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Co-op DLC for Red Dead Redemtion announced!

By: hoho23 May 5, 2010 | 0 Comments

Red Dead Redemption gets Co-op DLC.... For Free!

Rockstar games has announced they will be giving Free DLC which include a 6 mission co-op. Can't wait for this game and DLC is always welcome especially when its free! Good to see some big game getting Free DLC first Splintercell now Red Dead! Keep the trend going! More news on this and the game as it arrives!

More info: Red Dead Redemption


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Red Dead Redemption Video Review with me

By: fnjimmy Mar 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

My name is FnJimmy, but you already know that. Finally I got to play Red Dead Redemption. Here is my only review.

For the first time in any historics, I play and review Red Dead for 360. As usual I'm pretty drunk and extremely "tired" at the same time of making this video. Gouki and Ratbastered are asking me questions. The normal review stuff.

FnJimmy Golden Video Review Red Dead Redemption

ps. I'm still killing you on MvC3. Challenge me if you dare.



Red Dead ... GTA clone or Fallout wannabe

By: goukijones May 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

I've been patrolling the wild wild west now for about 24 hours, here are my thoughts.

Does anyone else think the main character sounds like My Name is Earl guy trying to act tough? His voice it no big deal to me, but I keep thinking Marston is going to pull out a list every time he kills or helps someone and crosses something off of a list. Ms. Macfarlane will not shut up. She is the first character you meet up with and she teaches you about riding. The first couple of rides on the horse or carriage she is just talking her ass off. I guess with no cell phone and no internet, when you got a chance to talk to somebody in the wild wild west, you had a lot to say. The voice acting overall is great, there are no complaints here. Mannerisms and character accents and movements add a very deep element to the gameplay. I enjoyed watching and listening to most characters talk, except Ms. Macfarlane. Shut up!

Check out the Rockstar Social Club and link your gamertag ala Halo link. You get special items, gameplay invites with Rockstar staff, and special challenges. Friend me on Rockstar yo. This is happening right now.

So yeah actually pwnn the game. The hud and controls look and feel like GTA. I'm sure you've heard the GTA on horses comparison. What I've experienced with the world is more of a Fallout feeling. In Fallout you were always getting attacked randomly when you were away from the towns. You need to survive off of the land, hunting animals and looting dead Jimmy bandits you've pwnd out in the canyons. For that reason I'm excited about getting in and getting rich. Trying to make that money and buy that fast ass horse the Jimmy has for sale in town for $500 bucks. That shotgun sounds like fun too.

The graphics are incredible there is absolutely no doubt this is one of the best looking video games I've seen in years. The detail, just sitting at the poker tables is amazing. By the way I've probably spent more time gambling in the game than anything else. I'm trying to get rich quick Jimmy! There's poker, black jack, liars dice(which I've never heard of) and Five Finger Fillet when is the hand and knife game from ... Remember Alien when Bishop was stabbing the table while the other solider held his hand still on the table.

Without a doubt I am loving GTwildwest errrrr Red Dead Redemption. Another full session awaits me this afternoon, can't wait.


Giddy up Jimmy!

Whether it's from Amazon or Newegg you can save a nice chunk off the top of the retail price Jimmy!

So here's the deal Jimmy. If you buy Red Dead Redemption from Amazon. $10 bucks off and free shipping and a $5 mp3 credit. I know that if you didn't buy this game on day one, then you can chill out and use the free shipping. Stolen!

On Newegg you can get both Red Dead Redemption and Split/Second for $49.99.

Or save $13 $3 bucks on Split/Second $56.99 and a $10 credit at Amazon.



Wednesday PWNFEST June 30, 2010

By: goukijones Jun 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

So it's been a few weeks since I've just gone crazy playing video games. I've already beaten one game today ...

I'm going to finish Red Dead Redemption today and then later I want to play some of that multiplayer. So if you got RDR and want to play some of those new co-op multiplayer missions hit me up and lets set it for after 5pm pst. Don't be a Jimmy, leave a comment on this story.

Singularity ... "I have beaten the game." Stay tuned for my review. If you want to play the multiplayer again hit me up here. I'll play a few rounds with you. It's terrible though.

I've already seen BatRastered pwnn Naughty Bear. Allegedly the man is on top of the leaderboards. Must be only 7 people playing the game. I gotta give it a try.



Latest videos for Red Dead Redemption

By: goukijones Mar 19, 2010 | 8 Comments

So this is seriously turning into a GTA western. These videos are done with so much style. Watch them and tell me you are not interested in this game.

Red Dead Redemption will be released on May 18th 2010. Watch any of the videos below. They are all great. Weapons and Death is my favorite because it shows you pure raiping. The last video is pure gameplay; travel, trade, combat. The horses are like the cars in GTA I think. The first video has a lot of high quality voice acting and hints at what looks like a fun story. Keep your pants on during the women's video. The women are scary.


The Law. The Agent is the sheeeit!


Referendum Outfits. If you pre-order through you will receive one of these special outfits Jimmy!


The women of Red Dead Redemption "Sinners, Saints and Survivors."


Weapons and Death. Jimmy? Enough said.


And finally Life in the West the newest video for Red Dead Redemption. Gives me goose bumps Jimmy! *Warning: Animals railed! Not for animal lovers.

Red Dead Redemption on sale now

Former Game of The Year Winner, Red Dead Redemption finally gets its long overdue Sequel.

Please check out all of the stories from the original Red Dead Redemption.  

Red Dead on

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Red Dead Redemption Movie

By: iorilamia Dec 9, 2010 | 6 Comments

John Hillcoat created a short RDR movie using cutscenes

About 5-6 months ago John Hillcoat created a RDR movie by using cutscenes and some gameplay, it runs smoothly through the first part of the game. Apparently it appared on Fox as a special, but I had no idea this ever happened. Red Dead series fans enjoy, and maybe non-fans.

Side note: There was some talk a while back for a live action Red Dead Redemption movie starring Brad Pitt as John Martson, not sure if it has been halted or just dropped)

Community Review


Downloadable Content Letdowns

By: iorilamia Jan 27, 2011 | 14 Comments

DLC's that where ...bleh

I've been hooked on buying DLC for a couple of years now. But not everything is perfect. The only DLC from several games that have let me down was the second one from Red Dead Redemption. The second DLC; Legends and Killers. I bought it as soon as it was released! This DLC brought us Tomahawks, new characters and new pvp maps. But this DLC has simple reasons as to why it was a dissapointment, but it being $10 was alright.


  • They are basically a heavier and further traveling throwing knife. The appealing part is that they where big and rugged looking. Seeing a huge tomahawk sticking out of someones face and back is pretty win. A long with jimmy-ass achievments for this weapon and realizing its a updated/harder to use version of a throwing knife with less amo really looses how special it is after a bit.


  • We got 10 new characters. They where 10 of the main characters/ favorites from Red Dead Revolver. This was awesome for nostalgia, but people who never played the original game loved not only the looks of them, but the awesome one liners they spout out. Buffalo Soldier yellin at fools to man up and stop being pussies while Red Harlow backs him is for the win. Characters where the only part of the DLC i don't regret.


  • Not all of these are "new". Some of the maps where ones we already had in multiplayer but it would be a level that did not have TDM before, or it only had TDM, now in the DLC it has grab the bag. Besides that the DLC brings many of awesome stages that where fun to pvp in. The downside, the major downside is the lack of specifics you get when you want to play a game. You can only select legends and killers FFA or Team games. You have no idea what your going to get. Hey I really want to play these new maps in a team death match, OH, the last 6 games I got where all free for all capture the bag followed by free for all deathmatch. This became very agrivating and got many of people to just go back to their original maps while waiting for the next epic dlc's. Heres a vid from IGN promoting it.

Too bad you can't rent DLC, this rant turned into a type of review. FLUSH IT! aka...dont buy it. (the other DLC are very worth it though)

DLC that seemed like a complete waste that wasn't even considered was KOF12's background music. It was the sexy jazzy music from kof 98 but for $5 for a song or two? How about I just play it on youtube while i play?

I want to know what DLC really let you guys down or just pissed you off. Or any that where just not appealing at all/pointless? Leave a comment below about your experiences.yes (Maybe it will give us some insight before we purchase some)

Set your VCR's to record history tonight Jimmy! First ever short film made from a video game to be on national tv.

This should be awesome. Tonight May 29, 2010 at Midnight Eastern & Pacific on FOX. Everything about the game already feels like a movie. The acting and character mannerisms are great in the game, you can get a real sense for what a character is thinking by just seeing them on screen. The scenery in the game alone could just be a nature video. Set your Tivo Jimmy ... trust me. You'll watch.

These videos are just fun to watch the narration and the voice acting are great. I'm super excited for this game.

Life in the West Part II

Watch the horse has he runs into the woods. Listen how the Gunslinger draw matches work.


Gentlemen & Vagabonds

This video shows some of the more colorful characters. "I ain't warshed in six months!"


Multiplayer Competitive

How about a Mexican Standoff to start the death match Jimmy? Gold rush = running around with the bags of gold.


Multiplayer Free Roam

This multiplayer looks like another world. I just want to raip your posse!


Red Dead Redemption box art
Red Dead Redemption on sale free shipping $10 credit


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John Marston bangs out a mine cart

By: goukijones May 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

Something about this is funny to me.

I love Red Dead Redemption. This is only the first in many things I want to show you about RDR.

One mission you have to push a mine cart out of the mine. I tried to pull the mine cart backwards first. I came to a small hill in the mine and this happened ... watch the video.

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