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A how-to guide for unlocking the three extra characters in Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3).

Local Gouki user Guano brought over his new UD-CPS2 system with a copy of the Japaneese Street Fighter Zero 3 (alpha 3 in the US). GoukiJones wanted to play as Juni, a favorite from back in the day when alpha was the new game in town.

Juni Zero 3

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Ultra Femme Fatales Pack Out Now!

By: Cinderkin Nov 16, 2010 | 7 Comments

The Super Street Fighter 4 Ultra Femme Fatales Pack is now Available on PSN and Xbox Live. Go download em and get to winning in style! (unless Cammy is your character). Pics and pricing below.

The Ultra Femme Fatales Pack is avaiable now, and will cost $3.99 or 320 MSP. Below are a few screenshots showing off the costumes in game.








C. Viper


Cammy (Sorry)



Are you going to buy these? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Spoiler Alert: still no actual game play.

I said the E3 demo was a huge set piece that looked very scripted to me.  This trailer leaves me with the same bland flavor.  What is this game going to look like when somebody is actually playing it?  9-7-2018 we will find out.

Community Blog

Crimson Relic

SSFIV Developer Blog: Move Tweaking and Costume Alts

By: Crimson Relic Feb 9, 2010 | 1 Comments

A little bit of info regarding some adjustments to moves.

I really wanted to go to the 1st Kansai Regional Qualifiers... It seems like the Kyushu Regional Qualifier last week was also incredible! This week it's the Chubu Qualifiers! Everyone, do your best!
Hello, this is Tsukamoto!

This time, I'd like to talk about some things that all our players have been concerned about - move adjustments/tweaking and the alternate costumes. I'll be joined by director Mr. Okada, and the battle player Mr. Tamamura.

-- What kind of adjustments are being made this time around for SSFIV?


First, we decided to stick with the idea of keeping whatever was possible in SFIV intact. For balancing a fighting game, there are two different possibilities - make the moves of the stronger characters less effective (nerf) or to make the moves of the weaker characters more effective (buff). Going the route of buffing the weaker characters moves makes for more difficult adjustments, but as we didn't want our players to feel stressed out, we decided to go with buffing the weaker characters for SSFIV.

-- Will we still be able to do combos and such that were possible in SFIV?


Yes. As long as leaving it in wasn't too dangerous, we've been making our adjustments while leaving in combos that were possible in SFIV. We had decided on this at the very beginning of development.

-- What kind of adjustments are being made for the characters who are said to be too strong?


If we're talking about strong characters, that would be Sagat right? Before making adjustments, we asked for the opinions of people who play Sagat. We found that, more than using him just because he was strong, that there were a lot of people who enjoyed playing the character. So we have been making adjustments while trying to preserve that sense of enjoyment. Sagat has the infamous Tiger Uppercut FADC Tiger Destruction Ultra combo, as well as many other powerful tools. So we're not trying to take away all of his powerful tools, but just look carefully look at what we can retain and then make adjustments from there.

-- So that means that the feel of playing Sagat won't really change in SSFIV?


To a point, it will be really close to how it was in SFIV. Of course, there will be adjustments made to his move's damage output and effectiveness, so it won't be exactly the same as SFIV. But it is our intention to keep as much as possible of the play of Sagat that players found fun and interesting.

Also, I don't think that there will be any instances where you feel that a move has become really nerfed from the previous game. Not just the moves, we are also looking at things like vitality and stun values.

-- Zangief was also pretty strong.


In SFIV, when Zangief did a Double Lariat against larger characters, really the only thing they could do was to block it. For example, maybe Abel players aren't too fond of the matchup against Zangief. So this time in SSFIV, we're making adjustments to avoid things like that.

-- But if we're talking about strong characters....


If we just look at the effectiveness of his moves and his general abilities, Ryu was also considered to be pretty strong. We've made some general adjustments on Ryu as well, but probably the easiest to understand is that his strong and fierce Shoryuken have been changed from SFIV - they've gone from one hit to two. Those who have been playing Street Fighter games for a while probably already know this, but in SFII the Shoryuken was two hits. So now we feel as if we've come closer to the feel of that time.

-- How does the 2-Hit Shoryuken change things from the last game?

If he doesn't get the full 2 hits, if only 1 hit connects on his opponent, the damage output is less than what it was in SFIV.

-- Does this mean you've nerfed the damage on the Shoryuken?


I don't think you can really call it a nerfing. You can still use it as a poke/counter, and I think its easier to use in combos now, so we've adjusted it to make its proper use a bit easier.

-- What kind of adjustments have you made for the characters who are considered to be weak?


In general, our weak characters are thought to be Vega and Guile. So of course, we've been making adjustments to buff them up. To give a specific example, we've increased the amount of hits Vega can take before he loses his claw. His claw has a lot of priority, so in SFIV in order to make it not too good we made it so that it came off fairly quick. But the players all responded that Vega was weak, and I think this is a big reason why. So this time, while also thinking about general balance, we've made the claw a lot more durable as compared to SFIV. And for Guile, in SFIV I felt that we didn't really capture his "footsies and normals" gameplay style, so we took a good look at that area and made adjustments.

-- If there have been any big changes for other characters, please tell us about it.


We had a lot of requests from Rose players who wanted to be able to grab an opponent with the Soul Throw after they've been launched by the Soul Reflect. So now you can. This wasn't something that she's been able to do before, but it certainly looks like she should be able to. So this time we've made it so that she can catch with the Soul Throw. We've made adjustments such as this, so please look forward to them.

-- If you are making adjustments to all characters moves, then does that mean we have to re-memorize all our opponents combos from scratch?


We felt that we didn't want to make big changes to the combos, so we haven't for the most part. We have been balancing things so that players from SFIV can make the transistion to SSFIV with all their knowledge intact, and for new players to be able to pick up the game without feeling too much opposition.

-- How about the strength of the CPU opponents?


As we heard a lot of opinions from our players about this, we've also made adjustments to the CPU opponents.

We've widened the difference a little bit between EASIEST and HARDEST in Arcade Mode. So EASIEST is a bit easier, and HARDEST feels like it might be the toughest yet. So this will give you a different play experience from SFIV!

-- So here let's switch gears and talk about the alternate costumes. Tell us the details of adding the alternate costumes to all of the characters this time around.


First, our development staff had decided from the beginning that all of the new characters in SSFIV would have to have an alternate costume. But then we started thinking about how to give our fans even better service, and talks arose of giving the existing SFIV characters another costume. As SSFIV is on a pretty tight schedule, originally Mr. Tsukamoto had said "That's not really possible is it?" But then Mr. Kamei said "I'll get it done even if I vomit blood!" and since he was willing to go that far, we decided to go ahead with the additions (laughs). So we really are grateful to the designer.

-- How do you decide on the look of the alternate costumes?


For the alternate costumes in SFIV, we looked at the character personality, and then what type of look they would have based on that. So we decided to stay faithful to the characters. So generally, we have a lot of stoic designs. For SSFIV, producer Ono expressed a desire to bring out the more playful elements of the alternate costumes, so from that we have ones like the Mega Zangief F.

-- Were there any difficulties in creating the alternate costumes?


First, time! That's what we want the most when trying to make something good. During the draw-up period all we talked about was how and if we could make the costume that would be the coolest for the character.

The character it took the longest to decide on was Ryu.

Yeah. If we're talking about Ryu, he's martial arts clothes with a headband! ...But aside from that he doesn't really have a strong impression, so it was difficult to break that. For his alternate this time around, there were some opinions to just have him look casual, in a T-shirt and jeans. But we felt that Ryu is at his coolest while fighting, so he should be wearing something that shows his battle readiness. So that's how we arrived at his current alternate costume of the hakama pants.

-- Were there any ideas that were dropped?


To go along with Mega Zangief F, we also had a Mega Blanka. When he does his Electric Thunder move there'd be these coils on his back that would light up. But then when we put Mega Zangief F and Mega Blanka together, it didn't really feel like a Street Fighter game anymore, so we eventually dropped it.

-- What are some of your personal favorite alternate costumes?


I like Mega Zangief F. When he jumps, he's got rocket boosters in his feet that light up and make you think that something's gonna pop out. Its a really intricately designed costume.

There are a lot of great things about Mega Zangief F! If you look closely, you can see the background is reflected in his various parts. Also, we made sound effects just for him (laughs). But personally, I like Balrog. He's got a nice wild look that's just really cool!

-- Do you have any final comments to the players looking forward to the game?


First, about adjustments, aside from just tweaking existing moves, we've also added new ultra combos, which is sure to increase the fighting styles of many characters. For all the players who have been giving it their all in SFIV, they can bring all their techniques over to SSFIV and also enjoy new ones. And of course for those who are just getting started with SSFIV, we've made adjustments so that its easy to jump right into, so please look forward to it!

And about the alternate costumes, the work that goes into making one is almost the same as it would be to make a whole new character. There's a lot of detail in even the smallest areas, and it shows how hard the designers worked on it, so please take a good look at them. As Ms. Shiozawa mentioned on her blog last week, the alternate costumes for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, and Fei Long will be available from the start as a special feature. Give those a try, and if you like them then we'd be thrilled if you used the other alternate costumes as well!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's entry. We were able to get some details about the game balance and adjustments. If there's demand for it, I'd like to make another chance to talk a little bit more about adjustments.

Well then, see you next week!


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Windows Phone hands-on CES 2011 with goukijones

By: goukijones Jan 10, 2011 | 9 Comments

Oh wow! The new Windows Phone is here. I hate cell phones. hating on caught on tape!

So some of you may not know this, but I hate cell phones. Yes, yes, I'm glad to have mine and I use it a lot. Sometimes though, I could just be sitting on the couch and constantly checking it every two seconds. Then I catch myself doing this and I get very angry. I feel way to attached to it. Then when your girlfriend is constantly texting you and geting angrier and angrier because you aren't responding. You don't know, you left the phone in another room so you would be sucked into it's unholy control over your mind.
Anyway, I think I'm way off topic here. I could do with out cell phones that's for sure. But everything around me would fall apart. Check out me trying to get on with the new Windows Phone at CES 2011. 

Community Review

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Review: Bayonetta

By: blazemanx Jun 9, 2011 | 7 Comments

One of the best action/adventure games out there.

Bayonetta is a very enjoyable game. This game is done by the same writer/director/producer/leader/boss/president/whatever-he-is guy of the 1st Devil May Cry game. I've only played DMC 4 and didn't really like it. The combat of this game is largely the same but moves much faster and is more fun to me. I am a huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden games, and Bayonetta offers combat just as intense and intricate, but without having to hold down the block button pretty much constantly. However, it does offer about the same in the area of female appearance ridiculousness, but I'll get to that later. Onto the review!

Every review that I have read has complained about the story being either incoherent or hard to follow. These reviewers have a mindset that is more and more prevalent in each review I read: they have a game set in their mind about what they think a game should be, instead of playing the game for what the game is. Here's the skinny on the story:

You're a witch. You woke up 20 years ago after a 500 year slumber. Unfortunately, you forgot everything that happened before you were Rip-Van-Winkled. You are now investigating to find out who you are and what you should do about it.

That's it. There's the story. The rest of the details are revealed throughout many cut scenes. Do events make sense right away? No. Do they make sense by the end of the story? Yes. There are a few loose ends that don't get tied up, but for the most part, it is a complete story that makes sense given the game's created universe. It's also a very interesting story. You'll probably want to keep playing the game just to find out what happens next. There is also quite a bit of comedy as well as references to earlier Sega games. This game will make you laugh out loud if you get into it.  

The environments are gorgeous. The detail is good, the scenery is great, and the animation is smooth. And now for the character models…

Bayonetta is a girl. A very tall girl I might add, with a small head. She has the same body parts as any other girl has. She also sheds her clothing, which is made of her hair, frequently. Which brings me to my theory of game programmers and scantily clad women in video games.

Game programmers are typically cast as nerds. Nerds don't typically have many people skills, especially with women. Therefore, they program women in video games to be the ideal woman that they know they could never talk to. And then proceed to make them take off their clothes as often as they can get away with. There you go; explanation for Bayonetta's design.

(I know programmers aren't really like this, probably. I also know that most of them are probably married and very cool dudes. It's just a theory. If you have another one, I would love to hear it!)

Anyway, the character models, aside from how uncomfortably sexual they might be they do look very good. The design of the enemies are well detailed and have characteristics that link them together so they all look alike while still being different. I like when a game uses this kind of congruency.

Bayonetta also has many different costumes that you can purchase. Although, when you use an alternate costume, she doesn't get more naked as you get higher combos. Which might make the game less enjoyable, if you're into that sort of thing.  

Bayonetta's gameplay is where this digitized romp really shines. It is fast, simple, and elegant. Bayonetta's fighting mechanics are centered around evading attacks with an evade button, and if done at the right time, engages Witch Time. Witch Time slows everything down except for you, allowing you to beat on enemies for a few seconds to gain the upper hand. It becomes more tricky as you progress to the higher levels with more powerful enemies. I can't tell you how many times I've died trying to wait until the last second to evade an attack, only to be late and get hit. This evasion emphasis forces you to be good at this game, and in turns rewards you with fluffy feelings of accomplishment.

You have a punch and a kick button, but you'll start pretty much every combo with a punch, as kicking is too slow when you start an attack with it. The gunplay is performed with one button to rapid fire. The only really useful application of this is to hold down this button to shoot bosses when you can't get close to them. Not very much damage, but does keep the battle engaging even when you're waiting for a boss to make a move. You have guns in your hands and on you're legs, and can hold down a punch or kick button to fire that weapon. The game designers coupled this feature with being able to dodge while holding down an attack button, and then continuing the combo after the dodge. It takes a lot of getting used to, but hitting an enemy, shooting him a few times, then dodging his attack and reentering your combo after you've engaged Witch Time, is very satisfying. With that said, the guns are useful, but not really as a stand alone attack.

There are many different weapons to collect throughout the game, with some being more useful than others. You can also buy accessories at the “Gates of Hell,” the shop in the game. Most of the accessories don't seem very useful to me, but maybe that's because I was expecting an accessory that simply “boosts your defense” or something like that. Every accessory has a unique quality that helps in other ways. You can also buy new fighting techniques, healing items, and secret stuff. I used the healing items sparingly, as the game has frequent check points, and it was easier to die and come back with full health than use a bunch of healing items.

The levels are pretty linear, with a set number of encounters in each one. After you finish battling in each separate encounter, you are given a medal ranking based on your performance. One thing that I found strange is that if you go through the level and even find all the “off the path” areas, you still won't engage in every battle. You have to back track to find them. Problem is, there is really no reason to back track except to find these extra battles. In some levels, I still haven't found every encounter (maybe I need an accessory I haven't bought?). This is odd to me, but doesn't hurt the gameplay unless you yearn to get every medal.

There are some collectibles, but no side quests or anything like that. You play this game to fight and listen to the story, and there's not much beyond that. I really enjoyed the simple-ness of it, but if you need more variety from a game, you might not like Bayonetta. 


The voice acting is superb across the board. Every character is voiced perfectly and is given plenty of chances to talk, as this game is flooded with cut scenes. The music is mostly J-Pop, which some people might not like, but it fits the mood of the game nicely. This game is meant to be played with a light-hearted attitude, and the music bolsters that. There are multiple sections in the game that made me laugh out loud because some character said something that was immediately followed by an infectious J-Pop beat and camera shutter sound. A tad ridiculous at times, but overall, it fits the game.

Final Verdict: BUY IT

Bayonetta is a great game. I understand where people wouldn't like it, but that makes it better for us who do like it. The game designers had an idea, stuck with it, and didn't try to make it everyone's game. They made a really good beat ‘em up game that stands tall right next to games like Ninja Gaiden. Good work Sega, and I'm looking forward to a sequel. 

So let us know what you think about the game and the review and don't be a jimmy.



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TERA Online first impressions

By: BatRastered Sep 6, 2011 | 2 Comments | Updated: Sep 7, 2011

Team Gouki paid a visit to En Masse Entertainment's Seattle HQ and got a first-hand look at TERA for the PC.

TERA, or The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is an MMORPG and En Masse wants you to put an "A" in front of that for Action. Team Gouki took a break from the madness of the PAX show floor to head over to En Masse Entertainment's HQ for a glimpse into what that means. First, let's get this out of the way, TERA has already been released in South Korea (home of developer Bluehole Studio) and is being localised for the N.A. and Euro markets.

Intro to TERA

As we arrived at En Masse, we were shown into the conference room and seated at computers with different class names labeled on each. As we were the first group in, we were given a choice as to what we wanted to play as. I chose the sorcerer, a high damage but low health "glass cannon" type. FnJimmy chose the archer, a ranged damage class. One of the guys from En Masse would play as the Mystic (healer) class to keep all of us n00bs alive for the demo. Typically, one of their staff would play as the tank as well, but we had a full room, so to maximize the available PCs another member of the gaming press was seated at the tank station.

En Masse conf room

There are a total of eight classes (to start) for TERA; two healers, two tanks, and four damage classes. You probably need at least one tank and one healer in your party if you want to do well against the tougher enemies or raids.

After we were given a brief overview of the game mechanics and story, we jumped right in to the game. What makes TERA an "Action" MMORPG is that you have to aim and move (and dodge) in real time. The fights are more Mass-Effect like, just with a bunch more options. I had opened up the menu to look at what my spells did, since the icons were unfamiliar, most of the others in the group had done the same or were playing around with the dodge mechanic in the empty hallway leading into the room full of monsters. Not FnJimmy. No, he had to go all LEEEROY JENKINNNNS!!! on us and rush into the action where he agro a bunch of monsters and drew them back into the narrow hallway where we were all standing. Actual quote from the En Masse staff: "That's not good, I'd be surprised if you survived this." Fuckin' Jimmy!

FnJimmy plays TERA

I stood rear guard and killed some of the monsters that were chasing FnJimmy down the hall while the rest of the group cleared the door so we could get into the large room we were supposed to be fighting in. We made it, barely. Now it was time for a boss fight, TERA allows you to combo chain your attacks together when they connect, I quickly learned that my standard attack (a fireball) could be chained off of the #4 spell on my keyboard (an electrical ball attack that was slow) and allow a follow-up ice bomb. These follow up combos were done by simply pressing the spacebar after your first move connected (provided your cross hairs were still on target) and increased in damage massively. I was taking off 11,000+ points of damage on the boss every time. Our tank player was good at keeping the boss's attention away from us weaker characters and the healer kept him alive and the rest of us buffed up. We dropped the boss without anyone dying. Sweet.

BatRastered on TERA

GoukiJones then subbed in for FnJimmy to get a taste of the archer, I kept playing. We went to fight another boss who had minions he would summon periodically. It was a fierce battle that took the remainder of our time, but we came out on top, again with zero deaths. First group to do that according to the En Masse staff, and we did it without their tank!

Honestly, TERA was a big surprise for me at PAX, because I'm not a huge MMO fan. Adding the "Action" to it made a huge difference, and I liked what I saw of this more than I did of SW:TOR (although this was the third show where I've seen TOR, I played it over 15 months ago at E3 2010, so maybe I'm just tired of looking at it, seriously release that shit already).

The folks at En Masse are putting a lot into the end-game of TERA as well, there will be elections and cross-server invasions (or defense depending on what side you're on I guess). I don't know how much of that I'll be into, PvP was never my thing on RPGs.

TERA is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe in Spring 2012.

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New Catherine trailer shows off voice work and interesting Q&A

By: iorilamia May 16, 2011 | 6 Comments

New Catherine video released by Atlus, "Are You Committed?" uses fan-submitted answers and a peek at the voice actors performance.

New Atlus video "Are You Committed" doesn't show anything new for the upcoming adult game Catherine. But it does raise some interesting questions about how fans feel about their relationships. Also, we get to hear Vincent, Catherine and Jonathan's voice actors at work. I was afraid of how it would turn about (because the JP voices were so good!) , but the English ones turned out very well. Enjoy the video below .


Personally I can't wait to get married. Do you agree or disagree with some of the people in the video? Leave a comment on what you think and if that's too personal, leave a comment on the voice work/ story :D

Uploaded by

It's the final batch! Do you like what you see?

What up you Jimmies?!

Rei here with the last batch of pictures from Wizard World Comic Con 2011 in Miami, Florida.

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New SSX video details different game modes

By: BatRastered Jan 13, 2012 | 2 Comments

Just six short weeks away from launch, here is everything you need to know about the reality-defying experience waiting for you in the massive world of SSX. Plus, the exclusive reveal of GeoTags. This is SSX!


SSX is coming Feb 28 to Xbox 360 and PS3



Halo Reach is coming Jimmy

By: goukijones Apr 22, 2010 | 3 Comments

Pictures, videos, all sorts of goodies in the news today and the unstoppable Armor Lock cheat.

Just kidding about the armor lock cheat, but people are already mumbling around the Halo universe that the armor lock will be to powerful. In the new Vidoc Halo: Reach Carnage Carnivale one of the first gameplay clips is three Spartans stabbing each other in the back one after the other. There's gonna be some domino effects with this new assignation stuff. Can't wait to see how that plays out. Don't mind the weird nuab in the video over hyping everything he's talking about, sounding like a proper Nuab.

I know there are going to be four maps for Reach, but I don't like how there are going to be different specific game types. Jetpacks! Jimmys gonna be flying. For the first three months of Halo Reach Jimmys are going to be flying around with Jetpacks and Flaming Heads. Building the armor suits ... still is not a big deal for me. I like what I've heard about the Loadouts. Gametypes differ the size of Loadout options, that is cool. Makes sense, how many different weapons can you start with in a 2v2 Slayer?

Now I gotta ask because I read today that Bungie expects over 3 Million Nuabs to try and play the beta. Remember Crackdown? The Halo 3 beta didn't work the first day it was supposed to. Do an Estrada and take the 4th of May off. I will be pwnn the second it becomes live for me. The experience I expect is for it to be similar to when I played the Halo 3 beta. New shit, excitement, play it until they turn it off, and buy it the day it comes out.

halo reach legendary edition
Halo Reach Legendary Edition $149.99 Jimmy!

And yeah that's the special edition aka LEGENDARY EDITION. For $150 bucks your friends are going to think you are a Legendary Jackass for buiyng just to get the flaming head dlc code. I'm going to buy it, but just so I can open it up, stare at for a few weeks, box it up when it starts to get a little dusty, shove into the back corner of the closet and forget that I even have it. See you online May 3rd?! presents the Top 40 Video Game videos from 2010. Trailers, previews, walkthroughs, demos and live action is all fair game on this list. All videos were released in 2010.

40-31 | 30-21 | 20-11 | Top 10

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