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You can mix different eras of war to fight each and more.

The demonstration showed a few different examples. One that stood out to me was, one team of players controlled advanced soldiers from 2042 and battled against a large team of 32 1942 Germans. You can also see fun stuff like Fiesta VIP and knives vs defibrillators. Plenty of options here to keep you engaged and enjoying Battlefield 2042.

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It’s only another 21 more years of Tom Brady.

Props to everyone for getting this in the game. Adding this joke about Tom Brady still playing football in 2042 has got this game a bunch of mainstream attention, especially from the football crowd. The Battlefield hype continues. What do you think my Tom Brady PSA 10 Rookie Card is worth in 2042?

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Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer Gameplay Preview

By: goukijones Jun 13, 2021 | 1 Comments

Everything here lookin' real good.

I've only played a little bit of the newer Battlefields. I couldn’t really get into that old World War one at all. I played the Beta and the launch of V, but I couldn’t keep myself interested. Looking at this trailer I see a lot of Battlefield 3 feels going on. Like I said, I’ve skipped some of the recent Battlefields, but I will not be skipping Battlefield 2042. Sign me up!

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2 New "Battlefield 2042" Maps Revealed

By: goukijones Nov 1, 2021 | 1 Comments

We’re gonna go through all sorts of environments.

You also get a first look at the exoskeleton suit. Who else can just drop 20 feet through a glass ceiling and land perfectly on their feet, not losing their balance at all. You don't even take any damage. Only the militaries of Battlefield 2042. It’s all good, I know it’s a video game. For the guy in the chopper who is attacking those on the rooftop, the players that fell should take some damage, right? He should have shot his full-on rockets and not the machine gun. Silly pilot.

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Absolutely Bananas!

This game is nothing but chaos. I had guys behind me while I’m running out of my base spawn. Everybody has jets, choppers, tanks, jeeps, all of the vehicles were out all of the time. It's a 30 minute match of complete mayhem. I don’t think I like it. I was playing by myself - because of the no friends issue - and I tried all of the different classes. I didn’t realize the complete chaos until I tried playing the Medic. I would try to spawn on my own squad, but it was rare that we were all alive or safe to spawn on at all. When I did see downed teammates on the field I would sprint to them to try and get them up, but they would respawn before I could get there. Then I would get shot and I would be on respawn. I attempt to respawn on a teammate and now he’s flying a chopper and I’m on the gun. This is a constant during the match. Spawn, run, shoot, die. Didn’t see the guy who was shooting you. It is fuckin’ nuts and it is like this for 24-30 minute long matches. I wasn’t really feeling the satisfaction. There is 0 strategy. Anyway I did get 1 kill during the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

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Coming this year! Look at these incredible landscapes.

Remember the good ole days of Battlefield 3? Let's go, these maps look beautiful and massive. That’s what I need right now. My Battlefront days have passed and I never really got into Battlefield 1 or V. 🙏

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Squad VS Squad action!

A new game mode in any form is a welcome inclusion for me. This is what I want to see in gaming, more new shit! Maybe some of you think that Hazard Zone isn’t a big deal or it’s a rehash of another mode or you’ve seen this in other games. That’s fine. I never understood how when games went public and all of the sudden there’s private servers with hundreds of different game modes, that the devs never thought of any of this. Well here we are with Hazard Mode, one step closer to a utopia of game development.

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Absolutely insane looking gameplay

There is some slightly conflicting information here. The trailer says the open beta runs from October 8-9. But the official website says the open beta runs from October 6-9 and that doesn’t make sense at all. There is an early access window too for people who pre-order or are current EA Play members. The website says that’s from October 6-7, which is really confusing. I’m saying, if you want to make sure you’re into the beta as early as possible, just pre-order the game. Check out this bad Battlefield 2042 Beta Trailer.

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