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Review: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

By: blazemanx May 30, 2011 | 9 Comments

Jackson saving children while grabbing his groin is actually better than it sounds!!!!!

Man, this game brings back memories. When I was really young this game first came out in our local arcade, and I was instantly hooked.  As a child I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and the arcade brought my most horrid desires to life: A chance to be Michael Jackson for 25 cents a pop! So when I finally got a Genesis a few years later, I had to get this game. Lets see how it is... 


I'll be honest, I love the animation on this game. Michael's dancing is perfect, the way he kind of shimmies down the stairs is awesome, and everything he does looks like Michael Jackson. From the way he kicks innocent strangers in a nightclub, to the way he punches dogs, everything looks perfect.

To think, somewhere out there is a person who's job for Sega was to lovingly animate Jackson grabbing his groin. What a country we live in.


You start out the game hearing the beats of Smooth Criminal. All in all a good start, but later on some of the other music just doesn't seem to live up to the first stage. And Michael's little yells he does sound good, but gets a bit annoying after about the 700th time you hear them.

And lets not forget the whining prepubescents that you save from locked closets. Their voices are so dreadfully annoying with them screaming ''Michael'' each you save one, that after awhile you start to dread opening a real closet, due to the fear that Little Orphan Annie will burst out and blow up your eardrums. 


I never had a manual to this game so I'll sum it up as best as I can. Some kids have been kidnapped by a drug dealer who isn't motivated by profit, because he's planning on just giving his drugs away to the kids. Michael catches word of this, and instead of calling the police like a normal person, he breaks into a nightclub, pops a quarter in a jukebox and starts dancing. After amazing amounts of crotch grabbing and saving children from the inner darkness of the many coat closets, you'll have to rescue Bubbles the chimp, who will ride Jackson to safety as he fires stars from his fingertips. Oh, and I almost forgot, if you grab a star, Jackson will turn into a killer robot of doom now and then. Why? I have no clue...

All in all the plot is better than your average Star Wars movie. I rate it a 2 for storytelling, and a 8 for weird logic, for and average of 5.


Ah... Back to the good stuff. All of Michael's moves are dance steps. And they are all ultra easy to use. Nothing wrong with that at all. After all, who hasn't sat at the tv watching a pop star and wishing they could make them do their bidding with a game controller. One time I was watching a Pepsi add with Britney Spears and I just happened to have my Playstation controller nearby. So I grabbed it and... Um... Sorry, back to my review... 

Jackson has some great special moves, like using his hat as a boomerang, and forcing other people to dance, which increases their heart rate to the point where they die from a cardiac arrest. That's one good thing about Michael Jackson. His ticker is top notch. 

Final Verdict: Buy it

Come on now!!! If you find this game anywhere you got to pick it up it's got classic Michael Jackson, a ton of dance steps, crotch grabbing, child saving, dog punching action! You can't say no, even for just the novelty of this one! 

let us know what ya think about the king of pop and dont be a jimmy!!!

Community Review


Review: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

By: blazemanx Jun 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

it's 1993 all over again go go power rangers!!!

Back in the 90's if you had a pulse then you knew about the power rangers. The smash tv hit for people of all ages took the world by storm is still going strong today. Due to the recent adding of the classic power rangers to netflix (AWESOME RIGHT?) i have power ranger fever all over again, which has inspierd me to do this review so come with me on a trip down memory lane.


There's no story given in the game. Possibly it's in the instruction manual but since I don't have that, I don't know. I suppose it's not much different from the series. Rita Repulsa wants to take over Earth and the only people standing in her way are the Power Rangers. So Putty after Putty and monster after monster are sent to fight our heroes.
If you've seen the series, you're pretty much very familiar with the story setup of the game, though none is given in the actual game. Basically Rita just appears in the intro and off you go fighting Putties and monsters. That's about it.

Read full story...

Community Review


Retro Review: Twisted Metal 2 (PS1)

By: jalexbrown Feb 15, 2010 | 6 Comments

"If you're looking for a flat out good time, give Twisted Metal 2 a try..."

Twisted Metal 2 is one of those unique experiences. If you experienced it long ago when the Playstation was on top, you must have fond memories of killing every other car on the stage to advance to another stage to kill some more cars. Twisted Metal 2 is just one of those games - it's refreshing, and you're guaranteed to remember it long after you're done with it.

The visuals won't do much for anybody who hasn't played this game before, but if you remember how this looked in its day, you remember this game was excellent. The cars were a nice size on the screen and had some nice little details to them that only a child from years and years ago could possibly appreciate. In any case, some of the effects were cool when this game was new. The biggest problem is that the visuals didn't hold up well, and it didn't take them long to become outdated and pixelated in comparison to other games. While you won't fall in love with the visuals, a few of its aspects were quite neat. For instance, in the Paris level, if you shoot the Eiffle Tower enough, it blows up and the top collapses, giving you a nice little bridge to the rooftops. While the animations aren't increadible - some aren't even the top of the Eiffle Tower for the explosion, and the the tower's just suddenly toppled - the effects cover most of the animations that haven't held up to the game's age.

Sound is still pretty good. These effects wouldn't win any awards by today's standards, but the cars all sound good and most of the weapons have good, clear sound effects associated with them. Music is nice, too, but nothing in the soundtrack is really memorable. There's not much ambience, either, so expect to listen to a lot of engines and guns and not much else.

The gameplay in Twisted Metal 2 is where this game really shines, because it's just so much fun to play. There are a number of different weapons ranging from your basic machine gun to homing missles to napalm to each character's unique special, but some of it isn't as balanced as it should be. For example, some of the characters have a special you'll never use, while others have a super-powerful special that does massive damage. Mostly, though, you'll be distracted from this shortcoming by the sheer fun factor this game holds. The levels in Twisted Metal 2 are all around the globe, and they're all different enough and fun enough that you never mind fighting in them. The controls are sometimes too responsive, and you'll find handling some cars can be quite a chore until you're familiar with the controls and the sensitivity of each vehicle in the game.

At the end of each character's game, you'll get a brief ending scene. These scenes consist of hand-drawn stills with Calypso's voice over telling the ending story for each character. Of course since this is Twisted Metal, each character's wish will end up having a negative result, but half the fun is getting through the game to see all the different endings. Some are serious, while others are just flat out funny. The variety of endings gives the player something to look foreward to. It's just too bad there's no way to keep like a theater of the endings as a way of keeping track of who you've beaten the game with and also as a simple reward system (after you watch the ending, you're left with nothing to show for it).

Overall, Twisted Metal 2 is just one of those games that's a lot of fun to play. If you've never picked up this game, I suggest you do so while it's cheap. On top of how fun it is, it's also quickly becoming one of the Playstation's collectable titles. If you're looking for a flat out good time, give Twisted Metal 2 a try, and I can guarantee you'll be satisfied with it.


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