News: Darksiders 3 is finally OTW. November 27, 2018 Release Date Set!

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I praise Darksiders, but did not enjoy Darksiders II as much. Who cares? Let's talk about Statues.

I'm still waiting for the day a four player version of this game is announced.  Like the Zelda game you can play with 3 friends.  This style of gameplay is just like Zelda.  I would say that the first game is what I expected an adult Zelda game to be similar to.  They do seem to be going balls to the wall with these statues.  Remember the Q stands for Quality.  So they are probably going to be very nice.  I remember how mine was delivered with the first game.

THQ Nodric just released these videos on their YouTube.

Read our stories about Darksiders and Darksiders II.

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Darksiders III

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Release Date: Nov 27, 2018

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