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The Top 6 Most Powerful Characters In Street Fighter Canon

By: starlordtitus Jan 29, 2013 | 6 Comments

The most powerful Street Fighter characters made appearances throughout many games. Coming down to the Top 6 was down right close. But behold, the most prestige fighters in all of Street Fighter.

6. Ryu

12 sfxtekken20.jpg

Ryu is perhaps the most famous character in the Street Fighter series. His humble beginnings to his uprising in ability to topple the giant champions of the world made him the fighter we all wished to be. The hero of Street Fighter and overall legend, he is known for usually snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


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Borderlands 2 improved on the original in many areas: story, graphics, depth of skill trees to name a few. But overall it doesn't have that super fun looting hook that the original had. Here's 10 things we hate about the sequel.

Borderlands 2 improved on the original in many areas: story, graphics, depth of skill trees to name a few. But overall it doesn't have that super fun looting hook that the original had. Here's 10 things we hate about the sequel. 

10. Follow Randy Pitchford on Twitter if you want gold keys, no way to earn them in-game.

There's a big gold treasure chest in Sanctuary (the main city) that can only be opened with a golden key. It's guaranteed to have purple rarity items in it every time you open it. Quest reward? Nah... just follow Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's twitter and you'll have more keys than you know what to do with. There's no other way to get them. Kinda lame.

9. DLC that doesn't give you any rewards for your maxed out characters.

In the original Borderlands, the DLC would give you bonus backpack space, additional skill points, and a giant bank. BL2's DLC doesn't give you any of this. Once you hit the max level and have used all your eridum upgrades for ammo/backpack space, there's nothing for your character to get in the DLC save for some unique weapons. Most of those suck too (see point 3).

8. Umpteen currencies

Borderlands 1 had money... the economy was way off though as you'd often be displayed at $9999999 and not be able to see how much money you actually had. Many guns showed this price too. Instead of just fixing this in the sequel Gearbox added Eridium as a secondary currency to buy ammo and backpack upgrades. Then, in the DLC, they introduced Seraph Crystals and Torgue Tokens. This plus the golden keys, gave us 5 numbers to track that only worked in certain areas.

7. Anemic backpack space

Before DLC, the original BL maxed out at 42 backpack slots. BL2 maxed out at 27. Wait, what? The bank introduced in Borderlands' second DLC (Moxxi) also stored up to 42 items while the BL2 bank (included in the main game) only stored 16, it has since been upped to 20, while the backpack has gone to 33. Meanwhile, in the original, you could get up to a 60 item backpack if you got all the DLC and lucked out in some of the second quests.

6. Ammo collection mini-game

Do you like opening ammo crates and picking up ammo? Well if you do, you'll love BL2. Due to many guns firing more than one bullet per trigger pull, lowered ammo capacities, and the lack of guns/mods that regen ammo, you'll be scrounging for ammo constantly. God help you if you use a rocket launcher. In a game about guns, I don't know why Gearbox felt it necessary to make the ammo feel so limited.

5. Slag

Borderlands 2 introduced Slag, a debuff element that makes enemies take more damage when you switch to another element type. It's pretty useless in normal mode, but kinda useful in the second playthrough. In the later released 3rd playthrough (UVHM) slag is absolutely necessary. You can't win without it as you'll just burn through all your ammo trying to kill anything that's not slagged. This reduces the types of play styles that you can use and obviously requires you dedicate some of your gear to slag. Bye bye diversity... everyone's the same now.

4. Rabid stalkers

Have you fought these? Ugh... the move faster than you, can down you in two hits, can turn invisible and strike out of nowhere, have a ton of health and don't get distracted by anything. Most annoying ememy in both games and DLC. Runner up is the Rabid skags. They seem completely unbalanced and fighting multiple badasses is easier than dealing with one of these baddies.

3. Terrible guns

For a game about having bazillion-er guns there certainly don't seem to be that many. In fact, it feels like there's less than the first game. If you only count guns that are actually useful, then the number drops even further, eliminating whole manufacturerers of guns. With one or two exceptions (dat kerblaster!) the orange guns in BL2 don't seem as fun to me as the original either. I miss my Maliwan shotties!

2. Orange weapons useless 2 levels later (gets worse the higher the level)

I feel more powerful at level 69 in the original Borderlands while carrying a level 53 gun, than I do at (current max) level 61 in BL2 carrying a level 60 orange weapon. Every level you go higher, the difference one level makes gets bigger too. You need at level gear at all times, and to get some good ones you'll use a golden key that you can only get out of game on twitter. 

1. No rewards (drops are awful, chests are worse, vendors LOL)

In Borderlands, a bandit would be shooting you with an epic weapon and upon his death he would drop that weapon. That doesn't happen in BL2, they just drop shit. The chests are full of shit, and the vendors are just laughably filled with white shit. You can play for hours and hours and never see an orange weapon. You probably won't even get an at-level purple unless you have a golden key either. It just feels like you don't get rewarded for playing this game the way you did in the first Borderlands. The only thing that drops anything good are the legendary loot midgets that randomly pop out of ammo crates in the third playthrough (UVHM) and they most often will drop a relic.


Here are some new screens of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jimmy! Is that Anna dressed like a squid? Some Crazy Stuff going on Jimmy!

Tekken Tag 2 is right around the corner and we have been “blessed?” with new screens of the game. Some of these new costumes are well..... ridiculous! Check them out below!

Anime Pornzzzz?

Say What Jimmy?

Not sure what to think here.

Is that ZUBAZ Jimmy?

Zone of Enders or Tekken?

No Comment

Don't mess with Spider-Man's ex girlfriend


I'm looking forward to the next Tekken game. What about you? Any favorite costumes here Jimmy? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!




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Ultras for Yun & Yang in SSF4 Arcade

By: Cinderkin Sep 21, 2010 | 6 Comments

Nice video showing of new characters ultras!

Found this over at




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The Video Game Figures We Grew Up With

By: starlordtitus Jul 7, 2011 | 8 Comments

It was video games that brought us joy growing up, but when toy companies started creating figures and collectibles of our favorite video game characters, it only brought more excitement to good times.

We all had action figures growing up.  Collectibles that fill up our shelves. Video game charactes would join our anime ones in chosen locations through our rooms. What had to be my first collectible, was Mario. I remember walking down the isle in Toys R Us when I was 4 and seeing Mario and Luigi to the left. But I had to have Mario, he was my favorite. I have had this guy all my life and I have never left him behind.


From that moment on, came years of different action figures from various video games and animes. There was a time when Electronics Boutique before it became Gamestop, had action figures that they sold. When I was severly interested in Dragonball Z, I would go to EB and choose only the most esteemed looking and detailed. Figures that when you saw them you would be like "damn that looks tight". Super Saiyan 2 Gohan was one of my favorites.


Later as I got older, the weapons of video game characters became more interesting to me. Imagine being able to hold the Master Sword the Hero of Time wielded, how many of us bought that sword and shield. Or the Energy Sword from Halo, or even the infamous Masamune blade and Buster Sword of Sephiroth and Cloud.

These weapons only added to the erupting flare of collecting truly remarkable pieces of art from our favorite video games. Thus eventually adding to cosplay designs and such. Whatever the game you're interested in, it is certain companies created figures, cosplay, and weapons for them. It is incredible how accurate these items can be and gives me a sense of proudness to be a gamer. Because it really shows that I'm not the only one out there that has the same appreciation for the games we all love. An in conclusion, it will be a timeless aesthitic creation of world class craftsmanship as individuals continue to create.

I leave you now with a cosplay that's on my wish list xD




CP System II Fan Swap

By: guano Feb 21, 2015 | 1 Comments

Audio and SPL measurements comparing the fan swap! I used a Pabst 612 FL

A how-to guide for unlocking the three extra characters in Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3).

Local Gouki user Guano brought over his new UD-CPS2 system with a copy of the Japaneese Street Fighter Zero 3 (alpha 3 in the US). GoukiJones wanted to play as Juni, a favorite from back in the day when alpha was the new game in town.

Juni Zero 3

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My top 5 favorite female fighting game characters

By: blazemanx Jul 3, 2011 | 6 Comments

My top 5 female fighters they are beautiful, sexy and powerful.

Fighting games have always been dominated by big strong men. In most fighting games females only make up 10 to 20 percent of the roster. Me personally i love women who can kick some ass and even though female fighters are out numbered like 5 to 1 i still prefer the minority. I have here my 5 favorite female fighters there beautiful they kick ass and to me they outshine most men. So without further delay here are my top 5.

Jam Kuradoberi

For those of you who don't know jam is from the guilty gear series. She is hot (obviously) and she is one of the most badass kung fu style characters regardless of gender. She pulls off the whole fighting waitress thing perfectly and she is my overall favorite character in the guilty gears series. She also has a very unique look....just look at that hair. She made her debut in guilty gear X and has been a staple in the series since. If you don't know much about her or guilty gear i suggest you look them up you won't be disappointed.


King is originally from the snk fighter the art of fighting. She originally fought disguised as a man and it wasn't until the KOF series that she caught my attention. She is a muay thai fighter and the first female one i remember seeing. Just because she does muay thai don't think she fights like sagat or adon. Her move set is pretty unique and i love her for that. She is my favorite female snk character and i love her taunt " COME ON BABY"

Chun Li

The original female fighter miss chun li set a trend in the fighting game universe. She was one of the original 8 world warriors and she proved that a woman could hang with the big boys. To this day i believe chun li is the most popular female fighting game character of all time. She has a awesome fighting style and she has become one of the faces of the franchise. She is sexy and tough and can kick you ass what more do you want.


Cammy is one deadly piece of woman. I remember her when super street fighter 2 came out she was my favorite of the 4 new challengers. She is the second female fighter in the street fighter universe and is a good one. She is from england and was formerly under bisons psycho power control. She is almost as popular as chun li in my opinion. She has a really interesting fighting style that draws players to her. She is also one of the hottest females around no doubt about it.

Crimson Viper

As if you didn't already know, viper is my all time favorite female fighter. Viper first made her debut in street fighter 4 and in my opinion she is the most popular out of all the new comers in the street fighter 4 universe. Going into SF4 i didn't think she would become one of my favorites. In all honesty she wasn't even a favorite of mine until SSF4 was almost out. She has a truly unique style and is one of the hardest to characters to master but that just makes her that much more appealing. She may have not been out very long but she is already #1 in my heart and i look forward to seeing her in more games. Sexy has a new name and that name is crimson viper.

These women show that you can kick ass and be sexy while doing it. What are some of your favorite female fighters? Let us know and don't be a jimmy.

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Super Street Fighter IV AE: Yun Strategy Guide

By: 30CenturyMan Jun 24, 2011 | 9 Comments

We all know Yun is powerful but just how strong is he? Check out this guide to Yun's tactics for ruining your life in every way possible.



Making his first appearance in the Street Fighter IV series, Yun joins the lineup for Arcade Edition and it’s balance adjustments. Heavily changing the nature of the game with his remarkable rushdown gameplay, Yun’s moves are quick and powerful, overwhelming unaware opponents with a flurry of attacks and, worse yet, precise, demoralizing psychological warfare.

Yun’s offense is mainly based around being a passive-aggressive jerk who seems cool at first but totally turns out to be a giant douche in a stupid hat. This one time, you and Yun were over at Chun-Li’s place just hanging out and playing Monopoly and he totally flipped out for no reason because he landed on Park Place when you had a bunch of hotels and shit on it. He like, slammed the money on the table all hard and knocked over everyone’s drinks—it was crazy.

Defense is a high priority when fighting Yun no matter what character you choose. If given the opportunity, he will make a game out of ruining your life and employ a wide range of techniques to make you wish you’d never talked to him that day when you met standing in line to get an iPad 2. He was getting three of them to resell on eBay so you should've known he was a jerk then.



+ Cool sneaker collection

+ Briefly dated Emma Stone

+ Prom King two years in a row

+ Is Batman

+ Surprisingly good singing voice



- Kind of a jerk when drunk

- Incessantly quotes “Family Guy”

- Never heard “Dark Side of the Moon”

- Claims to be a vegetarian but still eats fish

- Plays music too loudly at night


Special Moves:



Zesshou Hohou (Lunge Punch)


L- 90

M- 110

H- 130

EX- 140


Yun’s main special move used to safely approach the opponent from large distances. Yun pretends to be your friend for the duration of the time you’re together but frequently tells mutual friends that you’re an asshole. If you attempt to counter with harsh words of your own, Yun charismatically convinces everyone that you’re just paranoid and freaking out for no reason, further enforcing his original slander.

EX Version: The EX version of Zesshou Hohou lowers the move’s startup and recovery time, allowing Yun to get a date with that girl you like from the coffee shop despite a long-term plan you’d been working on to ask her out. Worse yet, he stops calling her after few dates and jokingly refers to her as “that skank from Starbucks” even though he knows you like her.




Kobokushi (Palm Strike)


L- 90

M- 110

H- 130

EX- 140



Yun’s most damaging special move that, despite being somewhat unsafe on block, is a cornerstone of his arsenal.  Yun answers your ad on Craigslist and agrees on $50 to buy your broken Xbox for parts, but suddenly wants to haggle and “only brought $40” when he shows up. By that time, you’ve already taken the ad down and you really need the money so you just take the $40 to get it over with.

The light version is a fake strike that can be used to either cancel into or to bait opponents looking for an opportunity to get in. Yun sends several text messages throughout the day pushing back your appointment without explanation, but not with enough notice for you to really do anything else.

EX Version: Yun calls and cancels twenty minutes after you were finally supposed to meet, claiming to have found a better deal on eBay.





Nishokyaku  (Dragon Kicks)


L- 100

M- 125

H- 140

EX- 150


Mainly used to anti-air and reversals, Yun goes on eBay and outbids you for a pair of limited edition Nike SB Dunks at the last second, somehow guessing your exact maximum bid and beating you by only a penny. Each version shows greater disrespect to the collector’s item you hold dear: with the light version ends in Yun throwing away the original box and in the hard version, Yun wears the shoes to the skate park, ruining the leather with creases and scuffs.

EX Version: After receiving the shoes from the shipped, Yun decides he didn’t want them after all and lists them himself with a Buy-it-Now price that’s more than he paid to begin with. He offers to cut you a break on the shipping if you want to bid, but refused to cancel the auction and sell them to you outright because “rules are rules,” whatever that means.



Tetsuzankou (Shoulder)


L- 100

M- 125

H- 140

EX- 150



Useful as a combo ender or punish, Tetsuzankou is quite unsafe on block but has some projectile invulnerability, making it a useful tool against zoning characters. Yun volunteers to help move out of your apartment but is ultimately useless. After showing up two hours late, Yun insists that your order pizza immediately “like you said you were gonna” and then explains that he’s a little weak because he pulled something playing golf yesterday. Yun then asks if you have any beer and, after finding none in the fridge, leaves to go to the gas station that’s like a block away and doesn't come back for 45 minutes.

EX Version: While you attempt to pack and move, Yun digs through your stuff, commenting on various objects and unpacking boxes that were ready to go down to the truck. Not only does Yun not help, he actually makes the process take longer than it should because he keeps pointing out people in your yearbook and asking who they are.




Flip Grab (Zenpou Tenshin)



Yun’s command grab is extremely fast and has great range, making it one of the best in the game. Yun notices on Facebook that it’s your birthday and sees that your friends are leaving your messages but deliberately chooses not to leave a birthday message on your wall since he says that Facebook is “over.” The next time he sees you in person, he goes out of his way to explain why he didn’t leave a message but, even in the course of that conversation, never actually says the words “happy birthday, bro.”

EX Version: Featuring an even longer range and faster startup, Yun spends the week before your birthday party loudly telling everyone how he can’t make it because he’s “having some people over” that night too. He outwardly encourages your mutual friends to go to your party, but still focuses on getting the two or three most popular people in the group to come to his. Some friends come to both parties, but you can totally tell they’re just there to say they came and will leave by 10:00 to go to Yun’s thing.


Super and Ultra Moves:




Genei Jin

Returning from Thrid Strike, Yun’s Genei Jin is one of his most powerful attacks and a cornerstone of his offense. Upon activation, Yun unleashes a fury of attacks with enhanced juggle capabilities and short recovery, allowing for big combos. There are hundreds of ways to customize this combo, though a popular option finds Yun making you go to that BBQ place you hate, kind of being a jerk to the waitress and then suggesting that you split the check even though he had dinner and like six beers and all you had was a Coke and some fries.





Ultra I – 375


Yun’s more popular Ultra that’s easy to combo into and has a quick startup time. After running into you having lunch with your mom, Yun proceeds to repeatedly make jokes about how your mom is hot and he would be willing to “hit that.” It’s not that big of a deal the first time, but after awhile it’s like, dude, that’s your mom. As usual, when you try to talk to him about it, he just laughs and says you don’t have a sense of humor.

Youhou can be followed up with Zesshou Hohou for a small amount of extra damage, turning your mom’s hotness into a running gag among your friends. It is possible to counter by pointing out that El Fuerte’s mom has an amazing ass but the subject will blow over quickly and everyone will go back to talking about your mom instead.




Sourai Rengeki


Ultra II – 425

While useful in less situations that Yun’s Ultra I, Sourai Rengeki has a much better range and can be especially devastating against projectile-heavy characters. After driving you mad with suspicion, Yun finally admits that he has in fact been sleeping with your wife for pretty much this whole time. Also, she knows about the girl at Starbucks.

Upon confronting her with the news, your distraught spouse reveals that she’s been unhappy in the relationship for a long time now and that she and Yun just have a special connection. When the confession inevitably turns into a fight, she makes several unflattering comparisons between your masculinity and his, praising him for introducing her to a sexual maneuver he named “The Wesker Lvl. III”


Command Normals:


  or  or 

Drinks the last Coke Zero.


Makes an inappropriate racial remark around your black friend.



That thing where he bumps your fist then makes a noise like it exploded. 



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8 More SSF4 Alternate Costumes!

By: Cinderkin Sep 17, 2010 | 4 Comments

Dudley, Adon, Cody, Guy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Blanka and Dan. The only one left is Seth.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Announced at SDCC in 2018 and said to be released in 2019.

Macfarlane Toys is known for expert craftmanship.  They have never released anything that resembles a LEGO before.  These set are sure to be a collector's item for gamers and LEGO fans.  It may not be a LEGO set, but I can already see Cuphead fitting nicely into my LEGO town. With all of the detail and art from the game, the bosses will make a killer backdrop to any display.

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My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Update

By: Aragrist Nov 2, 2011 | 15 Comments | Updated: Dec 4, 2011

This game is still in development by Mane6 but they started putting out a lot of updates to their progress and on top of that they released a new video showing other characters.

Now of course I'm sure most will look at this and say what the hell are you posting about this girl crap? But trust me, this game actually plays well and is fun. I watch a livestream demo and got to see actual real time game play and considering this is a fan game made by a new developement team with no prior games I'd say they have some skills in the design and gameplay department. This may be a group to watch for in the future when they decided to make other games.

The game itself is freeware and I'm guessing it will be available on Windows PC's and maybe Mac's. Console versions would require getting a proper license from Hasbro. A free app version could show up on the iPhone and Android OS's.

Here's a scene from a livestream preview with the creators of the game. They talk and demo some of the features.

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