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Tagged: street-fighter-iv (x) caught up with Justin Wong and EG MaRN at CES this past Friday in a exclusive interview. They were asked about their dream characters, who they are using in MvC3 and what went down at the secret fight club from Thursday night.

Big thanks to Justin Wong and EG MaRN for giving us their time at CES over the weekend. The seven footer Cinderkin spotted Justin and Marn, chased them down and backed them up against the wall for an exclusive interview. Both Justin and Marn were super cool and answered questions about who they are using in Marvel VS Capcom 3. How the game played at Thursday nights secret fight club. Both gave a really cool quick promo for the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 giveaway. Thanks a lot for the interview guys.


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Makoto Vs Ryu at Super vs Battle in London

By: Cinderkin Aug 26, 2010 | 8 Comments

V-Ryu (Makoto)vs Kusanagi94 (Ryu)

A very impressive showing of skill with Makoto from V-Ryu at Super vs Battle this year. His opponent an 11 year old Ryu player named Kusanagi94. Kusanagi94 is not a Ryu to take lightly, as he beat Diago once at the tournament held in London this year.

Makoto is still considered very unfamiliar for most players, so it nice to see some high level play with her.

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Street Fighter IV Review (360)

By: jalexbrown Jan 24, 2010 | 9 Comments

My review of the 360 version of Street Fighter IV (posted in anticipation of Super Street Fighter IV)


Remember back in the old days when you could go to the arcades and watch the machines eat away at your seemingly endless supply of quarters?  Those were good times, and Capcom has now found a way to bring that same feeling to the home with Street Fighter IV.  Let's get one thing about this game out of the way up front, shall we?  Street Fighter IV's gameplay doesn't do much new, but it doesn't need to do much new.  If you go into this game expecting some new or drastically different formula, you'll be disappointed; if you go into this game expecting that same rush you got playing Street Fighter II in the arcades, this is your game.

The roster of characters in Street Fighter IV is large enough to satisfy your desires, and includes some new characters that all seem to fit in well with the existing roster of characters.  Of course you get your Street Fighter staple characters like Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li, Vega, and the likes, but you also get four new characters as well: El Fuerte, a Mexican wrestler who is fast and agile; Abel, whose power-to-speed ratio seems to be the most balanced of the new fighters; Rufus, a heavyweight fighter who still manages to be surprising agile in spite of his size; and Crimson Viper, a female who is quick on her feet with a movelist that focuses on the use of high-tech weaponry.  There is also a new boss who is unlockable, Seth, who has a movelist that is a mixture of other fighters in the game.  Also new to the series as a playable character is Gouken, the mentor of Ryu and Ken.  The character list in the game is balanced enough that you can be pretty much any character in the game and stand a fighting chance against any other character in the game, but for some reason I didn't feel very compelled to play much with the new characters.  They fit well in the game, but they're just a bit less interesting than the more established characters.

Visuals in Street Fighter IV are great.  The game looks sort of like a 3D cartoon.  Characters have heavy black outlines, and the colors throughout the game have a water-color style to them that is appealing to the eye.  The special moves are flash enough to be entertaining to watch as well.  During the story mode, each character has an intro and outro movie that is anime-style, and these movies are all well-done as well.

Street Fighter IV's control scheme is intuitive rather you choose to use the analog stick or the D-Pad, although I did find that certain characters - Zangief, for instance - had moves that were easier to execute with the analog stick as opposed to the D-Pad.  If you're familiar with the older Street Fighter games it won't take you long to pick up on your favorite moves of yesteryear, either; most of the older moves are executed the same way you remember, so the pick-up-and-play aspect of Street Fighter IV is heightened over some other fighting games, which seem to feel inclined to change the way you do moves between entries.

Most of the game's appeal is being able to play with other people.  While I personally didn't get to take the online for a spin, I did play quite a few offline versus matches against various friends, and the game is great fun when you're playing with another person.  Fortunately for Street Fighter IV, however, the AI is skilled enough on the higher difficulties that you can play against the computer and still feel like you're playing against another person.  On the higher difficulties the AI does sometimes have a tendency to spam certain moves, but then again that's also a problem you'll experience pretty often against a human opponent.  Characters with moves that are easy to spam - such as Blanka - are more difficult to fight against, but eventually you'll learn when the computer is going to spam a certain attack and act accordingly.

Overall Street Fighter IV is a great game in the Street Fighter franchise and a great game in general.  The original $60 price tag was a bit steep, but now that the game has come down in price, it's definitely worth picking up.  The fights are fun and always unpredictable, the characters are varied but balanced, and the general flow of the game is really everything we've come to expect from Capcom.  I consider Street Fighter IV a must-own.

NOTE: Since Super Street Fighter IV has been announced, you may want to weigh out your options as far as rather to get Street Fighter IV or wait for Super Street Fighter IV.  If I had to advise, I'd say you're better off to wait for Super Street Fighter IV.  Of course if you can afford to do both, go ahead and go buy Street Fighter IV right now and beat it to death before Super Street Fighter IV comes out.  I've heard that there will be some sort of bonus for people who own both versions, so perhaps that could be your incentive to spend a few extra bucks and own both versions.  Whichever way you go, though, you definitely won't be going wrong.

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It's BatRastered. C'mon ... in the bag.


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T. Chun-Hawk vs Jurifus SF4 Video

By: Cinderkin Dec 20, 2010 | 7 Comments

This is one disturbing video here. T.Hawk skin on Chun-Li vs Juri skin on Rufus. What happens next is in the video. Be warned, this is some freaky shit.


How it's done:

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



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Seth SSF4 combo video by MrDustKicka

By: Cinderkin Oct 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

MrDustKicka just posted a brand new Super Street Fighter 4 combo video for Seth, which is available in HD.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



Street Fighter IV for iPod got an update

By: aragrist Sep 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

Street Fighter IV got an update a few days ago adding new characters and Downloadable content.

I know I know! I haven't been a good writer or a good gamer lately. I haven't been updating my iPod games or even playing them much with the exception of Robot Unicorn Attack (one of the best pick and play games to give you an uncomfortable Gay feeling). So I was shocked the other day when I saw a massive update for Street Fighter IV on my iTunes apps update. The update added a couple of new characters namely E. Honda and Viper as well as adding a new option from the main menu, Downloadable content. I have yet been able to check out what you can buy  and download since my wi-fi has been acting a bit wacky, that and my iPod's battery has been getting drained by all the SFIV I've been playing while out and about. As soon as get a chance I'll update this article with my findings in the downloadable content option.


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Street Fighter IV PC Mod Trailer!

By: Cinderkin Jan 28, 2011 | 12 Comments

This Street Fighter IV PC Mod trailer showcases some really cool character skins and redone stages. Showing the true potential of SFIV on PC. Really Cool vid from August 2010.

Did you notice some of those characters? My favorite is the Robert and Yuri Skin for Dan and Sakura. Art of Fighting is still one of my favorite fighting games. Which ones are your favorites? Tell us in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Come one come all another Street Fighter tournament will be held this weekend in Miami! Don't be a Jimmy!

Can you prove to be the best? One of the top tier in Miami? Florida maybe? Well, here's your shot now!
Final Round Arcade brings you a great year of bouts with bigger tourney!

Here's all the info you need!

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Kick my Ass? in Street Fighter IV vs DMeNt1

By: goukijones Mar 19, 2010 | 8 Comments

Vote on this story to give DMeNt1 a vote. This was the first match of the night, my first match in weeks. I'm not making excuses already.

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Dan? I got this in the bag. He picked Dan!

Vesper Arcade posted another video tutorial explaining how to use Tiger Knee motions to perform instant air moves with some of the cast members of Super Street Fighter 4.



Vlog #6 All day Pwnfest!

By: goukijones Oct 6, 2009 | 3 Comments

The all day Pwnfest. Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV! Pwnn!

Im out of control drunk again! In the new show Im having an all day pwnfest playing Halo Wars and Resident Evil 5. I saw Dragonball Evolution and you get to see my immediate reaction. I also talk about Wolverine. Dont miss this exciting new Vlog! Jimmy!

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