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After 5 months, Arthvader Fights is back with more matches in Darkstalkers 3.

It's been over 5 months since I last did one of these. Welcome everyone to another Installment of Arthvader Fights. Here, we will find ourselves in a series of Ranked matches that I was involved in when I was playing Darkstalkers 3. In this installment, I pretty much sticked to Hsien-Ko, B.B. Hood, And J. Talbain, while pretty much only fighting two different opponents (game seems dead online, hoping that I can find more opponents for next time). I do hope you enjoy watching these Matches as much as I have in playing in them.

These Fights took place and uploaded on 8-13-2013:

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Time to show off a variety of characters in this session of Arthvader Fights, featuring Darkstalkers 3.

Welcome once again to another installment of Arthvader FIghts. Once again, We will delve down into a series of Ranked Matches within Darkstalkers 3. This time around, Instead of using one character, I've decided to use different characters, including a secret character. I do hope you enjoy watching these matches as I do in fighting in them.

These Fights took place and uploaded on 3-25-2013:

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With all these pro fighting game players in the house I figured I'd get some good footage of Darkstalkers Resurrection. Well, I got is me(goukijones) VS FnJimmy. I've also included some of my random takes from that night.

Before you watch, please allow me to shout out Capcom for sending some codes to giveaway. Plus 1 for Gouki to take a look at the new game. ThaZeroFaReal won a code! I think some Jimmy Chile got the other. Vicko was also in the chat room -I gave another code away during the live #FMIWT stream- I never heard who got the second code.

The title screen is very unique in Darkstalkers Resurrection, you to push select to switch the game version. Apparently (shout out to Arthvader) it's Darkstalkers 2 & 3. Let me be clear Darkstalkers 1 is named Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. Which is acceptable. Darkstalkers 2 is named Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. Ridiculous! Then Darkstalkers 3 is just called Darkstalkers 3. WTF?

Here's me playing Jimmy. Or should I say me comboing the crap out of FnFuckin'Jimmy!

Why would I want to go back? The training mode was pretty awesome. While doing the missions, a mirror character will first do the combo on you, so you could see what it looks like. That is cool & a good idea. I couldn't do the second mission with Hsien-Ko. :( It was like, dash in mid-air & then chain 5 hits. What is this Marvel? This is why I play MEAT style in Street Fighter. Hit 'em with the heavies Jimmy. 

Check out Darkstalkers Resurrection if you're some kind of old skool fool, like me. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it. I like the old Street Fighter's. Come to think of it, I need to play more 3s. That's what Darkstalkers Resurrection reminded me of. 

There's a tournament coming up in Las Vegas.

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Team Gouki gathers around the fold out tray for another wonderful podcast. They discuss the week in gaming or at least how it was for them.

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It's time for some Night Warriors action w/ Donovan in this segment of Arthvader Fights.

Welcome once again to another installment of Arthvader Fights. Today, We're going back to Darkstalkers Resurrection, but instead of Darkstalkers 3, I figured I switch things around and went to have matches in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge. In the following five matches in this segment, I decided to use Donovan, who I decided to start learning as my first character in this game. I hope you enjoy watching these matches as much as I do in fighting in them.

These matches happened on 3-14-2013, uploaded on 3-15-2013:

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Arthvader Fights is back, now with the addition of Darkstalker Resurrection.

After being on a hiatus for a while, I would like to welcome you all once again to the Arthvader Fights. Here, you will be able to see some of my more recent matches I had in fighting games. Darkstalkers Resurrect just recently got released, and much to my excitement, have managed to pick it up. In this first Installment for Darkstalkers Resurrection, I played matches in Darkstalkers 3 using B.B.Hood. I hope you enjoy watching these matches as I had in fighting in them.

These matches were uploaded between 3-13-13, and 3-14-13

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Darkstalkers Resurrection Super Violent Trailer

By: goukijones Mar 11, 2013 | 5 Comments

Well the end really ... Demitri just kills some random chick or something. SUCKS the life right out of her.

I love all of these characters. Well not the wolf. Fuck the wolf!

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