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Halo 4 FnJimmy's Golden Video Review

By: goukijones Feb 9, 2013 | 1 Comments

FnJimmy reviews the Halo 4 Campaign, Spartan Ops & Multiplayer. He plays the exact same time he does the review. BatRastered, Choke, & GoukiJones grill FnJimmy about every little detail in Halo 4.

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PWN of the Week #10 Sniping Grenades & Domes

By: goukijones Feb 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Big Merkle returns with his second PWN of the week nod. Sniping a grenade that seems to split into 2 & then of course hitting the other guy in the head as well. Followed up by a second kill. Double!

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GoukiJones shows off his skills shooting guns in Halo 4.

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Halo 4: My Best Game of Dominion Ever

By: goukijones Feb 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

20-1. 15 Kills in the Wraith. Straight up PWNn!

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Starting Tuesday around 1PM the LIVE stream will be HALO 4 all afternoon & into the night. Plus there might be some other games mixed in.

PWNfest Tuesday December, 4 2012.

Halo 4

Assassin's Creed III

& maybe: Final Fantasy XII

*Stay tuned to this stream to see all of the action. 

Watch live video from Show on

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Exclusive Video: Halo 4 Pro Showstopper Clip

By: goukijones Jan 8, 2013 | 1 Comments

During a game of Dominion I sneak into the C base with a buddy right in front of me. I guess the guy camping the base for got the rule of 2.

There's always 2. This time I was the second man & was able to save my buddy who was capturing the base.

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GoukiJones & the rest of the Gouki crew is about to be online broadcasting video games all day. You will see some Halo 4 & SSF4AE, also you might see some Metal Gear Revegeance, ZombiU & SFxT.

Tuesday February 26, 2013 PWNfest

Watch live video from Show on

During the day will be a lot of Halo 4 prolly. :)

Tonight tune in around 5PM & watch some of the best local players from Las Vegas play fighting games. Who knows who is going to show up for "For Me It Was Tuesdays" ... We could just end up playing Double Dash.

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Want to get paid to play Halo 4?

By: dragonkiss83 Nov 9, 2012 | 6 Comments

Yeah I'm guessing you are skipping the summary on this one.

Have you heard of Xbox Live Rewards?  If not you might want to check it out.  Every month you can take a short survey (like 5 minutes max) and they offer other ways to earn Microsoft Points.  The surveys are only 20 points a month, so not exactly breaking the bank.

But this month they are going big with Halo 4.  The main way is by playing multiplayer.  Something you were going to do anyway.  At 35 hours you get 100 Microsoft points.  Make it to 70 hours and you'll get 300 points.  Put in 140 hours and you get 600 points.  600 Microsoft points can get you some DLC of a free game.

Sounds pretty good right?  So what does it cost to join Xbox Live Rewards?  Nothing at all.  Just head over to the page and sign up.  


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Halo 4 PWN of the Week #3

By: goukijones Jan 2, 2013 | 1 Comments

Snapshot, Snapshot, Snapshot! PWNn! Check out this great clip from xErik EstradaX.

Congratulations to xErik Estradax for sending me this PWNn ass clip. Honestly I thot that was the covey assault rifle until you fired it. Don't be a Jimmy!

Please recommend me your best clips. I review them every Saturday at 1PM PST on the LIVE stream.

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Gorilla Warbear in a classic team killing move. No regard for his teammate. I was just making the comment too that we were the purple team.

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Send your clips into & get featured in PWNtober 5. All gametypes accepted. Custom maps or tricks, accepted! Send me your best Halo 4 Footage right now!

HALO 4 PWN of the WEEK Contest

As of today I will be accepting clips for the PWN of the Week.

It's easy to enter. After you make some spectacular PWN move in Halo 4, save the video, cut the clip out & send it over to King of Jimmys on XBL. That's me. Don't send me entire games, I won't have time to watch them. Make sure you save 10 seconds before & after of what you want me to see your clips. Thanks.

Starting December 15, 2012 - Every Saturday 1PM.

I will review all of the clips LIVE on the stream.

Then I, along with the stream Jimmys will select a winner. I will take the winning clip & upload an HD version to YouTube & post a featured story on of your clip. All featured clips will be saved for the PWNtober 5 montage.

Thank you for sending me clips. Good luck. LET'S PWN!

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