News: Uncle Sensei revealed as playable character in DIVEKICK

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Welcome Uncle Sensei to the playable roster! Has DIVEKICK lost its "it factor" or should I say its "Kick-Factor?" This was something shocking and new ... months ago.

From DIVEKICK developers:

This is an image of Sensei from the New Angle Dojo stage (in Bel Air).  He lives there, but Dive and Kick have recently discovered that their Uncle may not own the dojo!  Is he squatting there?!  Is their esteemed Uncle, former 10 time world DiveKicking champion, homeless?!

You'll notice that Sensei has slippers on his hands.  He only wears these during times of meditation.  In combat, the same boots you see on his feet also appear on his hands.  Sensei is truly the man who took tournament DiveKicking to the next level for over a decade until his extremely salty retirement.  Will he have his revenge?  Will adverse possession laws help him legally acquire the New Angle Dojo?  Will he ever stop the over-sized weasel that keeps stealing his cigars? 

I still really wish the original idea of 1v1, 2 characters, 2 buttons, and all that jazz from the original promo, had just been released on the iPhone for $0.99. That was going to make some money. Then all of this info, is stuff for DIVEKICK 2, a full version of the idea. I agree with BatRastered that this game is losing a lot of hype because of that. I would have purchased a character in the game if I had 3 gizzles. >.>

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