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Exclusive: E3 2011 GoukiJones Video Podcast

By: goukijones Jul 6, 2011 | 4 Comments

The DSLR Video Camera, a voice recorder, and a full flask of Jack D. Here is my video podcast for E3 2011. Featuring exclusive off screen footage and never before seen footage from some of E3's hottest games. Don't be a Jimmy.

This video right here. Right here, right here ... is for the Jimmys out there. 

Please leave a comment or suggestion below. Don't be a Jimmy!



TGS 2010 Spiked Interest

By: reipuerto Sep 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

These are my personal picks of TGS 2010.

While Knights Contract and NeverDead where already shown earlier this year, Shadow of the DAMNED, and Asura’s Warth are games worth checking out.

Knights Contract puts you in a role of an executioner of witches named Heinrich Hofmann. He kills a witch that curses him with immortally and now she wants to live the life she couldn’t before, because she was incarnated into a now named witch Gretchen. A pretty interesting story since it reminds me of Yorda from Ico on the PS2. But she’s not helpless here!


NeverDead puts you in a role of a smartass cracking, immortal demon hunter named Bryce. He was cursed with immortally. Being developed by the same team that made the original Alien verse Predator and the reimagining of Alien vs Predator, Rebellion.
It’s actually a funny story…

Shadow of the DAMNED is, what appears to be, a third person shooter from the creator of Flower and No More Heroes, Goichi Suda. Shijin Mikami the creator of Resident Evil and contributed in Devil May Cry and more. And the sound director of Silent Hill, Akira Yamaoka. With this all start team, Grasshopper Manufacture can’t go wrong with this… Well, it’s EA. They’ll just pressure them with time instead of support…
It looks…

And last but certainly not least, Asura’s Wrath from CyberConnect2. A studio known for their .hack, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and 2 as well the PS2 Narutos. The most blazing trailer with shows some quick and fast gameplay. A good 97% seems to be in game graphics, some quick time events, a mix of gameplay and cut scenes. This one shines brighter in my eye. All over the top action!

What’s your TGS 2010 interest? Let us know the comments below!

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Get to know the main characters of NeverDead

By: iorilamia Jun 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

Some info on the characters and game mechanics to Konami's upcoming Third-Person Shooter.

Neverdead, a game where you play as a Demon Hunter who is seemingly immortal hasn't had much info in a while, till now. You play as the main Demon Hunter Byrce. A long with shooting from third-person, you can also use your limbs as weapons. Bryce can get blown to shit and stlll function in some ways but it is game over when all you have left is your head. Not sure how, but you can also use stuff in the enviroment as weapons, like pillars and walls. One fun-tool to being immortal is covering Bryce in flames as a physical attack and also shoots fire bullets. Now check out the main cast:

 Bryce Boltzmann

An immortal demon hunter who is employed by NADA, a group that covers up recent demon attacks that have afflicted the city. He spends his days killing off demons to collect beer money


An investigator with NADA. She overseas demon hunters, but does not appear to be too fond of being in charge of Bryce.


Like Bryce, demon hunter Alex has the Evil Eye, which is a sign of immortality. However, it is rumored that he is not fully immortal.

Niki Summerfield

A charismatic idol who's half Indian and half American. She meets Bryce following a certain incident


Cool cast, the Half-Indian idol is a bit random. Alex is interesting, I wonder what the technichal difference is between him and Bryce. Hope some character videos show up soon. Does this seem like a fun game? Heres the 2010 video preview in-case you missed it.




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Thanks for the Pax Swag Bag!

By: dragonkiss83 Nov 1, 2012 | 3 Comments

Mysteriously large box from wonder what could be inside.

So I won a shirt and some swag from a giveaway here.  When it showed I thought the box felt a bit heavy so I was curious about what could be inside.  As I emptied out the box it just started spreading so I cleared a spot and spread it out.

As I started to arrange it my son started calling dibs on almost everything.  The block head from D&D was his first victim.  Then he had to have the flashlight.  Everything Batman he got no contest, but was thrilled to get it.  He tried for both Magic the Gathering bags, but only got away with one.  But my main prize was my Borderlands 2 shirt and the surprise of NeverDead.  I haven't played anything but Borderlands 2 for a bit, but NeverDead will be in the 360 waiting now.

All the prizes from here on the site have been great, but this one was surprising.  Thanks again!  

NeverDead is a third person action shooter from Konami. The main character can be set a blaze, electrocuted, loose all of his arms & legs & STILL won't die. Is it any fun though? Can you beat it less in than 9 hours? WTF is a Sangria demon? Japanese games.

Gameplay. Combat. You can use a sword. You hold the left trigger and flail around with the right thumbstick. This is good because you are actually moving around the sword, you can block and attack from different angles this way. Better than just smashing "A" over and over. You get guns too. So now we're kinda Devil May Cry style gameplay here. You get handguns, rifles, shotguns, uzis and they are all duel wielding. After you find two of each of course. Don't know if I ever got 2 rocket launchers for my character set. Doesn't matter, I didn't really use the guns anyway. Speaking of My Character Set, you get experience and can unlock different upgrades. There's a ton. So many that I don't have a clue what I'm doing with them.

Abilities. You get ability slots and can fill them up with different perks for your guy. Like Increased Jump, Blade Power, Sprint, Combo Blade Attack and the Sixth Sense. I have 15 unlocked and there must be like 30 more I could buy, most are just upgrades with a little "+" next to them and cost double/triple the XP. You don't have to buy the cheaper ones to unlock the more expensive ones. Auto Combat Roll - Automatically combat roll to avoid flying objects. Really? 100000 XP. Really?? 4 slots. REALLY?! Yeah, so is that even necessary. Just roll mofo! Fragile - Fall apart from the lightest touch. He already falls apart from the lightest touch. So I've really stopped caring about the XP and perks right now. I'm focused on not dying and doing quick damage with the sword.

Limbs. The only way you can die is to have your head eaten by these little white rolling monsters with spikes that are everywhere. They seem to just respawn too, no matter how many you kill. So you are in a constant rush to roll around and pick up your limbs. When you take too much damage in the game your entire body will blow into parts. You control the head, rolling around you must gather up all of your limbs and attach you head back to your neck. You can't just get close to the body, you have to roll the head around to the neck area. Plus you got the little white Jimmys trying to eat your head and if you don't pick up your other limbs fast enough they will eat and swallow those as well.

Metroid ball gameplay. You can rip your head off, toss it like a basketball and roll then it around like a ball. There's a few parts where there are actual puzzles and tunnels to get through by just using your head. Similar to the ball in Metroid. I like this a lot, there just wasn't too much of it. You have got to look closely to find some hidden stuff.

Story. Character design. One of the coolest things about NeverDead is the character design. Don't get me wrong, you fight a lot of the same shit over and over. But the villains and the bosses are very cool. Sangria is one of the coolest looking video game characters of all time. Deal with it. And it sounds like a queen, it's immortal, and it farts. Bonus! All of his scenes so far are dope. The story? Uhhhhh you're a demon and a demon hunter and it seems like the feds are cool with you, because you help them hunt eviler demons. Your partner -who just happens to be the hot chick in the story- shows up at your apartment, shoots the door in and is all like "We got a job." She then shoots him a couple of times to convince here to come along and then they finally leave the apartment. Special note here, I think the chick shot the shit our of the door AND kicked it in. Upon leaving the building, you see the main Jimmy seriously locking the front door. There was nothing left!

Remember Enslaved from last year. NeverDead is better than that. Bryce for example is a great character. 500 years ago when he was cursed with the immortality, he was like a completely different person. But I guess 500 years of immortality should change a man. In Enslaved at the end of the game it was just the Matrix boss, you know that guy on TV. You don't have a clue about Enslaved right? I keep bringing it up. Sorry. Better than Enslaved, but not as good as Darksiders.

NeverDead is fun, slightly challenging, has an OKAY story and also has some of the most amazing looking characters and boss fights. The combat is fun and you can build your character differently from mine. I'm having a good time playing NeverDead and I'd reccommend you Rent it!

I'm just going to add this part in right here. I have just finished the game. The final boss fight was completely different from every other boss fight. It was challenging. Pro-tip heads up on the ground pound, avoid that by jumping in the air. The chick will keep yelling at you. Just be ready to jump every time she starts screaming. Then there is some seriously cheesy lines in the final sequences. Real cheesy. Follow your dreams kid!

After all according to Raptr I spent about 9 hours playing NeverDead. I don't think any game is worth $60 for only 9 hours. I tried to play the multiplayer and attempted a quick match. No quick match found, would you like to host your own room? No. Go to the server browser. NOT 1 GAME, Not 1 PERSON. Wow. Forget about the multiplayer, NeverDead has a quick and fun story with some great characters, but you should probably Rent it! first. Don't be a Jimmy!

Vote, Comment & Share. Thanks for reading. Exclusive: FnJimmy reviews NeverDead from Konami. This is the 26th episode of the Golden Video Review series. Don't be a Jimmy!

NeverDead Golden Video Review Featuring FnJimmy


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