Hakusho games that were on the Super Famicon (I own three of them).

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Zero2990's Dead Island character build (Sam B)

By: Zero2990 Aug 20, 2012 | 5 Comments

I decided to start creating character builds because I see to many newbs online

So some of us was excited for Dead Island before release, No? Well I was and it turned out to be a pretty shitty game, that was before I looked at character builds that make this game actual fun.. Yes Dead Island is actually fun, can you imagine? 

So the last week I've been playing as the top hat sporting power house/rapper Sam B. Some people online have no idea how Sam should be played and opt for the machine gun approach, not in this build. I'll have you cracking undead skulls in no time.. From Lv1 as a matter of fact. This build looks at Combat and Survival skills only, Sams Fury tree may seem fun but it's about as useful as ...

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This week in Anime & Gaming is now The Anime Revolution Show! Special guest MadKingCam.

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Super Street Fighter IV AE: Yang Strategy Guide

By: 30CenturyMan Jul 5, 2011 | 9 Comments

Is Yang just as deadly as his brother in SSFIV? Maybe more? Read to find out.



Joining the Street Fighter IV cast with Arcade Edition, Yang may initially seem like a carbon-copy of Yun but has a number of subtle tweaks that differentiate how players should approach him. Unfortunately for his opponents, however, those differences are not all weaknesses and Yang is often just as dangerous in his own way. In fact, Yang is arguably even more problematic than Yun because at least Yun knows he’s a douche.

Yang tries to act all nice so at first you’re like “Yang’s the good twin” but that’s gone in like two seconds after you get to know him. He has this condescending attitude all the time like he knows some big secret of life that the rest of us are too stupid to get. Like, sure, he did read to kids when they opened the new library, but do you really think he would’ve gone if all those cameras weren’t there? And then he ends up going out with that reporter from Channel 6? Whatever, man. He’s in it for himself.

Your instinct may be to let out a sigh of relief when you see Yang on the “vs.” screen instead of Yun, but do not let your guard down or you will come to regret it.



+ Drives a Prius

+ Makes great guacamole

+ Girls actually like that haircut

+ Donates to public radio

+ Conversational in French and Portuguese



- Gossipy

- Refuses to watch Friday Night Lights

- Plays a Wolverine/Phoenix team in Marvel

- Prefers Matt Smith to David Tennant

- Rollerblades? Really?


Special Moves:

 (3x) or  (5x)

Tourou Zan (Mantis Slashes)


L- 115

M- 130

H- 143

EX- 164

A series of quick, repeatable maneuvers with effects that vary depending on how many strikes Yang performs. Yang constantly corrects and contradicts every point you make while you’re having a conversation about the direction of recent Marvel Comics films. While these facts don’t tend to change the validity of your overall point, he still makes sure to point out that Sabretooth was originally an Iron Fist villain rather than Wolverine’s just to subtly establish that he knows more about comic books than you and that his opinion is therefore more valuable.

EX Version: After a minor dispute over the importance of continuity gaffs in X-Men: First Class—which Yang liked, for some reason—Yang points out that the Azazel character was not a “weird Nightcrawler ripoff” but is based an the actual character who was revealed to be Nightcrawler’s father (who impregnated his mother, Mystique). This also allows him to point out that Mystique also had a son with Sabretooth so he has en excuse to bring up the Iron Fist thing again.




Kaihou (Teleport)



Yang’s rushing teleport isn’t as useful as some characters’ due to its relatively slow startup and predictable path of travel.  Nevertheless, Yang can use this move to escape from being cornered by an unaware opponent, so keep an eye out for it when facing him. If you tell Yang about a band you like, he goes totally “superfan” and downloads every album, then digs up all these old demos and bootlegs and buys tickets to a concert that’s months away and invites you like you needed him to tell you when your own favorite band is playing. Finally, he finishes by posting one of their videos on Facebook and all his friends act like he was the one who discovered them.




Byakko Soushouda (Palm Strike)


L- 0

M- 120

H- 150

EX- 150



One of Yang’s most important moves both for its offensive capability and usefulness is building meter quickly. While sitting around at a party, Yang somehow manages to find some old guitar buried in the back of a closet and then spends twenty minutes putting on a concert on the back porch. You can stay inside if you want to, but the house isn’t that big so you’ll hear it either way. Besides, everyone else thinks it’s sooooo cool and you’ll look like the jerk if you don’t sit and listen to him fumble his way through half of Rubber Soul.

The light version is a fake strike used to bait anxious opponents. Yang acknowledges that it’s “not his party” and turns down requests to play another song. While this is exactly what you want in theory, it only has the effect of making him seem humble and considerate, all the while building anticipation for the Dylan song he intentionally saved for last because it makes him look all deep and mysterious.

EX Version: While not any more powerful, the EX version’s faster startup makes it fairly useful when Yang has the resources available. Shortly after arriving to the party, Yang steers the conversation towards some new song he likes. This, of course, is just an excuse to plug his iPod into the stereo and eventually take over the music entirely with his own playlist, once again making himself the center of attention.




Senkyuutai (Dragon Kicks)


L- 120

M- 125

H- 130

EX- 135


Yang’s uppercut-style move works as a reversal, but it’s forward mobility also gives it the ability to punish projectiles better than most. Okay, so like, whenever you like something that Yang doesn’t like or doesn’t really know about, he does that thing were he finds some reason to turn it into a morality issue that you can’t argue with. The other day, Fei Long was like “ I finally saw Hangover 2, it was pretty funny” and Yang goes “I didn’t see the first one because of Mike Tyson’s involvement—I can’t support a rapist.” Look, obviously no one’s saying rape is cool, he was just talking about a movie that he liked and Tysons’s not even in it that much.

EX Version: Upon hearing you complain about some aspect of your day, Yang dismisses your complaints, insisting that pickles on your sandwich can’t compare to the atrocities that people have to face in Darfur every day. Sometimes it seems like Yang doesn’t even really know anything about Darfur, but you don’t either so you can’t really challenge him on any of it. 




Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab)


Yang’s command throw does no damage and is highly punishable on whiff, but in return, leaves him in a good position with enough frame advantage to land any number of big combos. Yang suddenly decides one day that he’s a stand-up comedian and sends out a Facebook invite for everyone to come watch him do an open mic at some hipster coffee shop. Yang’s material is all just rant-y political stuff that doesn’t have a real point, but his friends (who now outnumber the normal patrons) clap and cheer anyway because they’re just happy to see their friend on stage. They also all leave in a group after his set, showing no respect to the other performers.

EX Version: Yang schedules his next show on the same night as the play you’re in at the community theatre, claiming to have forgotten about your event. When faced with the option, most of your friends choose to go to Yang’s thing since you’re “really just an extra” and won’t be in much of the actual performance. It’s true that you aren’t heavily featured, but you were an understudy for the lead and worked really hard so you’re proud of it anyway, not that anyone will even know now.


Super and Ultra Moves:


Seiei Enbu

Similar to the infamous Genei Jin, Yang enters an enhanced state for a limited time that super-charges his normal moves and combos. There are a variety of ways to implement this attack, but in the most commonly used version, Yang shows up late with some excuse about his job when you were supposed to go see Transformers 3, meaning that you can’t get good seats for the whole group and have to go see Tree of Life instead (which, conveniently, Yang had been talking about seeing for weeks). 



Raishin Mahhaken


Ultra I – 480


Yang starts a f#@*ing podcast. Seriously. Yeah, he talked about it all the time but it just sounded like more of his “big talk.” Well, he goes out and buys all the equipment and next thing you know, he’s putting links up on his Twitter to download the first episode. Everyone talks about how great it is but you can tell none of them even listened to it because all he does—with co-host Rock Howard and special guest Seung Mina—is talk shit about everyone you know. Fine, he doesn’t use anyone’s real name, but anyone who knows him would know exactly who he’s talking about and some of it gets kinda personal. Besides, everyone knows you were planning to start a podcast months ago.



Tenshin Senkyuutai


Ultra II – 440

After having lived there for well over eight months, Yang finally invites everyone to his condo for a get together that he calls a “housewarming” in order to imply that you should bring a gift. This is all the more annoying when, while taking “the tour,” it quickly becomes apparent that Yang already owns everything: designer furniture, fancy kitchen gadgets, high-end electronics, books, art—the works. While you recognize that the entire thing is an obvious excuse for Yang to be all “look how awesome I am,” Yang’s success still stings given that you went to the same school and he didn’t even work as hard. For a split-second, you wonder if Yang really is better than you and the nagging doubt haunts you for the rest of your days.


Command Normals:

Retells a story from last week's This American Life


Spills beer on your Yipes shirt


 or  or 

Finds an excuse to talk about his iPhone again

Community Review


Arthvader Reviews: Dungeon Fighter Live

By: Arthvader Jul 26, 2012 | 3 Comments

Is this xbla port of the popular PC MMO arcade-style beat-em'-up worth getting? Find out in this review.

I'm back with another review. This time around, I'm going to be reviewing an XBLA game that recently arrived in the Marketplace. Will this game be worth the 800 MSP? Let's find out in this review.

But first, here's the trailer for the game:

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Dragon Age Origins first impressions

By: goukijones Nov 9, 2009 | 4 Comments

I'm about 10 hours into right now. My feelings are completely mixed.

I've probably spent more time in the menus trying to figure out how all the shit works more than actually exploring or fighting. Did you know you can do crafting in dragon age? Which from what I've experienced is more of a waste of time. I'd rather just by cures from the shops.  

Random points of interest ...  

At one point you can pretend to be a vet and analyze a sick "deer" type creature. I choose to kill it. What's funny here is, I was so bored by all the story lines at this point I was skipping through everything chat scene and the next clip I saw was the dear with its throat slit lying on the ground. Awesome!  

The cuts scenes are horrible ... the graphics are horrible.  

The shops are so confusing. You can't see what the value of items are in your personal inventory you have to go to a shop. The shops and menus are even worse after some Jimmy juice!  

It's really easy to give up on this game early. Maybe I should have dedicated more time to Demon's Souls. Once you get to the forest area and the game seems to branch out it does get a little more interesting.  

I got mixed feelings about this game Jimmy. Right now I would say rent it. It's nothing like Mass Effect or KOTOR or the PREVIEW and commercials you see on TV. 


Have it Delivered for $56.99 w/ free shipping! 

Dragon Age Origins Xbox 360 Game EA

Community Blog


25 WTF Fight Sticks

By: derkasan Oct 15, 2012 | 3 Comments

We've all seen pictures of awesome fight sticks; now it's time to see some of the worst.

The Internet is home to some of the most awesome fightstick mods out there. However, there are a number of downright goofy sticks out there as well. Some are official, some are homemade, but all of these monstrosities are bound to make to make you say "WTF?!"

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Bulletstorm release date is getting closer. 02/25/2011 to be exact. If this video doesn't spark interest in one area of your body I will be surprised. Bulletstorm will kick you in the face with awesome!

Yo NSFW Jimmy!

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