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Get in before ban!

Not looking too bad.  But do they ever?  Last year's Call of Duty came and went in a flash.  It's hard to explain to people that 'Yeah, they even did a battle royale for it and nobody played it after a few months.'  These games are always a lot of fun when they first come out.  It's definitely now Garden Warfare.  Check out the livestream replay below featuring the Doc, DrDisRespect!

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More SSF4 Arcade Edition Gameplay Videos!

By: Cinderkin Dec 18, 2010 | 9 Comments

More and more videos of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has surfaced. Thanks to the SSF4AE Youtube channel. Check them out.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Over 15 minutes of footage directly from Nintendo.

Get Smash Bros. from Amazon.

Super Smash Bros. on GameStop.


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Battlefield 3 Beta Day 1 Team Gouki Quickietage

By: goukijones Oct 8, 2011 | 5 Comments

Team Gouki Battlefield 3 Quickietage. Featuring: GoukiJones, Arthvader, BatRastered, Erik Estrada and FnJimmy.

Rockstar games has released the first "gameplay" trailer of L.A. Noire. A crime game that has a familiar look to it.

When I say familiar I mean Red Dead Redemption familiar. The faces and eyeballs look just like RDR and the game appears to run on the same engine. The entire preview is done with the in-game engine and there is no CG. I really respect developers that show off their game with trailers like this and don't shove a bunch of CG down our throat that doesn't actually show the game off. *cough* Dragon Age */cough.* So are we ready for a RDR style game set in the 1940's Los Angeles? I think so. I'm hoping this is not overkill from RDR and I won't be complaining that L.A. Noire is just RDR 30 years in the future. Although you don't see a HUD in the preview and none of the shooting or crime scene investigating is revealed, you get the picture. Just watch.

Cybergemini48 has uploaded a new video featuring all of the Level 3 Hyper Finisher Moves for all of the known characters revealed in Marvel vs Capcom 3. It's pretty sweet check it out!

Who were some of your favorites? If we get enough I'll make a poll of your favorites. I for one loved Dead Pool, and Wesker. I absolutely hated Chris'

Tell us what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading and Don't be a Jimmy!



The official channel has launched. We will be streaming videogames everyday. Fighting games, action games, driving games and even the MLP if we have to. We will take requests. Get ready for tournaments and much more live events.

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Of course I want to play this. I did not fully experience the previous Max Payne games, but nowadays I won't miss a new Rockstar game for anything. RDR was a game that had the guns SPOT ON. If Max Payne 3 can pull off something similar or better ... PWNn!



Crysis 2 Demo Day 1 Gameplay Exclusive Videos

By: goukijones Jan 29, 2011 | 9 Comments

Team Gouki Gameplay videos of the Crysis 2 demo. Get a first look at all of the suit powers. The different guns. Get an especially good look at this same multiplayer map in both videos. Team Gouki Chatter, but mostly we're talking about the game.

Crysis 2 Demo Day 1 Instant Action Gameplay

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Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay from NCR!

By: blazemanx Jun 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

fighting game pros battling in the current build of SFxT.

Iplaywinner posted several replays from the Street Fighter X Tekken single elimination exhibition tournament held at the 2011 NorCal Regionals. Don't miss big name players like Justin Wong, Markman, Ricky Ortiz and Marn playing the latest build of Street Fighter X Tekken!

Marn vs MarkMan

Justin Wong vs FilthieRich

Floe vs Subt-L

Ricky Ortiz vs MR NAPS

There is only one word to describe this game BADASSNICE! Its looking amazing already and its not even finished yet. Im still wating for steve fox and feng wei from tekken and karin and juri from street fighter. Let us know what you guys think about how the game is looking so far and remember don't be a jimmy.



What do you think of Inversion?

By: goukijones Oct 27, 2011 | 5 Comments

Inversion is a new game from Namco Bandai, developed by Saber Interactive. They've worked with Bungie. The Halo CE Anniversary campaign runs on the Saber3d engine. They also made TimeShift. This game doesn't look too excite for me right now. 0 Hype.


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Destiny 2 official Gameplay reveal trailer

By: BatRastered May 18, 2017 | 1 Comments

Get hype for September 8!

From the description:

From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated action shooter sequel, Destiny 2. Experience an all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer as you journey across unexplored worlds to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

You can watch the full conference below if you have an hour to spare

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