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XBOX Live Summer of Arcade II, Rockbottom Micrsoft points sale, Exclusive Halo Reach and Final Fantasy XIV DLC and EBGames and Gamestop have the deal of the week?

Deals of the WEEK!

EBgames and Gamestop super deals and free shipping. 

Darksiders $19.99

Assassin's Creed 2 $19.99

Fallout 3 GOTY includes all DLC $39.99 worth every cent.

God of War III $29.99 

Lost Odyssey [pre-owned] $12.49

AND ...

GameFly 2 games at a time. 3 months for $45 bucks.

**Updated Bonus!!

Bioshock 2 $15.99

Bayonetta $14.99

Huge sale happening @ GameFly right now. Click here.

XBOX Live Summer of Arcade starts this week. Get some points and save some money Jimmy!


Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points $16.54 Free Shipping

Xbox 360 Live 4000 Points $45.54 Free Shipping

Save money and pre-order now on this Falls hottest games. You know there is nothing else coming out until Halo Reach. Then we got Final Fantasy XIV and Star Wars the Force Unleashed II. So get ready for those games now!


Star Wars the Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition with a mini USB and free DLC

Metroid Other M $49.99 Free Shipping $20 Video Games Credit

Call of Duty Black Ops $59.99 Free Shipping $20 Video Games Credit

Halo Reach $59.99 Free Shipping $20 Video Games Credit


Halo Reach Gamestop and EBGames

Halo Reach $59.99 Free Shipping $20 Video Games Credit Also includes FREE DLC Spartan Recon helmet with the Visor/Blast Shield ***Updated*** (from "If you don’t preorder the game from Gamestop, you will never see the chest piece in your Armory. We aren’t going to wave the banner of something you can’t acquire because you didn’t purchase a particular SKU, or buy from a particular retailer. Buy whichever version of the game you covet at your favorite retailer."

Final Fantasy XIV pre-launch secret base - Everything you need to know about your Final Fantasy XIV pre-order. *New picture of in-game pre-order bonus items.

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty is pretty much retail everywhere you look with no special pre-order bonus.

EBgames and Gamestop are offering midnight openings.

Don't be a Jimmy! If I missed something let me know in the comments below. I want to know what deals and games your are chasing down today as well. Comment and vote up and share this story around the internet. Thanks JIMAH!!


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